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Can You Take A Caravan On The Euro Tunnel?

Can You Take A Caravan On The Eurotunnel? 8 Important Questions Answered

Can You Take A Caravan On The Eurotunnel? Are you planning to travel to France and would like to bring your caravan? Why not try the Eurotunnel and see if it makes your journey easier?

The Channel Tunnel connects the United Kingdom and France and is 50.5 kilometers long and provides Eurotunnel Shuttle services for road vehicles. It’s a hassle-free, quick, and relatively pricey method to get over and stay with your vehicle simultaneously.

Many people ask if they can take a caravan on the euro tunnel…

Yes. Traveling to the continent in your caravan via the Eurotunnel is quick and easy, lasting roughly 35 minutes from platform to platform. However, there seem to be a few key considerations to make before you begin.

There are a few things to keep in mind before making a reservation. Eurotunnel’s single-deck trains can handle cars towing caravans. You can bring up to 47kg of fuel in your tank, but it must be less than 80 percent full.

Gas containers used to operate domestic services for the caravan cannot be transported. Before boarding, all of the stuff will be checked, so ensure you have everything in place.

Several sorts of tickets are available, such as day and overnight trips, which cost £23+ per car each way, or £55 for 5 days fewer per car each way.

If you require more flexibility, several Flexiplus passes are available that give you greater freedom in terms of when you go.

Priority boarding, accessibility to an exclusive lounge, and complimentary refreshments are all included with Flexiplus passes.

If you have a Tesco Club Card, you can also earn points toward a free or discounted vacation in the future.

The procedure is fairly simple, and plenty of people can assist you along the route if you have any concerns.

You will pass through UK immigration, have your petrol tanks examined, and then pass through French immigration, allowing you to drive away as soon as you cross the border into France.

Caravans may be considered high vehicles in some cases, and you will need to heed signs. You’ll be given a lane number to follow, and someone will finally take you to the proper lane and platform.

Drive aboard the single deck carriage, and you will be led to a parking location.

Show up an hour or so ahead of your scheduled departure time to ensure you have enough time to check and load everything.

If you arrive early, officials may be able to seat you on an earlier train, but this is not guaranteed. Follow the exit signs after you are in France, and you’ll be on the road before you blink!

Can You Take A Caravan On The Eurotunnel?

Taking your caravan on the Eurotunnel requires some safety measures. Here are some of the things you need to remember.

Carriages are limited to 1.85 meters in height. Vehicles taller than this are transported in a single deck carriage (double-deck carriages are reserved for saloon vehicles), and you can sit in the vehicle for the crossing duration.

Larger vehicles, such as motorhomes can easily maneuver into these sites because the entrances are broader.

Because carriages are enclosed, it is recommended that you open your windows slightly.

The Eurotunnel’s weight limitations stipulate that vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes are not allowed on the shuttle. I

f the products onboard are larger than 3 cubic meters, you may need to engage a freight service; this regulation applies even if the commodities are for personal use.

The Eurotunnel accepts campervans, motorhomes, and American RVs. The heights and weights of vehicles are critical considerations.

Traveling should not be a problem if your car falls within these parameters.

The Eurotunnel provides a Flexiplus ticket that includes, among other things, priority boarding. Unfortunately, vehicles taller than 1.85 meters are not eligible for these fares.

While you cannot use the toilet in your caravan while in transit, restrooms are available for passengers on board.

If you’re traveling your RV through the Eurotunnel, it’s also a good idea to be aware of the requirements for utilizing LPG tanks, as there are some restrictions on the amount that may be carried.

Can You Take A Caravan On The Eurotunnel? How Long Does The Journey On The Eurotunnel Take?

Traveling to the continent in your RV via the Eurotunnel is quick and uncomplicated, lasting roughly 35 minutes from platform to platform.

Is It Possible To Take A Van Through The Eurotunnel?

Is It Possible To Take A Van Through The Eurotunnel?

The passenger service accepts vans as long as the Actual Gross Weight (AGW) does not surpass 3.5 tonnes and the products are strictly for personal use.

If your vehicle’s AGW is greater than 3.5 tonnes or you’re transporting commercial items, you’ll need to use the Freight service to book your ticket.

Is It Possible To Take A Car On The Eurostar?

Eurostar exclusively runs passenger trains; thus, you won’t travel with your vehicle. As a result, before arranging your journey, consider if you want to drive your car once you’ve crossed the Channel.

Can I Drive Through The Eurotunnel?

It is impossible to drive a motorcycle or car via the Channel Tunnel. Rather, motorists should drive to the Channel Tunnel ports in Calais or Folkestone to catch the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle train.

Is It Possible To Transport Camping Gas On The Eurotunnel?

Any gas containers must be declared when questioned if traveling with a campervan, caravan, or van and checked by Eurotunnel at the appropriate checkpoint.

Is It Possible To Go By Eurotunnel On Foot?

You can only travel in a vehicle at Eurotunnel, whether it’s your own or part of a bus journey. You will not travel on foot, but you will travel by bicycle.

You can travel on Eurostar as a foot passenger if you don’t need or wish to drive your vehicle for your journey.

How much does it cost to take a caravan on the Eurotunnel?

If you want to take a caravan on the Eurotunnel, you will need to book your vehicle as a caravan, campervan or trailer and pay the corresponding fare. The cost of taking a caravan on Eurotunnel is approximately £114 – £144 depending on the type of ticket and the date of travel.

You will also need to comply with the safety regulations for carrying gas containers and LPG tanks. The journey from Folkestone to Calais takes around 35 minutes and you can stay with your vehicle during the crossing.

How much does it cost to take a motorhome on Eurotunnel?

If you are planning to take your motorhome on the Eurotunnel, you might be wondering how much it will cost you. The price of the crossing depends on several factors, such as the length and height of your vehicle, the time and date of your travel, and the availability of space on the train.

According to the Eurotunnel website, caravans and motorhomes over 1.85m high will be allocated space in the single deck carriages, which have wider entrances and more room for manoeuvring. The fare for a motorhome can range from £30 to £144 each way, depending on when you book and how long you stay. You can also benefit from discounts and free breakdown cover if you book through certain organisations, such as The Caravan Club. Pets can travel with you in your motorhome, but they will be charged £22 each way.


Your caravan is allowed to travel across the Eurotunnel. You can compare options for various caravans, RVs, and motorhomes available on the Eurotunnel’s website. Annual passes are also offered for frequent travelers, so it is advisable to investigate if you will be passing through the tunnel more than twice a year.

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