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Can You Put A Laminate Floor In A Caravan?

Can You Put A Laminate Floor In A Caravan? Read Our Handy Guide

Can You Put A Laminate Floor In A Caravan? Whether you purchase a new caravan or have an old one that has aged a lot, flooring is crucial in upgrading your caravan. The flooring choice varies from person to person, but among caravan flooring ideas laminate is both practical and looks great.

Particularly if your caravan is busy, perhaps you have dogs, kids, or are an outdoorsy person your caravan flooring is sure to get dirty pretty quick. In these situations, we feel that laminate is possibly the best flooring for static caravan, or touring caravan owners.

It’s low maintenance, easy to clean, and actually, even beyond general caravan living areas, it’s very practical as caravan bathroom flooring too.

So, while living in a caravan, like many caravanners, do you want to know that can you put a laminate floor in a caravan?

Yes, you can put laminate flooring in a caravan. Before you laminate your caravan floor, you must know it’s different from a typical house floor.

So, you might feel some things are different in the case of a laminate floor in a caravan than at home. But remember, everything has some pros and cons, and so does the laminate floor.

Therefore, a little research can save you from destroying your caravan. To know if the laminate floor will work for your caravan or not, read this post till the end.

Pros Of Putting Laminate Flooring In A Caravan

Can You Put A Laminate Floor In A Caravan? Pros Of Putting Laminate Flooring In A Caravan

Here are some pros of laminating your caravan floor:

1. Easy To Clean

If your caravan already has a carpet, then replacing it with a laminate floor will save you a lot of time and energy that you spend cleaning. Carpets and other floorings are comparatively challenging to clean than a laminate floor. Moreover, a laminate floor is easy to maintain and repair than a carpet.

2. Budget Friendly

Laminate flooring is extremely budget-friendly. Only two to three packs of the laminate flooring will be sufficient to cover your caravan space. When compared with other options available, these two to three packs will also fall in your budget.

3. Good For Summer

Laminate flooring is temperature-sensitive, especially it tends to be cold in winters. But for summers, it doesn’t become warm and is thus suitable for summers.

Cons Of Putting Laminate Flooring In A Caravan

Cons Of Putting Laminate Flooring In A Caravan

Before you install laminate flooring in your caravan, here are some cons that you must know:

1. Heavier Than Other Floorings

A carpet or wallpaper won’t be very heavy for your caravan. But a laminate is heavy than others. Moreover, you’ll have to be really careful of having heavy objects in your caravan. Heavy things can damage the laminate floor quicker than other floorings.

2. Water Absorbent

You won’t find any waterproof laminate flooring because no laminate flooring is 100% water-resistant. So, it’s not suitable for kitchen, bath, or damp caravan floor. However, some good-quality laminate floorings are highly water-resistant so that they can be used in kitchens. But they will be expensive too.

3. Not Good For Winter

Almost all caravan floorings become cold in winters, but laminate flooring is the coldest of all. A carpet works better in winters than laminate flooring.

How To Replace Old Caravan Flooring With Laminate Flooring?

After deciding that you want to laminate your caravan floor, the first thing you’ll have to do is to replace old caravan flooring. For this, you’ll need patience and a guide for proper installation. So, gather some patience and follow this step-by-step guide to replace old caravan flooring with laminate flooring:

• Take measurements of your caravan space to have an idea of the laminate flooring you’ll need.

• Remove the old flooring and clean the floor.

• Use adhesives and start installing the laminate flooring. Be careful of the gaps.

• In the end, fill the spaces with any clear glue or yellow wood glue.

Is Laminate Flooring More Expensive Than Carpet?

Carpet is generally considered cheaper than laminate flooring because of some quality carpets available. So, it’s easy to find a low-budget caravan carpet, but remember, it won’t last for long. In addition to being cheaper than other types of floorings, Laminate flooring is long-lasting and easier to clean than a carpet.

Is Laminate Flooring More Expensive Than Carpet?

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Installing Laminate Flooring In A Caravan

The mistakes made while installing laminate flooring in a caravan can affect its durability. To make it long-lasting, here are some mistakes that you must avoid.

1. It’s essential to protect your laminate floor from moisture as it can damage it with time. When they install the laminate flooring themselves, many caravanners don’t pay attention to the sealing laminate joints in the water-sensitive areas.

Therefore, make sure to seal all the wet areas with laminate flooring sealant or 100% mildew-resistant silicone. It will protect your caravan’s laminate floor from damage due to moisture.

2. Don’t hurry up. Take time when you’re working around the door jambs, pipes, and stonework. The final laminate floor should have a nice and polished look.

3. Don’t tap the laminate flooring if the manufacturers do not recommend it. Most of the modern laminate floorings click together without tapping. If the manufacturer hasn’t instructed you to do so, you’ll end up damaging your caravan’s laminate flooring.

4. Leave space for your laminate floor to expand and shrink during summers and winters. If you put the laminate floor without any space from the walls, then you’re blocking the free expansion. The result of this mistake will be a bump on your caravan floor.

5. When you know that there is a chance your moisture, a moisture barrier is a must then. You can choose the vapour barriers that will act as underlayment as well.


Caravan flooring is an excellent way of upgrading the overall look of the caravan. Laminate flooring, which is commonly used in homes, too, is often an option for caravanners. Luckily, you can put a laminate floor in a caravan.

But it has some pros and cons. The benefits include being easy to clean, budget-friendly, and good for summers. On the other hand, when you look for cons, it doesn’t work well in winters. Moreover, it’s heavy and not 100% waterproof.

If you want to laminate your caravan floor, first, you’ll have to remove the old caravan floor. In this post, you can find the simplest step-by-step guide to replace your old caravan floor with a laminate floor.

During the process, many people make some mistakes that can affect the final look of the laminate floor. By reading this post, you must now know what these mistakes are and how to avoid them for a perfect laminate flooring in your caravan.

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