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Can You Keep Pets In A Caravan?

Can You Keep Pets In A Caravan?

As per a survey, there are 66 million UK citizens, and collectively they have 51 million pets. That’s a huge number. When you’re a devoted pet parent and an enthusiastic caravanner, the problem arises when you plan a trip. You’ll have this question in your mind can you keep pets in a caravan?

Yes, you can keep pets in a caravan. Many pet parents take their pets with them on their caravanning vacation. With a little more care and devotion, your pet can happily live with you in your caravan.

But before you jump to assumptions, make sure that you read this article till the end. It includes everything that you need to know regarding your pet’s safety before taking him with you in a caravan.

What Are The Best Pets To Keep In A Caravan?

What Are The Best Pets To Keep In A Caravan?

Planning a caravan trip shouldn’t mean that you should give up on your pet. Rather, you can confirm if your pet can survive in a caravan or not. A vet me help you in this if your pet isn’t on the list of the caravan-friendly pets below:

Dogs In Caravans

If you have a pup and you’re moving to live in a static caravan, your pup will be happy to go with you and will grow up used to this as his home. Smaller dogs and puppies can survive in the limited caravan space. But if your dog is fully grown, he’ll need more space to burn energy and stay active. Taking your dog on a walk might help, but still, your dog will need wide space to roam freely.

Cats In Caravans

Being the second most popular pet after dogs, cats are low maintenance animals that can easily live in a caravan. Being small, your cat will have sufficient space to roam freely in your caravan.

If you feel your cat is well-trained, you can also allow it to roam outside. But be aware of the nearby area if there are cars and animals that can harm your cat. Random walks around the great countryside are really helpful.

Rabbits In Caravans

Domestic rabbits are not used to living outdoors. But they are easy to train, and you can teach him how to stay with you in your caravan without causing any trouble.

If you keep your bunny free in the caravan, he’ll get all the exercise needed to stay healthy. Thus, there is no need for outdoor visits if you fear that your bunny will become prey to free-roaming predators.

Birds In Caravans

Birds are also low maintenance and can be kept in a caravan without any problem. If your birds only live in the cage, they will be happy until their space isn’t disturbed. Ensure that you have sufficient room in your caravan to keep the cage your birds are already living in.

How To Keep Pets In A Caravan

If you’ll impose a new environment on your pet without training him, he is surely going to respond in the worse way possible. So, here are some tips that you must remember if you want to keep a pet in a caravan.

Get Your Pet Used To The Caravan

It’s very important to make your pet used to your caravan if you want a smooth trip. Allow your pet in your caravan when you haven’t started your trip. Whenever your pet gets into the caravan to relax, reward his behaviour with treats.

Once your pet becomes comfortable with getting into the caravan, start the engine and teach him how to stay calm when the engine is running. In this way, you can train your pet to keep him in a caravan on your trip.

Caravan Space For Pets

If you don’t put restrictions on your pet in your home and allow him to move freely indoors, then you should continue doing this in your caravan too. If you fear that your pet will run outside from the doors and windows, then keep them shut when you suspect this the most.

Keeping your pet in a cage isn’t the way to protect your pet. When he loses his space, he’ll automatically hate caravan that will make things difficult for you.

Walking Your Pet

When your pet has regular freedom gaps, he will not misbehave in the caravan too. He’ll wait for the time of the day when you’ll take him outside for a walk. Even if you own a domestic animal as a pet, he will, too, need to see the world outside to be happy and lively in the small caravan space.

Can Pets Be Left Alone In A Caravan (or motorhome)?

Can Pets Be Left Alone In A Caravan (or motorhome)?

You shouldn’t really be leaving your pets alone in a caravan (or even more so in a motorhome), certainly not for extended periods of time without suitable ventilation and fresh air. It’s quite possible that rental caravan sites with prohibit this in their site rules.

You want to discourage them from sitting on the bed or sofas in your caravan as they can destroy them. Cats particularly have a habit of scratching things.

In addition to damaging your caravan, pets can also harm themselves. In unfamiliar surroundings they could run away through an open window or interfere with the electric appliances. In either case, they will end up hurting themselves.

How Many Pets Can You Keep In A Caravan?

The number of pets you can keep in your caravan varies. It depends upon your caravan space, pet animal’s size, etc. You can keep as many pets as you think you can accommodate easily in your caravan. Just make sure that you don’t exceed the accommodation capacity.

Can You Travel In A Motorhome Or Caravan With Pets?

You can definitely travel with your pet, we’ve done it quite often. After Brexit just be sure to have all your paperwork in order. There’s an overview of European pet entry requirements for each country here.


Both caravanning and pet parenting are a source of great pleasure for many people. So, it’s often hard for them to choose one over the other. That’s why most people come up with the question that can you keep pets in a caravan?

You can definitely keep pets in the caravan. But make sure that you keep those pets in the caravan who are low maintenance animals and can survive indoors easily.

If you’re not sure that your pet is caravan-friendly or not, you can consult a vet for an expert suggestion. Before you take your pet with you in a caravan, train him properly to live and behave properly in a caravan.

It’s crucial for his own safety. Also, never keep your pets alone in the caravan and ensure that the number of pets isn’t more than your caravan’s accommodation capacity.

All these things will help you to have a happy and safe caravan trip with your pets.

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