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How To Decorate A Caravan For Christmas

How To Decorate A Caravan For Christmas

Life in a home vs life in a caravan is different. By living in a caravan, you get a glimpse of the simplest life possible. You’ve to cut off things that seem an absolute necessity in your home. But does that mean you can’t even celebrate Christmas in your caravan?

Of course not, you can celebrate Christmas in a caravan. But do you have a limited caravan space and wondering how to decorate a caravan for Christmas?

Well, there are a lot of affordable and space-saving ways to decorate a caravan for Christmas. From lights, props to a mini Christmas tree, many things can make your caravan Christmas ready this winter.

In this post, you’ll find different ways you can decorate your caravan this Christmas without spending a lot of money.

Ways To Decorate A Caravan For Christmas

Ways To Decorate A Caravan For Christmas

Here are some simple and budget-friendly ways to decorate your caravan for Christmas.

Caravan Christmas Lights

Is Christmas decor complete without lights? A big no. The festive cheer that lights add to the Christmas decor is unmatchable. You can line them with your caravan door and windows, and they will light up your caravan from outside too. You can also decorate your Christmas tree with colourful lights like you’d have done at home.

The best thing about adding lights to your Christmas decorations is that they are super affordable. You can find them easily from the local store that is close to your campsite.

Caravan Christmas Tree

What’s Christmas without a Christmas tree? You can’t have a big Christmas tree for your caravan, but a mini Christmas tree will complete your Christmas decor in a caravan. The size of the Christmas tree depends upon the size of your caravan.

If you’ve enough floor space, then a mini standing Christmas tree will be perfect. But, if not, you can opt for a small tabletop one that is perfect according to the table size. Unfortunately, you can’t keep gifts under the small Christmas trees, but decorating it with lights and other sentimental ornaments is enjoyable.

Christmas trees are not only budget-friendly, but they are easily accessible too. You can find the one that fits in your caravan perfectly from any nearby store.

Caravan Christmas Garland

A DIY pom-pom garland can be a cute and space-saving addition to your Christmas decoration. Within just 10 minutes and less than $5, you can make a pom-pom garland for your caravan this Christmas.

All you’ll need is a string and 2-3 packs of poms-poms, depending upon the length of the garland you want to make. Then with the help of a needle, thread the pom poms together.

This Christmas decoration item is so affordable that you won’t even feel bad for throwing it away if you don’t want to keep it. Otherwise, even if you store it for next Christmas, it won’t take much space like other Christmas decoration items.

Make Your Own Caravan Christmas Decorations

DIY props are fun to make, and they look great as Christmas decorations. Other than the pom-pom garland, there are many other DIY props too that you can make for Christmas. These include creating tiny snowmen from socks after filling them with rice, snowflakes from glitter sheets, Christmas celebration caps, snow globe, etc.

These DIY items will keep you busy and won’t let you feel that you’re celebrating Christmas in your caravan and not home.

Christmas Wreath For Caravan

Christmas Wreath For Caravan

If you feel that a wreath is only suitable for the traditional wooden doors, you’re mistaken. A wreath will look beautiful on your caravan door too. But make sure that if you’re placing it outside, it should be able to resist rain and wind. In such a case, you should avoid wreaths with ribbons or other delicate materials that can be easily damaged in rain or wind.

If you want to lighten up the entrance of your caravan, then an LED and a battery-operated wreath will be perfect for this.

Christmas Caravan Ornaments

You can either use your DIY skills to make Christmas caravan ornaments. But, if you don’t feel creative, still you can get these items from the art store or a local décor shop. You can find many small beautiful items that you can put in your caravan as decoration pieces during Christmas.

Christmas Caravan Homeware

Not good at decorating? No worries, still you can cherish the Christmas charm with festive homeware. There are many Christmas-related homeware options available that you can add to your caravan Christmas celebration collection.

For example, with a bit of research and effort, you can find Christmas mugs, festive dinner sets, table centrepieces, etc. All these items won’t let you feel that you’re not celebrating Christmas.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations For Caravans

If your caravan isn’t large enough to accommodate Christmas decorations, outdoor caravan decorations will be a great way to celebrate Christmas. From penguins, reindeer to Santa, you can find many things that you can place outside your caravan. Moreover, you can also lights the outside and the DIY props if you feel the weather will be fine during Christmas. All these things outside your caravan will create a festive scene and make your caravan Christmas ready.


Christmas is an auspicious time of the year and perhaps the most awaited festival too. No one would want to miss the festive celebrations of Christmas due to living in a caravan. So, decorating a caravan for Christmas is an excellent way to enjoy this event in a simpler way in a caravan.

There are a lot of ways you can decorate your caravan for Christmas. Space is often an issue in a caravan, so you must opt for the items that can fit in your caravan. Some of the things you can add to your Christmas décor this year are a mini Christmas tree, pom-pom garland, wreath, outdoor decorations, Christmas caravan ornaments, and lights.

With all these easy and budget-friendly Christmas decoration ideas for caravan, you’ll be able to enjoy Christmas to the fullest as you do at your home.

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