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Do Caravans Have Gardens?

Do Caravans Have Gardens?

When you’re a die-hard gardener, being on road can’t stop you from having a garden. So, if you’re not sure that do caravans have gardens or not, then here you’ll get an answer for this.

Although caravans may be small, they can have gardens if you want. Growing a garden in a caravan can be challenging, but you can easily do this if you have the required materials, discipline and of course suitable plants. 

A caravan garden will uplift the look of your caravan. So, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can grow a garden in your caravan.

How To Grow A Garden In Your Caravan

To grow a garden in your caravan, you need the following:

Provide Sunlight To Your Plants

Like you can’t survive without water and food, the same is the case with your plants. They need sunlight to prepare their food, and it’s vital for their survival.

If you’re growing in your backyard or a greenhouse, then sunlight isn’t a problem. But a caravan is a bit different from your home or greenhouse.

To provide sunlight to your plants, place the pots in the window that gets the most sunlight. A window facing the east will be ideal because you can ensure that your plants will get a strong dose of light every morning when the sun is rising.

Set Up Your Caravan Plant Shelf

If you’ve opted for an indoor garden you’ll need somewhere to place the plants. This is especially easier for you if you love doing DIY on your caravan. With a creative approach, you can set up the shelf where you’ll keep your plants. It shouldn’t be something extravagant because you don’t have much floor space in a caravan.

Caravan Plant Containers

Most of the pots or containers that people purchase for gardening are not made for caravans. They are designed to be placed in your home garden, thus aren’t suitable for your caravan.

But luckily, as caravan gardens have become common, you can easily find containers made specifically for caravans. If you don’t find them, you can make some yourself by using the empty containers, jam jars, mason jars, etc. Anything that has sufficient space for soil and fertilizer is a good choice for your caravan garden.

Plants Suitable For A Caravan

Choosing the right plants for your caravan garden is really important. Like your home garden, you can’t plant anything in your caravan garden too. The list of the plants that you can grow in a caravan is much shorter than the home garden plants’ list.

For example, you can’t grow a plant in your caravan that needs direct sunlight throughout the day. Instead, shade-loving plants are a great option for your caravan as they can be placed anywhere in your space. So, make sure that you choose the plants that can survive in a caravan.

Check The Soil

Your garden won’t have a long life if you don’t provide the right soil to your plants. Soil is a mixture of many essential nutrients that are vital for plant’s growth. Therefore, choose the soil rich in nutrients, and if you feel that the nutrients in the soil are deteriorating with time, add fertilizer.

Caravan Garden Maintenance

Once you’ve grown your caravan garden, it can’t thrive without proper maintenance. Some plants in your garden may fall in the low-maintenance plants’ category, but still, they will need to be checked after some time.

Prune your plants regularly and make sure that they are getting the required sunlight. Check their soil and water moisture in the soil. All these are crucial if you want to keep your garden greener for longer.

Can I Grow Herbs In My Caravan Garden? 

Can I Grow Herbs In My Caravan Garden?

Yes, you can grow herbs in your caravan garden. It’s a good way to enjoy homegrown herbs that taste great without any additives. If you don’t like the taste of the herbs you get from the market, grow them in your caravan garden.

What Are The Best Herbs To Grow In A Caravan Garden?

Herbs not only enhance the flavour of many recipes, but these plants also have a sweet fragrance. Some of the best herbs that can easily grow in a caravan garden are:


It’s a low maintenance herb and can grow easily. Packed with antibacterial properties, oregano adds a delicious flavour to a variety of dishes such as meat or when sprinkled on salad.


Basil is extremely popular due to the property that it can be added to any dish. It’s rich in vitamins, and the oil extracted from basil is considered an effective treatment for cuts and skin infections.


When added to poultry or fish, the aroma of rosemary will make the dishes even more tempting than before. Moreover, it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties too.


Taste like onions, chives are a delicious addition to salads and soups. It also works as a detoxifying agent.

Caravan Gardening Tips

Here are some tips that you can follow to grow and maintain your caravan garden:

• Don’t take very small containers from planting herbs because they won’t flourish in them.
• Always check the sunlight, soil, water, and nutrient requirements of your plants.
• Make time for pruning. It’s essential to make your caravan garden aesthetically pleasing.

How To Grow A Garden In Your Caravan


Going on a caravan trip doesn’t mean you should give up your love for gardening. You can have a garden in your caravan as many other people have. Although, your caravan garden won’t be large like your home garden. But it will be enough to make you happy by growing your favourite herbs and other plants.

In the case of a caravan garden, you also have to be extra careful. You’ll have to ensure that your plants are getting proper light, soil, and water. They are placed in the right container and are growing with time.

You can grow herbs too in your caravan garden if you don’t like the taste of the herbs you get from the market. Many common herbs, such as oregano, are much easier to grow than your perception.

Once you’ve made a caravan garden, maintenance is a must. Prune your plants regularly and have a keen eye on the plants’ growth.

And when you’re ready to expand your garden or enjoy it even more how about exploring options of barbeques, outdoor kitchens or even a pool or hot tub?

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