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Can I Permanently Tour In A Caravan?

Can I Permanently Tour In A Caravan?

Sitting all curled up on your sofa and staring at your mobile has probably bored you senseless. You want to go out and travel.

There is nothing quite like traveling. It makes you humble, teaches you things you could never imagine, and fills your life with valuable experiences.

So, are you asking yourself can I permanently tour in a caravan?

Of course, you can live permanently in a touring caravan. Many people adopted this modern nomadic lifestyle of permanent living in a touring caravan.

However, it has its challenges…

Caravanning is one of the best modes to travel around the country with ease. You take your comfort zone with you, so you feel at home all the time you travel. Caravanning for a weekend or holidays is easy. However, caravanning permanently can be a challenge.

Read on to learn more about how to deal with the challenges you’ll encounter on the way without affecting your caravanning.

Why People In The UK Are Hitting The Road In Caravans

Why People In The UK Are Hitting The Road In Caravans

The number of people ditching their bricks and mortar homes has increased. According to the industry statistic by the National Caravan Council, there are 555,000 touring caravans in the UK alone.

There are multiple reasons for the increase in the number of touring caravans.

1. Easing Finances

Housing is expensive. It sucks in most of the budget. The rents are high and increasingly unaffordable. The mortgages suck out every penny from your savings. A touring caravan helps in cutting short such expenses like rents, mortgages, maintenance, and bills.

2. Savings

Some people move out of their homes and hit the road because they understand the financial viability of living in a touring caravan permanently. It gives you options to save money from mortgages and rents.

Instead, you can save this sum up and plan for early retirement. Remember to save when you are on the road.

3. Caravan Enthusiasts

A large number of people do not move into a touring caravan because of any financial compulsion. They are adventurers who are fed up with the laziness of the digital world. They want to explore the country and visit famous sites, mountains, and other places of public attraction.

This group of people looks at caravanning as a lifestyle. You will find them vlogging and sharing their experiences with the world.

Is living In A Touring Caravan Permanently Safe?

You can live in a touring caravan permanently. If you think you have the temperament and will to live on the road for a long time, then this is undoubtedly an option for you.

Living in a touring caravan permanently allows you to explore all the places you have previously only seen on your mobile screen. You can save yourself the rents, mortgages, bills, taxes, and maintenance costs of a house.

There are many pros of living permanently in a touring caravan. However, there are some cons and downsides too.

Legal Issues Of Living In A Caravan

Legal Issues Of Living In A Caravan

The first problem that you will face is finding a place to park your caravan legally. The caravan parks mostly allow you to stay for only four weeks. You have to move out after that. You pay some amount as rental here too.

The biggest problem is the lack of a permanent address. You move around a lot once you adopt this lifestyle. So, you do not have a permanent address. While this can save you the council tax, there are some downsides to not having a permanent address. These include:

• Lack of Banking Services
• No Postal Address
• Complications in registering for doctors
• Voting Rights Compromised

Is living In A Caravan On The Street Legal?

Living permanently in a touring caravan on the street or highway is inadvisable. Though you may not make any mischief or create a disturbance, you will certainly attract attention and raise some eyebrows. It will alert the community or neighborhood you are parked in and the local council.

The council will find you one way or another. They do not want to miss out on the council tax you avid by living on the road. They are not a big fan of your touring caravan, however luxurious it may or may not be.

However, it is perfectly alright to stop on a not-so-busy street to take some rest or catch a nap. Continue on your way as soon as possible.

Is living In A Caravan On The Street Legal?

Limitations Of Living In A Caravan Park

Caravan parks are designated areas by the local council or authorities for touring and static caravans. They are the best place once you decide to live in a touring caravan permanently. You can drive up to a caravan park. Complete the formalities, pay the dues or rentals and park your caravan there for good.

Caravan parks are primarily located in places of tourist attractions. They are scenic places with breathtaking views all around, so you can enjoy them to the fullest.

However, there is a downside. Typically you can live in a caravan park for not more than twenty-eight (28) days. After these four weeks, you have to move out.

The best solution is to plan your route. There are numerous caravan parks. Once your time is up in one Caravan Park, move to some other place. Why did you adopt this lifestyle? So, you can move around freely, right? Then you have the chance.

Some caravan parks offer seasonal pitches for eight months or even longer. They may cost a few extra bucks, but if that works for you so why not. Some parks offer free pitches to those who help with running the park.

As for the address, you can use some relative’s address but do not land them in trouble and of course if they have any form of benefits or social care it’s important to ensure that your using their address will not impact this is any way.


Due to inflation in rents and mortgages and a rise in the cost of living, people are taking to the roads in their touring caravans. They are saving on the go and living the life of their dreams, exploring the best places.

Living in a caravan permanently has many advantages. Sound finances are on the top of the list of benefits. However, there are some legal constraints that you have to take care of. You cannot just park on a highway.

Caravan parks are the best places to park in touring caravan. You can avail of seasonal pitches for 8 to 12 months.

Happy caravanning.

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