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How Hard Is Driving A Motorhome?

How Hard Is Driving A Motorhome?

If the fear of driving a motorhome keeps you from your dream of exploring the country in a comfortable and laid-back style, you need to read this.

While agreeably, driving a motorhome is not like driving a car, you can do a few things to make the travelling experience more comfortable and pleasing.

Continue reading this article as we offer helpful tips in this regard.

Is it hard to drive a motorhome

The trend of travelling in motorhomes has become rapidly popular in the past few years, and now you may see many individuals driving around in their RVs. The question then arises; if the number of motorhomes is constantly rising, is it really hard to drive them?

The truth is motorhomes are not hard to drive at all, which is why they are increasingly becoming more popular.

At the same time, it cannot be denied that a motorhome’s size can impact its driveability. However, your driving skills and a little practice can make it easy for you should you decide to drive a motorhome. The more confident you are as a driver, the easier it will be for you to drive.

What makes driving motorhomes hard

As suggested earlier, driving a motorhome is not like driving a car, and some factors can impact its driveability.

To begin with, the longer the motorhome, the trickier its navigation will be, particularly when you have to take a turn.

If you are not used to driving bigger vehicles like trucks or trailers, you may find it challenging to navigate your motorhome, keep a distance from other cars on the road and manoeuver the brakes.

Another factor that can make motorhome driving more challenging is their weight. Unlike regular vehicles, they are heavy and carry way more material, making them tough to manage.

The weight is also distributed differently than in smaller vehicles.

Hence their weight makes it hard to bring them to a complete stop, and you need to plan ahead when bringing the motorhome to a full stop.

Similarly, you will need to consider the route you plan to take and make a note of bridges, if any. You will need significantly more clearance under the bridges than you would for smaller vehicles.

Of course, if you have a compact motorhome, you may not find it that hard to navigate and control, but a bigger motorhome like Class A is a different game altogether.

But in any case, it makes good road sense to be wary at all times and employ defensive driving skills as much as possible, particularly if you are used to driving smaller vehicles only.

How can I make driving a motorhome easier?

How can I make driving a motorhome easier

The first thing you need to do to make your motorhome driving experience smooth and easy is to get the fear out of you and feel confident in your skills as a driver.

If you want to build your confidence, you can begin by taking the motorhome to an empty parking area or a quiet road.

It will help you understand how to manoeuvre the motorhome and feel more confident and comfortable when you are on the road.

Before you get behind the motorhome’s wheels, double-check that everything in the motorhome is secured.

Check the exterior as well and secure any loose parts before hitting the road. It is also recommended to be aware of your surroundings and other vehicles on the road.

You must be prepared to cater to the blind spots and maintain a distance between your motorhome and the vehicle in front of you.

Since it takes a motorhome longer to stop, you must maintain more distance than you would for a regular car.

Remember, a fast-paced, a heavy motorhome is challenging to manoeuvre and even harder to stop.

It is not uncommon for smaller vehicle drivers to be intimidated by big trailers or RVs, and they may find it daunting if you are driving in close proximity to their vehicle.

It is good road sense to maintain a courteous distance and avoid honking the horn as much as possible. The more responsibly you drive, the safer you and others around you will be.

Finally, as we mentioned earlier, many drivers find turns the hardest when driving a motorhome.

While taking U-Turns is not recommended, you must understand the motorhome’s turning radius and pivot points well. In most cases, you may need to drive further out when you make a right turn.

You will also need to angle the motorhome in the opposite direction before turning. It will give you some more space to apply brakes.

It takes a while to get used to the idea of driving a bigger vehicle and overcoming your apprehensions, and soon you will be driving your motorhome with ease.

Remember, the only way to conquer your apprehensions is to try it yourself.

Is it hard to drive a Class A motorhome?

Is it hard to drive a Class A motorhome?

If you have any experience driving a 40 feet fifth wheel trailer, you will not find driving a Class A motorhome any different.

You may need some time to understand how sharply the motorhome’s front wheels turn or the turning radius, but once you do, you can drive the motorhome easily.

Which motorhomes are the easiest to drive?

If you have prior experience, all motorhomes are easy to drive. However, generally, Class B motorhomes are considered the easiest to drive.

If you have driven a van before, you may not find driving these motorhomes any different.

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