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How to fill a caravan water tank

How to fill a caravan water tank

Whether living in a caravan or travelling in one, you need fresh water for various purposes. It is like a mini-home, and it is only natural to require it to function like a house and have all the basic facilities you need for comfortable living or travelling.

If you are new to caravan life and learning how to do things, you may also want to learn how to fill the water tank in your caravan to avoid any kind of inconvenience in the future. Here is a brief but helpful guide on all you need to know about filling a caravan water tank.

Why do I need to keep my water tanks filled?

It goes without saying how important water is in our daily lives. Whether on the road or living in a caravan, you need water for your basic needs, including cooking, washing utensils, flushing your toilet, and washing your clothes, among others.

If you are not connected to a water source at a campsite or in a remote location where you do not have access to a water source, the filled water tanks will come in very handy. Similarly, if you are travelling to a new area, or your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you may not be familiar with where to find fresh water. But if you are prepared, you will not have to be concerned about these issues right away.

Another reason why it is recommended to keep the caravan water filled is to prevent the development of fungus and mould inside the tank.

If you are on the go and travelling to a campground or a park located out of the town, you may only get untreated water sourced from rain or a nearby bore or creek. This water can be ridden with dirt, algae, and disease-causing bacteria. Even if a tap is available, you may not know if you need to boil the water before use or use it as is.

Where can I fill my caravan water tank from?

Where can I fill my caravan water tank from

There are a number of ways you can fill up the water tank. These include petrol stations, city parks, camping grounds, water refilling stations, travel centres, and outdoor recreation stores.

Except for water refilling stations, not all the places mentioned here may allow you to fill the water tanks. Some places even restrict the filling of tanks, and you may want to check with the management beforehand. You can check Google maps for directions if you are in an unfamiliar area.

How can I fill the caravan water tank?

Regular freshwater tanks can hold anywhere between 25 to 80 litres of water. For simple understanding, if you have a 100-litre tank, it is sufficient for two people for 2 weeks, provided you do not use it to shower.

Depending on the model of the caravan, the tanks may be located in different places. In most instances, you may find one under the floor; in some cases, it is under the sink or sitting bench. There is an inlet on the side of the caravan from which you can fill the water.

One important consideration for filling your fresh water tank is having your own hose, tap fitting, and water filters. In most cases, you will not find these things at the filling station, and if you do not have these items, you may not be able to fill your tank.

Another important concern is that you must keep a separate hose for filling fresh water in your caravan. Do not use it to wash your vehicle or for other purposes. Otherwise, you may contaminate the drinking water.

Now that you have all that you need to fill up your tank, attach your hose to the water intake valve at one end and the water spigot at the other. The freshwater inlet may have the label “city water” or fresh water on it.

There is a lever in most caravans that you need to open to let the fresh water enter the tank. If you are at a campsite, you can use water directly from the source, bypassing the water tank. In this case, you will need to pull up the lever.

You will need to keep an eye on the tank water level indicators present inside the vehicle. If you are not too certain about the accuracy of the indicators, try to get a visual read on the tank to ensure they are full. However, if you do not have visual access to the tank, you will have to make do with the indicators and stop filling when the tank is sufficiently full.

How much water do I need to fill in a caravan water tank?

How much water do I need to fill in the caravan water tank

If you are travelling to a remote site where you will not have access to a freshwater source, it is better to fill up your tank. However, if you travel to a park or site with a fresh water source, do not fill the tank too much. Water has significant weight and can weigh the vehicle down.

How to fill water if the caravan water tank is full of air?

It can be difficult to fill the tank up if there is an airlock. The breather hose may be kinked or even blocked. In such a case, open the breather if it is not, and leave the main filling point open as well. This will allow the air to escape, and you can fill up your tank easily afterward.

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