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Are Elddis Caravans Reliable

Are Elddis Caravans Reliable? Top 3 Most Important Questions Answered

Are Elddis caravans any good?

If you are looking for a lightweight caravan that is easy to tow and lighter on the pocket, Elddis is a great choice.

If you are in the market for a caravan, it may be helpful to have an idea of what different caravan brands offer in terms of their features and variety. This article offers an insightful review of Elddis Caravans, including their product ranges and features. Let’s have a look.

Are Elddis Caravans Reliable? Elddis Caravans Preview

Elddis- A Brief Preview

Elddis is a subsidiary of the Erwin Hymer UK, a part of the Erwin Hymer Group Europe with a strong presence in the region. The company is owned by Thor Industries, a US-based RV manufacturing company.

Elddis founders Siddle and Mary Cook designed and built the first caravan in the mid-nineteenth century out of their love for camping and the need to build a caravan that suited their needs. In 1964, the couple formed the brand Elddis to commercialize their product design.

Over the years, the brand continued to grow along with its product range and features to incorporate the latest trends and technological advancements. Today, the Durham-based Elddis distributes caravans and motorhomes to more than eighty-five retailers across the country.

Elddis Caravan Range

Elddis has three main product ranges with various models in each range. Here is a brief preview of each.

Elddis Avante Caravan

The Avante range comes in two, four, five, and six-berth layouts with the standard and eight feet width options as well. This caravan range is ideal if you are looking for a budgeted option for travelling with your family.

The L-shaped lounge layout, heating system, practical upholstery, and sufficient storage space are bound to provide a comfortable living experience.

Elddis Affinity Caravan

The Elddis Affinity range is slightly a step up from the Avante range that comes in two and four-berth layouts. The lightweight vehicles with a single axle offer the experience of travelling with style and leisure. These caravans are ideal for small families or those wanting to travel with friends.

Elddis Crusader Caravan

Lastly, we have the Elddis Crusader range, the luxury models that come in a single and twin-axle variety. The four models in this category come in a four-berth layout, while the Tempest Crusader is the only design with a six-berth layout.

High-tech specifications, en-suite facilities, and superior quality upholstery make the Crusader range a class apart from the rest of the Elddis models. These elegantly designed leisure vehicles are ideal for traveling in style with your family.

Elddis Caravans Distinctive Features

Elddis Caravans Distinctive Features

Elddis is recognised for its unique layouts and attractive pricing. While you may have a wide range of options to choose from, there are a few aspects that set Elddis apart from the rest, and we have mentioned a few here.

  • As a part of the Erwin Hymer Group, Elddis caravans feature SoLID Construction which is exclusive to all the group ranges. SoLID stands for strong, light, and dry, and this is the only full-bonded construction system that is employed in the marine, aircraft, and formula racing industries. It allows Elddis to manufacture durable, waterproof, lightweight vehicles with economical fuel consumption.
  • Elddis caravans also come with ten years of body integrity and water ingress warranty. Hence you can be assured of the quality and reliable after-sales services in case of any issue.
  • There is a vast pool of models to choose from at good prices, so you have multiple options, even if you have a limited budget.
  • Most Elddis caravans are lightweight and easy to tow. Hence if you are apprehensive about towing a heavy vehicle, Elddis is the way to go.

Elddis Caravans Overview

Elddis Caravans ranges are designed with different needs in mind. From couples who want two-berth caravans to families who want bigger caravans with more room, there is something for everyone. The innovative designs make even small spaces look spacious.

With over six decades of experience in the leisure vehicle industry, Elddis has built a solid reputation based on its innovative and reliable product quality.

Today, it is a renowned award-winning name with a wide customer base that won the Practical Caravan Award 2023. If you are looking for a lightweight caravan that is easy to tow and lighter on the pocket, Elddis is a great choice.

How Are Elddis Caravans Made?

Elddis Caravans are made according to the SoLID (strong, light, and dry) construction system that uses a chemical bonding solution. It allows for durable and waterproof yet lightweight caravans with economical fuel consumption.

Can I Buy Directly From Elddis?

Elddis has a network of retailers across the country from where you can buy the Elddis model of your choice. You can find the nearest retailer on the Elddis site.

Which is the Lightest Elddis Caravan Model?

The Elddis Avante 454 is the lowest-weight model. The design features a two-berth layout and weighs 1310kgs.

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