How To Make A Caravan Smell Nice

No matter how well you clean and air out your caravan or motorhome, the confined area, close to mother nature, and humidity can cause musty odours to develop. Your caravan will smell particularly bad when it has been raining and during the winter months. This is because the humidity levels in your unit are high, and the windows are closed, trapping the bad smell inside.

Preventing undesirable odours from accumulating is the greatest way of keeping your caravan smelling fresh. You can do a few simple things to keep the air in your caravan clean, fresh, and smelling nice.

Caravan Cleaning Routine

It is important to clean your caravan often and thoroughly with a mild detergent. This way, all that bad smell won’t have a chance to accumulate. Vacuum the carpets and upholstery regularly. As a technique, you can sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet and let it sit at least overnight before hoovering.

When you are not using your Caravan, put the bedding in plastic bags. Open all the windows to allow for ventilation. Clean everything, the upholstery, floors, and your bedding regularly.

Caravan Cleaning Routine

Avoid Smoking In The Caravan

In the caravan, do not smoke because tobacco’s odour pervades the fabric so quickly.

Caravan Carpet Deodoriser

You can use a carpet deodoriser to avoid any musty odours from developing in your caravan.

Caravan Deodorising System

When you are not using your caravan, set up a home deodorising system in it. You can purchase one of these systems at any home improvement store. These deodorising systems are specifically designed to circulate the air in small areas.

You can use a home deodorising system, a plug-and-play unit that requires no assembly. It has a top and front air inlets for easy setup. The home deodorising system often comes with a carbon filter to trap any bad smell and a HEPA filter for trapping other indoor contaminants.

Caravan Odour Neutralising Machine

Place an odour-neutralising machine in the Caravan and let it run all day long. These odour neutralising machines function by emitting a cool mist of vapour that will saturate the air in your caravan.

Use A Car Air Freshener Or Deodoriser In Your Caravan

For a quick and easy solution, you could use an air freshener or deodoriser to plug into the cigarette lighter.

Hang Up Foul Smelling Clothing

It is not a good idea to store your clothes in the same cabin as where you eat or sleep. If you place clothes inside your caravan, make sure they do not smell. To avoid musty clothes and unpleasant odours, keep everything away from the damp areas of your unit.

Hang Up Foul Smelling Clothing

Use Charcoal To Control Caravan Odours

Charcoal is the natural way of controlling odours in your Caravan. Many products use charcoal to control and neutralise bad smells. You can place these air-purifying charcoal bags in your cabin for at least 12 hours, once a month.

Open the top vents in your Caravan when cooking or baking to let air in. This way, the air in your unit will circulate, which will reduce the chances of odours building up.

If you are using scented cleaners, make sure these products do not contain ingredients such as Pine-Sol as they leave a persistent smell that will stick to your Caravan’s surfaces.

Cut Back On Foods That Cause Odours

Certain foods contain aromas that can be very persistent. If you are cooking or baking in your Caravan, it is best to avoid these types of foods. Additionally, don’t cook fish in your car when people are allergic to seafood in the vicinity.

Cooking and baking indoors also increase the humidity levels in your unit. Using a dehumidifier will help to reduce the humidity levels within your unit. It would be best to open windows and doors after cooking to allow fresh air in.

Prevent Pets From Defecating Inside The Caravan

Those who live in a caravan with their dogs should take frequent breaks and take the appropriate steps to prevent the pets from taking a dump on the seats. Furthermore, to avoid dirt deposits, regularly inspecting the passenger cabin’s hygiene is vital.

Use Essential Oils To Clean Caravan

Try essential oils to keep your trailer smelling fresh. In addition to adding freshness to the interiors, several of them have calming characteristics, making them ideal for stress-free driving. Essential oils are also known for cleaning, analgesic, and stress-relieving effects. Many people also need them to deter insects.

Drop a few drops of essential oil between the seats, just next to the conditioner and under the carpets. Apply 3-4 drops on a plush toy or any other decorative item that hangs on the mirror. The use of wooden clothespins is very beneficial. Place the tweezers on the ventilation grill with some drops of essential oil.

How To Use Tea Bags For A Fresh Smell

Nothing is easier than utilising tea bags to create a pleasant aroma in the camper. Pick your favourite scent from various options such as lemon, mint, black pepper, cloves, black vanilla, and more. The bag can be hung under the central mirror in place of the traditional air freshener. The tea bags will emit a nice odour when heated by the light in the Caravan.

How To Use Vinegar To Keep A Caravan Smelling Fresh

In a spray bottle, combine 1 portion of white vinegar and 2 portions of warm water and mist the upholstery. Sift bicarbonate of soda on vertical surfaces or rub it in. The soda and vinegar will react. Allow 24 hours for drying before vacuuming.

 How Do You Clean The Air Conditioning In A Caravan?

How Do You Clean The Air Conditioning In A Caravan?

To clean the air conditioning in a caravan, remove the cover and clean any debris that has gathered, such as dead leaves, insects, dust, and so on. You could use compressed air cleaning equipment or a workshop vacuum cleaner to make cleaning easier.

How Can You Get Rid Of Formaldehyde Odour?

To get rid of the formaldehyde odour from the new products, keeping them out of your home until you can no longer detect a chemical odour is best. Add purifying or depolluting plants such as ivy or gerbera that neutralise emissions and interior pollution if this is not possible.


To maintain a fresh-smelling caravan, you must maintain it free of foul odours. It may seem self-evident, but the first step is to take several fundamental steps to ensure that your Caravan is free of foul odours. Use the methods mentioned above to maintain the freshness of your Caravan.

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