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Can I Live In A Motorhome?

Can I Live In A Motorhome?

If you’re new to the camping world, then motorhomes must have got your attention. They are considered one of the most popular recreational vehicles among adventure seekers. From out past articles we know it’s possible to live in a caravan but are you wondering if you can I live in a motorhome?

Yes. You can live in a motorhome. The location, duration, type of motorhome, etc., depends entirely upon you.
But you must remember that there are some cons too of living in a motorhome in addition to the pros.

So, before you plan your first motorhome trip, here is everything that you should know about living in a motorhome.

How To Live In A Motorhome

How To Live In A Motorhome

Whether it’s a van conversion, self build motorhome, or factory build living in a motorhome isn’t like living in a stick and brick home, so you’ll need to know some things beforehand. Here are some things that you should know and be prepared for while living in a motorhome.

Motorhome Size For Full-Time Living

Make sure that you choose the right size of motorhome. Depending upon the number of persons and your duration of stay, the size can vary. For example, if there are two or three people in the motorhome, you would need a motorhome that’s at least 21 feet long.

The motorhome can be new or used but take out time to inspect it thoroughly if it’s used. The size and the condition of the motorhome should be comfortable for living.

Motorhome Sites For Full-Time Living

Decide the parking sites for stay during the night. If you’re going to stay at one place, then you can easily find a holiday park. Either you want to purchase the land or rent it is completely up to you.

But if you’re travelling in your motorhome, it may be easier to plan ahead or at least have some idea of where you’ll be staying overnight in your motorhome.

Plus don’t forget that if you have children you will need to plan their education. Perhaps take a look at our off grid homeschooling guide for some ideas how you can do just that.

Motorhome Propane Stove & Propane Fridge

A propane stove is a highly budget-friendly option for your caravan. It’s portable, cheap, and the easiest way of cooking in a caravan. You can find a propane stove with four or two burners, and both of these won’t occupy much space in your caravan. But, even a two burners propane stove would be enough for all your needs.

Similarly, you can use a propane refrigerator to store foods, and it’s also an economical option for your caravan.

Motorhome Water Storage

You’ll need water for a shower, toilet, or washing dishes. Your motorhome experience will be affected if water tank becomes empty while doing something. So, it’s always wise to keep an extra water tank for unforeseen situations.

Motorhome Maintenance Budget

Like home, in your caravan, too, there can be time to time maintenance expenses. It’s better to keep a separate budget for these.

Don’t Be A Motorhome Tourist!

While living in the motorhome, you shouldn’t consider yourself on vacation. If you consider yourself a tourist, you’ll spend money like a tourist, eating and visiting new places. It’ll increase your expenses, that you shouldn’t do.

Pros Of Living In A Motorhome

Pros Of Living In A Motorhome

Some pros of living in a motorhome are:

• You have the freedom to choose wherever you want to live. You’re not bounded to one place and can decide anytime to live at another location. It allows you to move to the places you love with changing seasons.

• If you don’t want to live in the motorhome anymore, it’s quicker to reset your life back to normal. You can sell your motorhome in weeks. You don’t have to wait for months or years to sell it as it happens while selling a house.

• If you don’t like your neighbours, you can shift to a new place without any delay.

• You travel so many places, but still, you don’t have to pay much. While traveling to far-off places, staying in hostels is a major expense and food and other things. By living and travelling in your motorhome, you can cut off these expenses.

• You can be on vacation and still feel at home. All of your things, such as your books, clothes, tools, are easily accessible and not in the storage boxes.

• If you have friends or family who live in different parts of the country, you can spend some time with them while exploring the country without any extra costs.

Cons Of Living In A Motorhome

• You’ll find it really hard to find the cons of living in a motorhome because there are not any significant cons to mention. Here are some that can be considered as downsides of living in a motorhome for some people.

• You don’t get much privacy at the campsites, particularly if you’re living in a holiday park.

• Sometimes your sleep is compromised due to outside noises such as barking dogs, motorhomes pulling in and out, etc.

• The family or friends with whom you usually hang out and arrange get-togethers are not with you. Some people find it difficult to adjust to the new surroundings and be friendly with new people.

• Your go-to doctor isn’t near you if you feel sick.

• If you’re heaving dependant upon technology in your life you may be limited to sites with electric hook-up or require some top notch motorhome power packs to keep you going when living off grid between charging opportunities.

Can I Live In A Motorhome On My Own Land?

Can I Live In A Motorhome On My Own Land?

Yes, you can live in a motorhome on your own land. If your stay is less than 28 days in a year, you won’t need any planning permission from the government. But, if you’re planning to stay for a long time, then you’ll need planning permission.

If you plan to live in your motorhome in your garden or backyard, you can do this without permission.


Living in a motorhome is an exciting adventure that fascinates many people. If you’re one of them, you must want to know can I live in a motorhome?

Luckily, yes, you can live in a motorhome. But before you shift to a motorhome, make sure that you have made the necessary arrangements. You must consider everything from choosing the right motorhome to appliances, keeping a budget for maintenance and cooking.

Remember, there are always some pros and cons of doing something. Similarly, you’ll experience some benefits as well as downsides of living in a motorhome. However, the downsides are a few.

If you want to live in a motorhome on your own land, you can do it. You won’t need any planning permission if you keep your motorhome in your garden or backyard. However, if the land is outside your house’s premises, you’ll need planning permission if the stay is more than 28 days in twelve months.

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