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Are Pemberton Caravans Reliable?

Are Pemberton Caravans Reliable?

Are you in the market for a new static caravan? If you research the variety of static caravans available in the UK, particularly the luxury class, Pemberton is one of the first names to pop up.

Touted as the Rolls Royce of caravans, Pemberton is regarded as one of the most trusted brands when it comes to static caravans.

So is the hype real? Read our detailed review of Pemberton caravans to find all the answers you are looking for before deciding.

Pemberton Caravans- a Brief Insight

Pemberton Caravans- a Brief Insight

Pemberton has been in the business of making static caravans since the 1940s.

Presently, based in north-western England in Wigan, the company provides a wide range of caravan models to cater to varying customer needs. The company moved its present-day manufacturing facility to Springfield in 1955.

The company is known for making inclusive designs and was the first to manufacture caravan designs accessible by wheelchairs in the 1980s.

Besides static caravans, Pemberton also manufactures park homes and lodges and has built a strong reputation based on their quality and variety.

Whether you are in the market for a static caravan that you want to make a holiday home, an additional workspace, a home office, or a residential unit, you must select a design that offers the best possible layout, appliances, and features that meet your requirements and will make your investment worthwhile.

That said, let’s look at Pemberton caravans’ product range and features.

Pemberton Caravans Product Range

Pemberton is known to feature one of the most diverse product ranges in the UK caravan market. If you visit the company site and visit their product category, you will be presented with an overwhelming choice of products and designs.

Presently, Pemberton features around 31 models of static caravans across 12 different ranges. These different ranges are available in different sizes and layouts.

The width of the caravans ranges from 12ft to 22ft, while the length ranges from 30ft to 45ft. You will also find different layouts within similar-sized caravans.

Hence, no matter which size of caravan you require or the layout that suits your needs, there is a high chance Pemberton will have exactly what you need.

Whether you want a single, double, or even lodge-style static caravan, you may find something similar to what you had in mind.

Pemberton claims its static caravans are designed for extended seasonal use with central heating, double glazing, and increased insulation.

While the company has received rave reviews on its central heating system, it has received a mixed reaction on its sealing. Some users have experienced leaky roofs and/or found the central heating ineffective due to inefficient sealing.

Pemberton Caravans Price Range

Pemberton Caravans Price Range

As Pemberton features a wide range of product designs and sizes, their price range also varies, covering different demographics, enabling people to find the right static caravan for their needs.

The Pemberton Rivendale 44 x 20 models have been awarded the Holiday Home of the Year award at the Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham in 2011 and 2012.

At the lower end of the price spectrum, Pemberton features the Avon range, for which prices begin from £43, 445.

The smallest model in this product range is 30ft long and 12ft wide and has two bedrooms. Models within this range also come with three bedrooms, but the prices increase accordingly.

The Glendale is the most steeply-priced product range, starting from £164,982.

The size of these models begins from 40x 22ft and goes to 50 x 22ft for the largest three-bedroom caravan with a price touching around £200k.

Are Pemberton Caravans Worth It?

The most interesting feature of Pemberton is the widely varying price and product range, implying that you have a large range of options and may not have to look anywhere else when you are in the market to buy static caravans.

The roof and the underfloor of the caravans are fibreglass insulated, while the exterior has PVC double glazing. The company has strived to develop a product that will last you a good thirty to forty years.

In case of a problem, the company provides a form on its site that you can fill out and submit to seek assistance and hire their services for repair or maintenance works.

Overall, Pemberton offers good value for money in terms of comfort, luxury, design, and warranty. Thus if you are considering investing in a static caravan, Pemberton presents viable options.

Does Pemberton Provide a Warranty Cover for Caravans?

Pemberton offers a unique three-year warranty to its customers without any extra associated costs.

What is the Lifespan of a Static Caravan?

Static caravans are built to last, and with the right kind of care and maintenance, your static caravan can have a lifespan of anywhere between twenty and thirty years.

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