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Can I Wallpaper My Caravan?

Can I Wallpaper My Caravan? Your Important Questions Answered

Can I Wallpaper My Caravan? With the growth in caravanning trend in the UK and EU, for many people, caravans have become a second home. Creative caravan owners keep looking for ideas to improve the aesthetics of their caravans.

Some keep their caravan’s interiors as it is, and some go the next level and add frills like wallpapers. Are you also planning to wallpaper your caravan and wondering if it is possible or not?

You can wallpaper your caravan and take your interior’s game to a whole new level. Fortunately, from cost-effective to luxurious, a plethora of options are available to choose from on the market.

Buckle up your seatbelts and get ready to know everything you need to know about wallpapers in a caravan.

Can I Wallpaper My Caravan? Tools Required To Wallpaper Your Caravan

Applying wallpaper at any place is no rocket science and can be done easily by yourself. If you like things done by your hands, then here are the tools you will need for this project:

• Smoother-to have professionally-done look
• Ruler-to take the exact measurements
• Wooden or Cardboard-to cut the wallpaper easily
• Paint Roller-to level sheets on different surfaces
• Pencil or Pen-to mark the surfaces
• Natural Sponge-to apply and level the wallpaper
• Paper Cutter with sharp blade-to cut the wallpaper evenly
• Wallpaper Adhesive (In case of non-stick wallpaper)-to stick the wallpaper to the interior

Even if you are not planning to do it yourself, having the right set of tools can save time and hassle.

Tools Required To Wallpaper Your Caravan

Things To Do Before Starting To Wallpaper Your Caravan

Just like everything else (unplanned trips are an exception), applying wallpaper in your caravan also needs planning. If you don’t know what you should do, here is a list of things to start from:

Talk With Your Folks

This is the most crucial step. Preferences of the people who share space in the caravan with you should also be considered. Whether it’s your wife or children, talk to them about your idea. Start only when you finally find common ground.

Explore The Options

Although we will share every option you can get on the market in this post, you should also do your homework. Explore different kinds of options you can get around you. If you are confused about what design you should choose, then the internet has a lot of ideas to share.

Also, search for the service providers around you and look at what services they offer.

Decide Your Caravan Decorating Budget

Precaution is better than cure, and this is why you should decide your budget before moving forward. Deciding your budget beforehand will allow you to specify options that will help you make decisions more quickly.

If you are thinking about hiring professionals, get estimates from different companies and compare them before taking any decision.

Thanks to the compact space of the caravan’s interior, choosing a high-end design won’t empty your bank account. So, exploration is the key to a breathtakingly beautiful caravan interior.

Purchase The Tools

There are some people who buy tools only at the time of their need. This wastes time and energy, so be savvy and gather the tools before starting. Make a list, go to the nearest hardware store and assemble the tools at one place after coming home.

If this is a DIY project, then buying extra pairs of cutters, paint rollers, and smoothers can be very beneficial.

Types Of Caravan Wallpaper

In terms of application, there are basically two types of wallpapers that you can get for your caravan. In this post, we will discuss the pros and cons of both types of wallpapers.

Types Of Caravan Wallpaper

Conventional Wallpapers

Conventional or regular wallpapers are the ones that are applied using aftermarket or homemade adhesives.

Pros Of Regular Wallpapers

Traditional wallpapers have proven to withstand the ruthlessness of time in our homes and surroundings. Fortunately, they can be applied in our caravans too.

It is a common perception that regular wallpapers are more breathable as compared to their counterparts. Moreover, there are significantly fewer chances of mould formation if you choose to apply regular wallpapers. So, they are considerably safe too.

In addition, cleaning regular wallpapers is also pretty simple and easy because of the strong foundations. You can even use a damp cloth to clean the surface of the regular wallpaper.

Cons Of Regular Wallpapers

The biggest drawback of applying regular wallpapers to the interior of your caravan is that they are not easy to remove. Not only are they hard to remove, but they also leave stains behind, which are also hard to remove.

If you want this to be a DIY project, then be aware that regular wallpapers require more effort to be applied.

Sticky Wallpapers

As the name states, these wallpapers are made on a simple peel and stick formula. Here are some drawbacks and benefits of applying sticky wallpapers to the interior of your caravan:

Benefits Of Sticky Wallpapers

The first and most apparent benefit of Sticky wallpapers is that they are effortless to apply. Just like a sticker, they can be applied to any surface without any expertise. These are the best options for those who are not professionals and plan to apply themselves.

Moreover, you won’t have to deal with the mess that comes with regular wallpapers.

Drawbacks Of Sticky Wallpapers

The most significant drawback of sticky wallpapers against their counterpart is that they are expensive.

Where can I buy wallpaper for caravans?

There are several places where you can buy wallpaper for caravans. Here are some options:

1. Online Retailers: Many online shops specialise in selling caravan and motorhome accessories, including wallpaper. Websites like Amazon, eBay, and Camping World might have a variety of options to choose from.

2. Caravan Accessory Shops: Look for specialised caravan accessory shops in your local area or nearby towns. These stores often carry a wide range of caravan-related products, including wallpaper.

3. Home Improvement Stores: Some larger home improvement stores may carry a selection of wallpaper suitable for caravans. Check the wallpaper section in shops like Home Depot, Lowe’s, or B&Q.

4. Caravan Manufacturers and Dealers: If you are looking for specific caravan wallpaper designs, you can enquire directly with caravan manufacturers or dealerships. They might be able to provide you with options that match the interior of your caravan.

5. Online Wallpaper Retailers: Some online stores specialise in selling various wallpapers, and you may find caravan-specific designs in their collections. Consider searching on wallpaper-specific online retailers for more choices.

6. Local Interior Design Shops: Check with local interior design shops or boutique stores that offer wallpaper selections. They may have unique designs suitable for caravans or might be able to order them for you.

Before purchasing the wallpaper, make sure to measure the dimensions you need and consider the material’s suitability for use in a caravan environment. Vinyl or washable wallpapers are often preferred for their durability and ease of cleaning.

Do I need special caravan wallpaper adhesive?

Yes, when applying wallpaper to a caravan, it’s advisable to use a special caravan wallpaper adhesive. Caravans have unique requirements compared to regular homes, as they are subject to movement, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations during travel. Therefore, using a standard wallpaper adhesive designed for traditional homes may not provide the necessary flexibility and durability needed for a caravan’s interior.

Caravan wallpaper adhesive is formulated to withstand the specific conditions and challenges of mobile environments. It usually has stronger bonding properties to ensure the wallpaper stays firmly attached to the walls even during travel and bumpy roads. Additionally, it can offer better resistance to moisture, which is essential for caravans that might encounter damp conditions.

Before purchasing the adhesive, check the product label to ensure it is suitable for use in caravans or motorhomes. Some adhesives may be labelled as “caravan wallpaper adhesive” or “motorhome wallpaper adhesive,” indicating their suitability for these mobile environments.

Using the right adhesive will help ensure a successful wallpaper application that lasts longer and stays intact, making your caravan’s interior look great while you enjoy your travels. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for both the wallpaper and adhesive to achieve the best results.

Is there a difference between touring caravan wallpaper and static caravan wallpaper?

Yes, there can be differences between touring caravan wallpaper and static caravan wallpaper, primarily due to the unique requirements of each type of caravan.

1. Mobility and Durability: Touring caravans are designed for travel and are constantly on the move, experiencing vibrations, jolts, and changes in temperature. Therefore, touring caravan wallpaper needs to be more durable and flexible to withstand these conditions. On the other hand, static caravans are usually stationary and experience less movement, so the wallpaper used in static caravans may not require the same level of durability.

2. Weight and Thickness: Touring caravans typically have weight restrictions, as they need to be lightweight for towing purposes. This can affect the choice of wallpaper, as lightweight options may be preferred. Static caravans do not have the same weight limitations, allowing for a wider range of wallpaper choices, including heavier and thicker options.

3. Moisture Resistance: Touring caravans are more likely to encounter varying weather conditions, including rain and humidity. Therefore, touring caravan wallpaper may be designed to be more moisture-resistant to prevent damage from moisture-related issues. Static caravans, being in a fixed location, might not have the same level of moisture exposure, so the wallpaper used may have different moisture-resistance properties.

4. Design and Aesthetics: Both touring and static caravans come in various styles and designs. While the design choices are subjective, you might find that manufacturers offer specific wallpaper collections tailored to each type of caravan, catering to the preferences and needs of their respective customers.

It’s essential to consider these factors when choosing wallpaper for your caravan. Always check with the manufacturer or a reputable caravan accessories supplier to ensure you’re selecting the most suitable wallpaper for your specific type of caravan (touring or static) and its intended use. Using the right wallpaper will not only enhance the aesthetics of your caravan but also ensure it stands up to the unique conditions it will face.


Caravan owners keep looking for ideas to upgrade their caravans, either look-wise or comfort-wise. In this post, we learned that caravans’ owners could wallpaper their caravans as well.

For the best results, preparation before starting is suggested. This preparation includes some taking and some work like gathering the right tools. Even if you plan to hire professionals to do the job, the right tools and planning will save you money and time.

Just like the wallpapers applied in homes, two types of wallpapers can be applied in a caravan’s interior. In the end, the decision all depends upon your preferences and budget.

Overall, applying wallpaper to a caravan’s interior is a lavish upgrade that comes cheap because of the caravan’s compact space. But it could easily add value to your caravan if it’s starting to look a bit tired and dated.

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