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How to Cook And Entertain In Your Caravan

How to Cook And Entertain In Your Caravan

If you are travelling in your caravan on a budget, one of the most effective ways to cut travelling costs is to use the kitchen facilities and cook your own meals.

When you are travelling as a family, it not only becomes a cost-effective solution but can also be entertaining if you include other family members as well.

Read this space to learn a few helpful tips that can make cooking in your caravan less stressful and more enjoyable.  We also offer a few helpful tips on how to entertain your family on a camping trip.

Simple Tips for Cooking in a Caravan

Simple Tips for Cooking in a Caravan

If you are used to a spacious kitchen and multiple facilities at your disposal when cooking, you may find the task of cooking in a small space quite daunting and stressful.  However, it does not have to be like this.

The key to stress-free cooking is keeping it simple.  Whether you are hosting a dinner party or preparing a meal for the family, opt for simple recipes with fewer ingredients.

This way, you will not feel the burden of piling up on your groceries and be saved from the trouble of slaving away for hours in the small cramped kitchen.  Here is what you can do to make things easier.

Plan Your Meals

This applies to both situations, whether on a road trip with the family or gearing up to host a few guests in your caravan.

As we said earlier, keep it simple and plan simple dishes with few ingredients.  One-pan meals are a lifesaver; few ingredients, easier cooking, and have fewer dishes to wash after.

A few examples are chicken stew, one-pot pasta or rice, etc.

You may also not always have readily available disposal bins, so fewer ingredients also mean less trash to throw away.

Once you have a clear idea of what you are going to cook, make a grocery list.  This will save you from spending too much on groceries and piling up more than you need.

Avoid Making Food With Heavy Odours

When you cook in a caravan, you must remember that your bed and sitting space are only a few steps away.  If you make foods with smells that linger for hours after you cook, you may not have a pleasant sleep afterward.

You can also make use of the outdoor space if available and if the weather allows it.  Whenever possible, make your food outside.

Barbecues are a great way to make quick yet delicious meals easily.  They are a great way to get the entire family involved in the process and can be an enjoyable activity you can share with other campers.

Clear Your Space Before Cooking

Even the smallest messes can make the whole space look disorganised and cluttered when living in a small place.  The mess on your countertops can also be inconvenient when you are cooking and may even cause a spill or some other accident, only adding to your troubles.

So before you cook, clear out your space, take out only the required ingredients, and place them back right after using them, so you have less mess to clear up.

Make Small Portions

Caravans mean limited space, and this applies to your fridge too.  Even if you are tempted to prepare a big batch, so you do not have to cook frequently, cooking small portions is a good idea.

If you have leftovers, you will need to have proper containers that you can use to store the food properly so that it remains useable the next day.  Moreover, your family may also not like the idea of having the same food the next day.

Clean Right After You Are Done

Once done with the meal, clean up the dishes right after.  If you let the dishes sit, it will be harder to wash them after, and they will also need more water.

Since we must be mindful of water usage on the road, it is an important concern.  If, for some reason, you are unable to wash right after, let the dishes soak for some time in hot water, so cleaning is easier.

Entertaining on the Road

Entertaining on the Road

If you are travelling with kids who are used to physical activities, they may not enjoy the idea of staying cooped up inside the van for extended hours when you are on the road.  Here are a few ways to keep happy campers busy and entertained on the road.

Cooking and baking– Get them involved in cooking.  Be it grilling hot dogs or stirring the pasta pot, get them busy in the kitchen.  If you have an oven, one-pot brownies or cupcakes are a favourite in any instance.

Crafting- Keep a few craft items for the road.  You can also keep a few art supplies like colours and paints to keep them busy.

Books and games- Board games can be an excellent way to spend time inside the van.  You can also pack a few reading books, colouring or activity books, or crossword puzzles to keep the kids occupied during the trip.

What Can I Cook in a Caravan?

While you have a broad range of choices when it comes to cooking inside a caravan, we recommend making easy and simple dishes that are less time-consuming and easier to manage.  A few examples include barbecue, baked pasta, one-pot rice, baked potatoes, etc.

How Can I Eat Healthy Living in a Caravan?

Preparing your own meals is a good way to have nutritious food when living in a caravan.  You must maintain a well-balanced diet, including proteins, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and grains through cereals.

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