How To Move A Static Caravan

Like many people who own a static caravan, this question must have crossed your mind “How to move a static caravan?”. Or “Can I move a static caravan?”

Well, luckily, you can move a static caravan. Although the name suggests immobility, still, you can relocate your static caravan to a new place.

But, before you start this mission, you need to acknowledge a lot of things, including a new pitch, costs, etc.

Moving a static caravan isn’t as simple as it seems. It takes serious planning, deep consideration, and potentially very deep pockets.

To make everything clear, you should first consider some most important questions about moving a static caravan.

Why Move A Static Caravan?

There may be a lot of reasons why you wish to move a static caravan. Some of them are:

Better Location

Sometimes you’ll find a better pitch in the same park or some other holiday park with a more serene view. Unfortunately, it can also happen that the current location becomes less pleasant over time due to changing landscapes or perhaps unwanted neighbours!

Caravan Park Price

The caravan park prices are another major contributing factor why you’ll want to move your static caravan. That could be a cheaper pitch or plot on the same site or perhaps much more competitive fees on another caravan park or site completely.


Perhaps, you’ve sold the static caravan and have the responsibility of delivering it to new owners (we don’t envy you!)


Maybe you won’t be using your static caravan for some time and want to move it to a storage facility. Our site is closed November through February inclusive, we simply pay a small winter storage fee of around £40.

Where Can You Move Your Static Caravan To?

Where Can You Move Your Static Caravan To?

You have the following options for moving your static caravan to a new destination:

Residential Caravan Parks or Holiday Parks

Either you choose a residential or holiday park as a new location for your caravan, there will be a few hurdles in the way.

Residential and holiday parks are business markets. They get their profits from selling static homes. In addition to selling homes, site fees and on-site services also help them to earn profits.

You’ll have to struggle real hard to find a pitch at the most popular location because of the limited plots available. So, you might have to pay more for a better place than your previous caravan park.

Also, these parks have specific standards to maintain their reputation. For example, they won’t accept your home if it is ten years old. It will negatively impact the image of their park, which they won’t put at risk for you.

Private Land

If you think that you own or rent a piece of land and moving your static caravan, there won’t be a problem; then you need a quick reality check.

To do this, you have to go through a planning permission process which is hectic and consumes a lot of time and money. Also, if your land is at an extremely pleasant location, the chances of getting permission are minimal.

How Much Will It Cost To Move A Static Caravan?

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Static Caravan?

Before moving your static caravan, you need to consider if you can bear the moving costs. Many things skyrocket the expenses that most people don’t consider initially, and you’ll soon discover that’s there’s no precise answer to the question how much does it costs to move a static caravan.

But, like most things in life if you have money then you can achieve your goals and moving a static caravan is certainly possible.

It’s hard to answer the question with an exact or even ballpark figure. How much does it cost to move a static caravan? Well it depends on a lot of factors such as your caravan dimensions, distance to be moved, plus of course any fees from the departure site or arrival site.

The cost of moving a static caravan is never cheap but if you’re thinking of moving a static caravan from one site to another and you’re really set on the idea then here’s a few factors that will impact the ultimate end cost:

Disconnection Costs

To move your caravan, you need to check if it is ready to move or not. For that, you’ll have to disconnect the services to the caravan. These services include:

• Gas
• Electricity
• Water
• Sewer
• Internet
• TV / Satellite / Cable

Most caravan sites include the disconnection costs in your contract when you place your caravan at their site. They have a separate fee for this service, and you can’t save money by doing it yourself.

Removal Company Expenses

The company you’ll hire for relocating your caravan will naturally charge you. Fortunately, there’s a lot of online websites that offer their service for moving static caravan.

You can save money by comparing the costs of different companies to choose the one that fits your budget.

Arrival Costs

Whatever new location you choose for your caravan, you’ll have to pay levelling and sitting fee. To have an exact estimate of the final costs, you must not forget to add arriving costs to your expected budget.

Escort Vehicle Costs

If your caravan is 12 feet wide (or more in some cases!) and the country roads are narrow, then you’ll need an escort. So, you should take the escort fee into account while deciding costs for relocating stating caravan.

how much to move a static caravan

Get Professional Help

If you’re not confident that you can move your static caravan yourself (and we’d be amazed if you can!), you should get professional help. They know what to do to move your caravan to a new location safely.

They have the right strategy as well as the right equipment for this. For example, for transportation of your caravan, they have low loader trucks and escort if your caravan is 12 feet wide.

With their experience, they know well how to transport your caravan from narrow country roads without any damage. You can find many options in your area and online, who offer services of moving a static caravan.


If you find a new location in a residential or holiday park that’s breathtakingly beautiful, you’ll want to relocate your static caravan. You’ll be glad to know that you can move your static caravan, assuming it’s in a reasonable condition of course – we have seen caravans that simply won’t move and essentially have to be dismantled.

But, before you move it, you’ll need to get an estimate of the costs. You’re going to pay for disconnecting services, professionals’ help, levelling and sitting fees at the new location, and transportation via escort.

There’s no average cost to move a static caravan as such, but we would advise you to at least expect to budget upwards of £1,000 even for a short journey down the road.

By proper planning, before you start, you can ensure safe transport of your caravan without damaging it. Of course, you can do it yourself too with your friends or family, but there are chances that you might end up messing with things.

So, it would be best if you allow professionals do this for you. Meanwhile, you can relax and make plans for a new caravan location!

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