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motorhome parking in Denmark

How to find free motorhome parking in Denmark

Denmark is one of the top destinations when it comes to motorhome holidays. While the beautiful landscapes are a major reason, it is easily accessible via mainland Europe and most of the sites in the country can be reached through motorhomes.

If you have Denmark on your bucket list and are planning a trip across the country in your motorhome, an important part of the planning may be wondering where you can park your vehicle. We have offered a few helpful suggestions about parking and camping options with your motorhome, with a particular emphasis on free parking to help you enjoy your trip while curtailing the travelling expenses.

Overnight motorhome parking

Overnight motorhome parking in Denmark

Free overnight parking spots are a must-know for motorhome travellers who need a place to park and rest for the night. Camping in Denmark is restricted to designated sites, so you must be careful about where or how you park. Please note that parking or resting and camping are strictly distinguished in Denmark and defined under different circumstances.

For instance, you can park at a public parking place for the night, but you should refrain from any activity that can be categorised as camping, like putting up an awning, a washing line, or furniture. You may also need to verify that motorhome parking is not explicitly prohibited via a sign and that your vehicle fits the parking booth.

Moreover, you also have the option of road laybys. You may see a road sign along a layby in Denmark with the word rasteplads. You can park on the roadside and sleep in your motorhome. However, you cannot put up an awning or tent. Parking for motorhomes may not be allowed in all laybys for overnight parking.

Similarly, you will also come across various motorhome service areas throughout Denmark, which you can easily find via apps like park4night. You may find options along habours and coastal areas where free motorhome overnight stops exist.

Camping Motorhome

Camping with your motorhome in Denmark

Denmark has some options if you are seeking sites other than the designated places where you can camp for free with your motorhome. However, a few aspects need to be considered first.

Unlike its other Nordic neighbours, Denmark is densely populated, implying that most of the land in the country is privately owned or reserved by the state-owned departments and hence off-limits for campers or travellers. The majority of the forests in the country are also privately owned, hence limiting your options for where you can park your motorhome for free.

Denmark has quite a few free campsites in wild or remote areas which offer only basic facilities like primitive toilets or water. However, these sites are not accessible by motorhomes. Despite the limitations, there are a few options you can consider when cruising through Denmark and wanting to land at a spot where you won’t be charged for parking or services.

  • You can try your luck for motorhome parking at local farms, which is referred to as bondegårdscamping. Some farms have particular camping options for motorhomes. You can find more information here.
  • Similarly, you may also be able to stay on private property The locals are generally very hospitable and happily open their gardens for motorhomes and campers to stay. If you are searching for such a place, look for signs with a white heart and two footprints inside a green circle. In any case, it is recommended to seek permission from the property owner before you can park there, and if yes, for how long you can stay. While some may allow an overnight stay only, others may allow you to stay for a few days.
  • Harbours, beaches, and woods are also an option in this regard. For instance, the municipalities administering the beaches along the western coast in Jutland offer parking spaces to motorhome travellers.
  • Many towns in Denmark have camper and motorhome parking areas near holiday destinations or coastal lines where you can park and sleep. However, most of these options charge a small fee. Check this link to find more details. You can also refer to park4night for information on parking options.

Regardless of where you free camp, it is recommended not to extend your stay by more than a day and not pitch camp in the form of groups; otherwise, you may garner unwanted attention.

It is also important not to cause disturbance, particularly when you are on private property. Clean up the litter before you leave and dispose of the waste properly. Remember, following the “leave only footprints behind” policy is always best.

Similarly, it is your cue to keep moving if you see a no parking sign on a property. The locals may be tired of campers and tourists littering their place and probably do not want to cater to any more visitors.

Is Denmark a motorhome-friendly country?

Denmark is one of the most ideal places to enjoy a motorhome holiday. The country has numerous beautiful, safe, and clean locations, while the roads are well-maintained and convenient for motorhomes, referred to as auto campers in the country.

Where can I wild camp in Denmark?

Wild or free camping in nature reserves, car parks, forests, or the roadside is strictly prohibited in Denmark, and violation of the law can result in hefty fines of up to €500.

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