Do Caravans Use Gas Bottles?

With more people choosing caravan trips over single destination trips, caravans have made a major come-back. As their use increased, many questions aroused, including do caravans use gas bottles?

Yes, caravans use gas bottles. Caravans function much like a regular home. Like your home, you need gas bottles for cooking, heating, or refrigeration in caravans too. 

Without gas bottles, you won’t be able to survive in distant areas with fewer food facilities and colder areas with freezing temperatures. It’ll most likely be your fuel for hot water and for heating too.

Now, as you know that caravans use gas bottles, it’s essential to know the requirements of gas bottles for caravans. You can’t use any gas bottles for your caravan.

In this post, we have covered everything that you need to know about caravan bottles.

Which Types Of Gas Bottles Are Used In Caravans?

The gas bottles used for caravans are pressurized containers that contain liquified petroleum gas (LPG). It’s a fuel for the caravans that are liquid but becomes gas when released.

For fuel, two types of gas bottles are used in caravans:

Propane Gas

Propane boils at a temperature of -42°C and is therefore used for outdoor use. Propane gas bottles are the preferred choice for commercial use and are primarily used for ovens, tools, forklifts, etc. It’s also commonly used for cooking and heating in caravans.

Butane Gas

The boiling temperature for butane is -2°C. Due to a higher boiling temperature, butane is used for inside chores in a caravan. If you want to run your portable gas heaters and single burner cooking appliances, butane gas bottles are perfect.

Moreover, the same size cylinder of butane gas produces more energy than propane gas.

Which Gas Bottle Should You Use For Your Caravan?

Choosing the suitable gas bottle is vital for a hassle-free caravanning experience. Both propane and butane gas bottles are used for caravans, but how will you decide which one is best for you? So, here is a quick guide.

If you’re caravanning in warmer months, then butane should be your first choice. It works best indoors all the year but is only suitable for outdoors during the warmer months as it has a high freezing point.

If you own a touring caravan and travel all around the year no matter what the weather is, then propane gas will be an ideal choice for you. Due to its lower boiling temperature, it can be used outdoors throughout the year.

What Size Gas Bottle Do I Need For A Caravan?

What Size Gas Bottle Do I Need For A Caravan?

The size of the gas bottles you should choose for your caravan depends upon your personal preference. You can choose the gas bottles depending upon:

• Size of your caravan
• Space available for gas bottles
• Your need for gas for cooking, heating, etc.

If you have a huge touring caravan, you’ll definitely need a bigger sized gas bottle to fulfil your gas needs. In contrast, if your touring caravan is small, there is no need to overload it with a huge gas cylinder. In the case of static caravans, you don’t need to worry about the size and weight of the gas bottles. Instead, you should make sure that you place the gas bottle at a safe and secure area.

However, the standard size of the gas bottle for caravans is 6kg. When it is empty, it weighs about 7-10kg and 15-17kg when it’s filled. Most of the contemporary caravans have a space for a filled 6kg gas bottle.

But, if you’re traveling for more extended periods, you can keep multiple gas bottles if the nearby areas don’t have gas retailers or refillers. It’s often recommended to keep a spare gas bottle of about 3.9kg. It will be helpful on a cold winter night if the gas runs out and all the suppliers are closed.

How Long Does A Gas Bottle Last In A Caravan?

How long a gas bottle in a caravan lasts is directly related to its use. If you’re running all the appliances on gas, then you can’t expect it to last for long. But, if you’re using electricity too for the fridge, heater, etc., then on average, a 6kg bottle can last for 6 weeks.

Maybe keep an eye on how much gas your boiler is using for any central heating or hot water and you’ll soon get a good idea.

If you have a static caravan, you can have a 47kg gas bottle connected to it. If you use gas for all things, you can expect to get about 19 hours of continuous use.

To get an idea of the gas usage, you can buy luggage scales. Weigh the gas bottle when it’s full and then regularly weigh it either daily or weekly.

Caravan Gas Bottle Safety Advice

To keep your caravan safe, here are some gas safety tips that you should follow:

Check the gas bottles for damage regularly.

1. Check the gas hoses for damage, cracks, or stiffness regularly.
2. Fix a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm inside your caravan. This will warn you in an emergency if there is a build-up of life-threatening carbon monoxide. Don’t forget to check it regularly if it’s working or not.
3. You must ensure that you keep the air vent in the gas storage locker free of any obstructions.
4. When you’re not using gas, make sure that the gas valve is off.
5. Always hire a qualified professional to do any work related to the gas system in your caravan.
6. Never throw your empty gas bottles or cylinders. Always return them to the supplier.

How Long Does A Gas Bottle Last In A Caravan?


In your caravan, you need gas bottles for routine activities such as cooking, heating, etc. But unlike homes, the gas bottles used in caravans are different.

You can either use propane or butane gas bottles for your caravans. The choice will depend upon different factors such as weather, travel duration, travel location, etc.

Similarly, the size of the gas bottles has affected the factors mentioned above. The size of the gas bottle you’ll need will directly depend upon your use. You should always keep a spare gas bottle for unforeseen situations when you can’t have your gas bottle refilled.

No matter which gas bottle you pick, safety should be your utmost concern. Make sure that you follow the gas safety tips for a happy caravanning experience.

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