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Are Xplore Caravans Reliable

Are Xplore Caravans Reliable?

If you are looking for a lightweight caravan that you can buy at a budgeted price, one of the top options in the UK is Xplore Caravans. Built on the same production line as the sister brands, Buccaneer, Elddis, and Compass, Xplore Caravans are equipped with similar manufacturing technology and craftsmanship, offering customers a package unlike any other in the market.

This article offers a helpful review of Xplore, including its model variations and features that make this brand highly popular in the UK caravan community. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Xplore Caravans Overview

Xplore- A Brief Preview

The Xplore brand was unveiled in 2008 with the intention of introducing an economical yet quality caravan range. It has been part of the Erwin Hymer Group since 2017 and was owned by the Explorer Group prior to that, along with its sister brands.

Today, the Xplore Caravan Range has been a leading name in the lightweight touring caravan arena for almost 15 years. It shares the same manufacturing facility as Buccaneer, Compass, and Elddis, and its caravans are built using the same manufacturing concept and vision.

Family layouts have been a prominent aspect of this range since it was first launched. The brand retains its award-winning key attributes and features; however, over the years, subtle yet tasteful modifications have been introduced to the basic design to cater to the changing trends and customer requirements.

Xplore Caravan Range

Despite the low price tag attached to the Xplorr range, its caravans are equipped with contemporary features that you need for an enjoyable yet affordable travelling adventure. From two to five-berth layouts, you have multiple options to choose from.

Here is a brief description of the Xplore Caravan models.

Xplore 304

The Xplore 304 is the lightest and lowest-priced model of the Xplore Range. With a four-berth layout, this caravan weighs only 1040kgs without any add-ons. It has a neat and compact design that appears to be two-berth.

However, there is a drop-down bunk above the diner, making it a four-berth design. The model has a contemporary design, and despite its small size, it offers all the amenities you require for a comfortable trip.

Xplore 422

Next up, we have Xplore 422, a two-berth design with a Tardis-like interior that appears quite spacious and comfortable. This model weighs around 1099kgs and is ideal for towing if you prefer a lightweight vehicle. Like the 304, the 422 is also equipped with all the amenities, including a well-equipped washroom and a water heating system, among other features.

Xplore 554

The Xplore 554 has the most popular layout among all the Xplore caravans. It features a four-berth layout and weighs around 1325kg. There is a large retractable island bed for more sleeping space and a large bathroom at the rear end. The mattress has a two-way fold to create a small day bed and make more floor space during the day.

Xplore 585

Lastly, we have the largest range, the five-berth Xplore 585. This model weighs 1400kgs and is a great caravan if you are considering an economical option for travelling with the family. This design features two lounges, a front lounge and another L-shaped lounge in the back that can also be used as a double sleeping space.

Xplore Caravan Features

Xplore Distinctive Features

Every element in an Xplore Caravan has been designed with the intention of functionality, convenience, space-saving, and easy access. For instance, these caravans feature a Whale heating system with internal ducting and night time-quiet setting.

The mattresses are lightweight, and the bed frames have gas-strut lifts to allow easy access to storage. The blinds and window fly screens are all easy to clean. All the Xplore Caravans have competitive prices ranging from £19,000 to £23,500.

These easy-to-tow and lightweight vehicles are ideal for campers who are apprehensive about towing a large vehicle yet want a comfortable caravan trip.

Are Xplore Caravans Reliable?

Despite the competitive prices, these caravans feature the signature Elddis SoLID Construction. This unique construction process allows for durable yet lightweight, waterproof vehicles that offer efficient fuel consumption.

As a part of the Erwin Hymer Group, Xplore also offers a ten years body integrity and water ingress warranty. These caravans undergo rigorous testing on test tracks in the UK, Belgium, and Germany before being made available to the public. Hence you can be assured of their credibility as a reliable brand.

Xplore Caravans Summary

True to its word, Xplore delivers on account of quality and reliability at an affordable price. Individuals using Xplore for their caravan trips vouch for these caravans’ ease and comfort.

If you are in the market for a brand-new caravan without a hefty price tag, Xplore is the way to go. This award-winning caravan range offers exclusive layouts and is spacious despite being compact and lightweight, so you can hitch to virtually any car.

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