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Can I Watch TV In A Caravan?

Can I Watch TV In A Caravan?

If you are planning a camping trip and don’t want to miss your favourite TV shows, this post is for you. Although TVs are often ignored in the house because of busy routines, they can be a blessing in the wilderness. It can be an excellent source of entertainment, engaging children, and news.

Back to the main question, Can I watch TV in a caravan?

Yes, you can watch TV in a caravan, plus streaming in your caravan is a reality too thanks to the ease of getting Wi-Fi these days.

Fortunately, with the proper preparation, you won’t miss any episode of your favourite TV show, even in the caravan.

To be entertained by a television in a motorhome, you first have to do some preparations. Choosing the right television, licensing, and things like insurance might overwhelm some people. Don’t worry; we have all straightened up for you.

Read this post till the end to get the best possible experience while caravanning.

Preparations For Static Caravans

Preparations For Static Caravans

Have you found your dream site? Can’t wait to spend quality time with your favourite folks? Follow these tips to make it more remarkable:

Choosing The Right Television

Choosing the right television is a bit different from choosing a domestic television. Here are some things you have to keep in mind while purchasing a TV for your caravan:

• Right Dimensions- Make sure to measure the area’s dimensions where you plan to fit the TV and decide accordingly.

• 230V/240V Input- Make sure that the TV you are buying for your caravan operates on 230V/240V.

• Built-In Tuner- This is not a necessity but can make your experience a whole lot better and ensure you have a decent tv signal in your caravan.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a custom-made TV for your caravan. You can install any domestic TV that meets the criteria mentioned above.

You can purchase an LCD for your caravan because it consumes less power, but it has its cons. The sleek look you get comes with a cost. Although LCDs consume less energy than older models, they are also quite vulnerable. Even a minor knock on the screen can damage it, and then it’s useless.

Setting Up The TV

The best option to watch television on a camping site is by using a satellite dish. To get digital signals, you will have to choose a Freesat, Freeview, or Sky provider. You can choose from different plans and options depending upon your preference.

If you plan to go abroad and watch UK channels, then Freeview is not the best option for local transmission. On the flip side, you can enjoy UK channels like CNN and BBC channels using Freesat and Sky providers services.

Ensure that you place the dish at the right angle, i.e., 145 Degrees; for perfection, you can use a compass.

Getting A TV license

You may consider living in a static caravan as touring, but authorities don’t. To watch TV in a static caravan, you have to get a license for it from the UK TV Licensing Agency.

You will also need to fill a form to declare that you won’t use a TV in your home simultaneously. Simple legal work, nothing to worry about!

Informing Your Insurance Company

You will spend your hard-earned money to install all this equipment, so make sure to inform your insurance agent. This tip is especially for those who plan to install some top-notch expensive setups.

When you are on escape, all of your belongings are exceptionally vulnerable because of the environment. Space is pretty congested in the caravan, and all of the equipment is prone to damage. It is better to take precautions beforehand rather than crying over spilled milk.

Preparations For Touring Caravans

Preparations For Touring Caravans

When it comes to watching TV in touring caravans, things like insurance and getting 230V input operated are the same. Here are some differences that you have to mind if you are planning a road trip on caravan:

Endurance Should Be Priority

When you are out on an adventure, you have to be prepared for a bumpy ride all the time. In such circumstances having a fancy plasma TV can be very unfortunate. Sleek-looking expensive TVs are definitely a treat for the eyes, but they are pretty fragile.

Imagine while climbing a hill, tires hit a rock, the cabinet opens, and something hits the TV screen. BOOM! That instantly, you can lose hundreds of pounds in a moment.


You can have a rough and tough-looking TV that will endure every bump that comes in the journey. So, while choosing a TV to enjoy during touring, don’t fall for looks; instead go for durability.

No Licensing Required

If you plan to go on touring instead of caravanning at any campsite, you don’t need a license. Authorities allow you to use your home-based license while traveling.

Use Of Wi-Fi

If you want your family to enjoy TV without interruption while traveling (here’s looking at you Netflix fans), using wi-fi can be a good option. Satellite dishes can continuously lose signals if you are traveling, which can completely ruin the experience.

Using Wi-Fi to stream media can give you a hassle-free experience.


Children of the digital age, especially teenagers, quickly lose interest in the old-school-type adventure of caravanning. They have the habit of having instant fun. Even people of middle and old age don’t have much to do once the sunsets. The good news is that you can have the good old television in your caravan.

TV can be a good source of information and entertainment once you are done with outdoor activities while caravanning. Although some people oppose the idea of TV in a caravan, its practicality still can’t be denied.

For static caravans, you should be efficient and focus on necessary things like licensing. You won’t be experiencing any jerks in static caravans so that you can have those fancy LCDs.

On the other hand, fancy things don’t work for rough and tough touring caravan adventures. So, concentrating on durability will bring you back home without any regrets.

As a final note, be sure to logout of caravan club wi-fi correctly when not in use, best to keep your devices and personal details safe.

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