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Do I Have To Register My Caravan?

Do I Have To Register My Caravan?

After you’ve bought your new caravan, you’ll need to ensure sure it’s safe, government-approved, and road-legal. Compliance with the appropriate laws and regulations imposed by legislation is an important part of caravan ownership, as there are specific requirements that must be satisfied before you can even tow or use your caravan for recreational purposes.

No, caravans are not required to be registered traditionally. When it comes to registering vehicle ownership, caravans, yet again, have their very own set of requirements. This is not done in the same manner that a car or other road vehicle is registered by submitting a registration form to the appropriate authorities.

However, there is a way to register the ownership of your caravan, which may prove useful in the event of a theft.

The criteria for registering a trailer or caravan differ depending on its kind, ATM, and intended usage. The ATM, or Gross Trailer Mass, is the overall weight (tare) plus the trailer or caravan’s load capacity.

You might well have heard of CRiS as a touring caravan owner while investigating the purchase of the caravan or perusing one of the annual exhibits. To give it its full title, the Central Registration and Identification Scheme is the UK’s national registry for tourer owners, and there are various benefits to joining.

There are numerous reasons you, along with your touring caravan, should be registered, ranging from CRiS checks on caravans you are considering purchasing to electronic tags that permit recovery of a stolen caravan even if the criminals have removed the identification number.

In 1992, the Caravan Central Registration and Identification Scheme (CRiS) was established to assist in tracking caravans that have gone missing. All new caravans are registered with the CRiS by the manufacturer, and with an estimated 4,000 caravans stolen each year, this is a welcome addition.

Is It Necessary To Register A Caravan With The DVLA?

Is It Necessary To Register A Caravan With The DVLA?

For caravans, there is no such legal need. While this eliminates the need for DVLA documentation, it does raise other concerns about the security of your caravan in the future.

Is An MOT Required For Caravans?

There is no legal necessity for caravans to have an MOT. Unlike cars and other highway vehicles, Caravans do not need an MOT or road inspection. On the other hand, the caravan owner is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is always safe to tow on the road.

The owner is responsible for the vehicle’s overall roadworthiness, the legality of its tires, and the proper working of any braking lights, indicators, and other equipment.

Although it is not required by law, most caravan owners believe it is prudent to do an annual safety check to ensure that they are meeting requirements and that the gas and electrical systems are functioning properly, and include this in their budget for annual caravan costs.

Do I Need Planning Permission For My Caravan?

You don’t usually require planning permission to park a caravan at the property, but if you stay in your caravan full-time, you will almost certainly need it. It all relies on your local government’s rules.

Do I Need To Buy Caravan Insurance?

No, having caravan insurance is not needed by law. However, 4,000 caravans are stolen each year, and there’s always the chance of damage, even if the trailer is parked in your driveway. The most prevalent sort of collision occurs during towing.

Do I Need To Buy Caravan Insurance?

What Kind Of Insurance Do I Need For My Caravan?

The law does not require special caravan insurance. Caravans are not needed to have any particular or additional insurance coverage to be lawfully allowed on the road. In most circumstances, your automobile insurance, as long as it is fully comprehensive, will be enough to allow you to tow your caravan.

On the other hand, your car insurance will normally only provide third-party coverage, which means that harm to another person or property will not be covered. As a result, the majority of responsible caravan owners prefer to add extra coverage to their plan to pay for the damages or repair to their caravan—especially since caravan insurance is a fraction of the cost of your caravan.

There is no legal requirement to raise your insurance coverage; it is entirely optional, and the fact that you are towing a caravan will have no bearing on your current insurance costs or payments.

Is There A Road Tax For Caravans?

No, There are a variety of costs associated with having a vehicle; however, if the vehicle in question is a caravan, it is not subject to the same road tax obligations as a car or truck. If your caravan is within the weight restriction of 3,500kg, you will not have to pay any road tax.

Only touring caravans, which are designed to be towed and transported by another vehicle, are subject to these rules. If you own a motorhome or operate a caravan or trailer that exceeds these limits, you will be subject to different road tax rules that vary according to the size of the vehicle.

Whether you plan to park your caravan on the street, you should check with your municipality or local authority to see if there are any limitations or regulations.

Is Having Caravan Insurance A Legal Requirement?

Insurance for caravans is not required by law. However, if you don’t have it, you’ll most likely end up having to pay for repairs or a restoration out of pocket if you cause accidental damage, storm damage, or theft. Some caravan parks may actually require you to prove your caravan insurance status though before allowing your caravan to stay or remain on their site.


Caravans don’t need to be registered in a conventional way like other vehicles, but you do need to register your CRiS if you own one in case of caravan theft. Caravans do not need to be insured; it is usually a good idea. It is up to you whether or not you want to purchase caravan insurance.

Third-party only insurance for caravans is not a legal requirement; however, if you get hit by someone without any form of car insurance, you will most likely pay the damages out of your pocket.

Caravan insurance is optional; no laws or regulations require its purchase. Caravan insurance is a fraction of the cost of your caravan. If you own a touring caravan, you’ll need to pay road tax.

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