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Can You Take A Motorhome From UK To USA?

Can You Take A Motorhome From UK To USA?

In today’s times, it is completely possible to take your motorhome from the UK to the USA. This section highlights the various aspects you need to address if you are considering taking your motorhome to the USA.

If you are a motorhome owner who is ambitious enough to travel to the USA to explore it in a motorhome, you are not alone. The USA is, after all, the place from where the concept of road trips originated, and many campers dream of travelling through the country in their campers or motorhomes.

If you also wish for the same, you may be weighing all the options you have in this regard. While you can always fly to the US and rent or purchase a motorhome there, if you already own it, it is favourable to ship it to the US and fly from the UK to join it.

You will save the money you may otherwise need to spend on rent or buying the motorhome. Moreover, while a rented motorhome comes with no guarantee, whether you like it or not, you will certainly be familiar with your motorhome and feel more comfortable.

Here is a brief preview of the various aspects related to shipping a motorhome from the UK to the USA.

Motorhome Shipping Time

The shipping time may vary from 15 to 30 days and mainly depends on the route you want to travel. Also, if the weather is not favourable, it may take longer, and you may want to plan accordingly.

Motorhome Shipping Cost

Motorhome Shipping Cost

The cost of shipping a motorhome to the US depends on the vehicle dimensions and the coast you want to ship your motorhome.

The costs are calculated according to the maximum dimensions and are determined by the length x width x height formula. Every centimetre of the vehicle is accounted for, and if the dimensions have been altered, the price will vary accordingly.

If you want to ship the motorhome to the east coast like Baltimore or Halifax, it will cost around £4400 per m³, and if you want to ship to the west coast, it will cost around £8380 per m³.

Motorhome Shipping Route

There are numerous ferry routes, so you may want to pick one according to your trip plans. In the US, you can ship your motorhomes to ports near Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington, Brunswick, or Halifax, among others.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the ferries start from Liverpool or Southampton. While you must choose the motorhome’s arrival location in the US carefully, you can rest easy at the departure end as the UK is rather small in size, and you can drive your motorhome to the ferry.

Motorhome Import Fees

If you plan to take your motorhome to the US for less than a year, you do not have to pay import fees. However, if you plan to take your motorhome to the US for longer than one year, you will need to pay import taxes, the shipping fee, and the price paid to the shipment company.

The tax value is calculated based on the vehicle’s value. Moreover, your vehicle must also meet emission and safety criteria if you wish to keep the motorhome in the USA for more than a year.

USA Visa Requirements

If you intend to stay in the USA for 90 days or 3 months, you are exempted from the visa requirement as a UK citizen. However, you will need a visa if you plan to stay longer. Check the US Embassy site for detailed information about visa acquisition.

Motorhome Shipping Insurance

You need to arrange insurance before it leaves the UK. You may also want to arrange insurance to cover the shipment of your motorhome to cater to damage in transit, if any. You can talk to your shipping company for details on this.

Car insurance for UK motorhomes is not valid in the US, so you must undertake American liability insurance. There is one specifically designed for motorhomes and caters to civil liability, the contents of the motorhome, non-insured damage to the vehicle, and towing charges, if any.

Motorhome Shipping Documents

Here are a few requisite documents required for shipping your motorhome to the US

Motorhome Registration Documents

Motorhome insurance for the US
(European insurance does not hold up in the USA, and you need to undertake American liability insurance, which is specific to motorhomes)

Driving license and international driving permit
(if you do not have a permit, you can get it from a UK post office for a small fee)

You may also need to provide a MOT certificate to affirm that your motorhome meets the road safety and emission standard, as the law requires. Talk to your shipping company to get full details about documents required.

Motorhome Import Rules To USA

Motorhome Import Rules To USA

American customs require you to clean your motorhome before arriving in the US. It is done to ensure no harmful pests come along with the vehicle. You may also want to service your motorhome and ensure tyres are in good condition.

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