How Much to Rent A Caravan in Benidorm?

Benidorm, a small seaside resort along Spain’s eastern coast, is a popular holiday destination. If you are considering this beautiful Mediterranean place as your next destination for a winter getaway or for holidaying in the summer, you may want to consider renting a caravan.

The important consideration, in this case, would be how much it costs to rent a caravan so that you can estimate the travelling expenses.

Whether you want a static caravan or a touring caravan, both are great choices, and depending on your circumstances or preference, you can pick one that suits you best.

In this article, we have explored the options for renting a touring caravan and discussed the option of staying in a static caravan.

Here is all you need to know about holidaying in Benidorm if you want to rent a caravan.

How to rent a caravan in Benidorm and how much will it cost

How to rent a caravan in Benidorm and how much will it cost

We are no strangers to the benefits of travelling in a rented caravan. Planning a vacation can be stressful, particularly if you want to travel economically.

While motels are a good option, renting a caravan can be far more economical.

You can save on accommodation and meal expenses and also travel with freedom according to your own schedule. Moreover, having readily available toilet facilities makes travelling more hassle-free and convenient, especially if you are travelling with family.

While there are many options when it comes to renting a caravan or an RV, the average price of renting a standard-sized trailer in Spain is between £60 and £125 per night.

However, if you want to rent a bigger trailer or motorhome, it will cost you between £80 and £200 per night.

As suggested, there are multiple options for renting an RV in Benidorm. You can check Outdoorsy or Yescapa to get price comparisons.

Can I rent a static caravan in Benidorm?

Can I rent a static caravan in Benidorm

Whether you want a caravan for holidaying in Benidorm or looking for options to try before you buy, renting is a great idea.

The trend is quite popular in the region, and there is no reason why you cannot do the same.

Many people like staying in a caravan or spending holidays on a campsite in Benidorm as opposed to staying in a hotel or conventional apartments.

The place is rife with beautiful campsites that offer better value in terms of price, experience, and location.

If you are looking for some outdoor exploration opportunities to have an adventurous holiday and be close to nature as well as the main city, caravan holidays are a great option.

Most campsites in the area are only a few minutes walk from the city centre or a short distance away if you take the bus from the beaches to central Benidorm.

Hence staying in a caravan at a campsite or a park checks all the right boxes! Campsites vary in terms of offering accommodation.

While some mostly have mobile homes, others are predominantly known for hosting touring caravans.

So if you opt for a static caravan, here are some great options

Camping Almafra- One of the top caravan parks, it is located near Benidorm in Costa Blanca. The site offers six-berth mobile homes and bungalows with various amenities, including a spa, fitness centres, restaurants, bar, and pool.

Camping Villamar- The site is located around five minutes drive away from central Benidorm, and the Levante beach is also very close. The mobile homes featured on the site are spacious with two rooms, a living and dining room, offering a perfect holiday destination.

Camping Arena Blanca– This site is mostly known for touring caravans. The site is also close to Levante Beach, and the town centre is easily accessible via bus. Camping Arena offers short and long-term options both.

Camping Benisol- This camping area features a mix of touring and static caravans and mobile homes. It is located only five minutes away from the El Cisne Rastro, the main market in Benidorm. The site offers a great holiday experience as it is related close to numerous entertainment and nightlife venues.

Camping La Torreta- This campsite is mostly known for touring caravans. It is located next to the Benidorm Palace, while Levante Beach is only ten minutes away. The facility itself features a restaurant, bar, pool, and a very relaxing environment.

Can I live in a caravan in Benidorm?

Benidorm has numerous campsites and caravan parks where you can stay in your caravan. You can also buy or rent a static caravan or mobile home, depending on your preference. The prices vary according to the type of rental, caravan, or plot size.

How much will it cost to rent an RV in Spain?

The average price of renting a standard-sized trailer in Spain is between £60 and £125 per night.

However, if you want to rent a bigger trailer or motorhome, it will cost you between £80 and £200 per night.

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