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Are Caravans Better Than Motorhomes?

Are Caravans Better Than Motorhomes?

The trend of buying leisure vehicles is ever-growing, but recently the trend has seen exponential growth. There are several options available for the newcomers to choose from. The most popular terms we often hear about are Caravans and Motorhomes.

Are you also confused between caravans and motorhomes? Wondering whether caravans are a better option or you should go for motorhomes? Well, the answer to this question is not quite straightforward.

Are Caravans Better Than Motorhomes?

It all depends upon your preferences, budget, and also on your driving experience. For some people, caravans are the best options, and motorhomes are better for others.

In this article, we will discuss how caravans are different from motorhomes. Moreover, we will also talk about the factors you should keep in mind while making the decision.

Difference Between Caravans And Motorhomes

Before jumping to the conclusion, you should know the difference between both caravans and motorhomes first. Most people who are just entering holiday life don’t know the primary difference between caravans and motorhomes.

What Are Caravans?

A caravan is defined as any living space that is generally towed by another vehicle. Leisure vehicles like micro-campers, demountable and fifth wheelers fall under this category.

Caravans vary in styles and amenities, but all of them have one thing in common; they offer accommodation. You will basically have a static caravan or a touring caravan. But there’s another option (kinda!)…..

What Is A Motorhome?

It won’t be wrong to say that motorhomes are not an entirely new concept rather a revolutionized form of typical caravans.

In simplest words, motorhomes are motor-driven caravans. The fact that motorhomes are motor-driven eliminates the need for towing. The cabin of a motorhome can be separate or attached to the living area depending upon the model.

Recreational vans (RVs), van and lorry conversions, and camper-vans are a few diverse examples of motorhomes.
Motorhomes are sometimes known as camping-car around Europe.

Why You Should Buy A Caravan

Why You Should Buy A Caravan

The biggest reason you should buy a caravan is that they have been a part of our culture since dinosaurs. Just kidding! There are multiple reasons why newcomers should go for caravans.

Budget Friendly Caravans

You can find the best caravan cheaper than the basic models of decent motorhomes on a lucky day. Yes! This is how huge the difference is between the price points of both leisure vehicles.

Fully loaded recent models of caravans cost around £30-45K. On the flip side, in this price range, you will find a ten to twelve years old motorhome with a considerable number of miles on it.

Caravans Have More Space Than Motorhomes

Not having an engine can be very beneficial in some cases. For example, motorhomes have a driver’s cabin that cuts off a substantial space for living. Moreover, a motorhome is self-propelled, so it also needs parts to keep it moving, which also occupy space.

Simply, a seven-meter caravan will offer more space than a seven or maybe even eight-meter long motorhome.

Caravans Have More Freedom

Taking motorhomes for grocery and heightened sightseeing spots isn’t practical generally. On the contrary, the vehicle that you will use to tow the caravan can be easily used for such purposes.

Like this, the whole setup of caravanning offers you more freedom than a motorhome. You can take a day off without thinking twice. You simply have to pack your stuff, safely park your caravan and go.

If we talk about motorhomes, they are big, and driving them on hills or narrow town streets can be pretty daunting.

Negatives Of Owning A Caravan

Everything has pros and cons, and caravans are no exception. Here are some things that you should be prepared for if you are planning to buy a caravan:

Experience Required

When it comes down to manoeuvring caravans, it’s no joke. It would help if you had months of experience of driving a caravan before you hit the road. This is because the caravans are not a part of the vehicle, making them difficult to handle.

Snaking / Caravan Wobble When Driving

Information that should be added to the new owner’s guidebook is that caravans wobble at high speed. Due to the structure of caravans, you can’t go at high speed, especially on motorways. It’s a good idea to have at least some training before towing a caravan,

Why Should You Buy A Motorhome?

Since their introduction, motorhomes are revolutionizing the touring and holidays industry. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying a motorhome:

Motorhomes Are Easy To Drive

Unlike their counterparts, driving motorhomes feels as easy as driving a car after some time. Moreover, as there’s nothing towed behind, you will feel relaxed during the journey.

Motorhome Safety

Motorhome culture is safer than living in a caravan, especially when you are out alone in the wilderness. They come with better safety features like alarms and central locking.

Carrying A Bike In A Motorhome

For people who love to wander around on bikes, motorhomes are the ideal choice. Most of the motorhomes come with separate garages for storing bikes.

Cons Of Motorhome Ownership

For some people, these will be cons, and for others, it will be just a cost of luxury you get. Here are some points you should be aware of before buying a caravan:

• Relatively Expensive
• Space bit compromised due to driver’s cabin
• Difficult to drive when space is narrow


All in all, both caravans and motorhomes have their own pros and cons. To some people, the idea of a caravan with a driver’s cabin might not appeal. For others, having the convenience of driving one piece could be the biggest relief.

If you consider yourself an excellent driver, enjoy caravanning; otherwise, the option of motorhomes is always there. Things like emptying waste tanks every day come with touring caravans. On the other hand, motorhomes have larger waste tanks, so you don’t have to empty them every day.

We suggest that you stick to your budget regardless of whether you are buying a caravan or a motorhome. In almost every case, one has to spend some money to customize their leisure vehicle according to their needs. So, saving some bucks can be very beneficial in the long run.

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