What Is the Best Microwave For A Caravan?

There are a lot of activities involved in the whole experience of caravanning. Continuous driving, setting up camp and preparing meals are some of these activities.

Among these vigorous activities, the convenience of having a microwave is a big relief.

So, if the microwave in your caravan broke or you simply want to upgrade, then this post is for you.

The best caravan microwave should be energy-efficient, compact in design and effective. It should consume as little power as possible and fit in as little space as possible. With all these qualities, it should work perfectly fine.

Stay with us till the end, so you don’t end up buying something that isn’t practical for a caravan.

Things To Know Before Buying A Microwave For A Caravan

You should be aware of several things before spending your money on a microwave for a caravan. Some of these important things are:

Relationship Between Output & Input Power

Most of the non-technical caravan owners end up buying microwave ovens that require tremendous energy to function properly. It is because they are sold to the idea of having microwaves with high output power.

Indeed, higher output power means better and quicker heating, but it also means a higher amount of energy required. Output power is directly proportional to the power required for functioning properly. In this ratio, 1 unit of output power is approximately equal to 2 units of input power.

If the output power mentioned is 1200W, then the power required by the microwave to function will be around 2400W.

People who use microwaves with high output power usually end up tripping the RCD unit of hookup.

Microwaves Suck!

Yeah, that’s right! They might look cute and smart appliances, but they suck loads of energy. Especially when you push the power button, it will suck all the power it needs to work properly. If this consumption of power is close to the amperage rating of the hookup, then the RCD can trip.

This can damage appliances not only on your caravan but can potentially trip the whole caravan site electric.

These points clearly state that you should be very careful regarding the power consumption while buying microwaves for a caravan.

Microwave Caravan Output / Power

Now, you might be wondering about the power figures of the best microwave for a caravan. We have already done the homework for you. A microwave with 600W to 700W is considered ideal for a caravan.

A microwave with this range offers decent effectiveness and consumes a bearable amount of energy.

12V Microwaves

12V Microwaves

Surprisingly, today, there are microwaves on the market that can be operated on leisure batteries. The idea of having battery operated microwaves sound marvelous, but they come at a high cost.

Not only are they expensive, but installing them in your caravan is also relatively more complex.

Moreover, by using them only with your leisure batteries alone, you will significantly decrease battery life. In addition, as they draw a lot of power from 12V systems, heavy-duty cabling is required to support them.

Are 12V Microwaves Practical?

With the advancement of technology, future models of 12V microwaves might be a good option, but not today.

They cost more than regular microwaves moreover heavy-duty cables are required and also decrease your battery’s life. So, in a nutshell, 12V microwaves are not a viable option to install in a caravan.

Instead of getting 12V microwaves, go for a regular low-wattage microwave and connect it with leisure batteries using an inverter.

Caravan Microwave Purchasing Guide

If you don’t want to face any inconvenience during your holidays, then consider these things while buying a microwave:

Caravan Microwave Size

As there is already limited space in a caravan, you should be very careful regarding the size of the microwave. You can’t place a microwave in a very congested place. There is a fan on the back of microwaves, so you have to give some space for its proper functioning.

Before all of this, there should be enough space in the caravan for the microwave. So, instead of relying on guesses, always measure the place where you plan to fit the microwave. By following this practice, you eliminate the risk of buying a microwave that doesn’t fit in.

Caravan Site Power Supply

You might don’t know, but different campsites offer different amounts of power. People often think that they are going to a campsite so they can have any appliance installed in their caravan.

This is possible if your campsite offers 16A of power which is equal to 3600W. Unfortunately, this amount of power is not provided at every campsite. Power offered by holiday parks starts at 3A, which is roughly equal to 720W.

It is simple math; how can a microwave with 900W of output power be operated on 720W input power? To avoid wastage of money and ruining of holidays, we recommend that you check your campsite’s power.

Caravan Microwave Purchasing Guide


Things like microwave ovens are a part of our lifestyle now. Fortunately, most of the manufacturers are offering microwaves in all of their models. Still, for any reason, if you want to install a new microwave in your caravan, there are several paths to choose from.

Before going shopping for your caravan microwave, you must know the relationship between input and output powers. Moreover, don’t fall for the fancy designer looks of microwaves because they are usually energy-sucking monsters.

The ideal range of output power suggested by experts is 600W to 700W. Anything lower than this won’t show desired results, and anything greater than this can trip RCD units of the campsite.

While on the hunt for the best caravan microwave, you might hear the term 12V microwaves. These microwaves sound energy efficient, but they are not a practical option in the long run.

Don’t forget to take proper measurements of the space where you plan to fit the microwave. This tip will help you avoid any kind of inconvenience. Last but not least, always check the power provided by your campsite before buying any appliance.

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