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How to find free motorhome parking in Germany

How to find free motorhome parking in Germany

Germany is usually not considered a top destination when touring Europe in a motorhome. However, once you explore this wonderful country, you will be amazed by the beautiful country and the historic sites.

Thus if it is your first time travelling in your motorhome across Germany, this guide may prove to be helpful, particularly if you are looking for free stopovers in the country where you can park your motorhome overnight or for a few days.

Can I find free motorhome parking in Germany?

Germany is generally a motorhome-friendly country, and that is evident from the abundant parking spaces throughout the country, in addition to campsites and authorised stopovers. Most campsites are equipped with numerous facilities guaranteed to make your stay comfortable.

Like the rest of Europe, you will find many approved overnight motorhome parking places or aires called Stellplatz in Germany. You will find several of these across the country, but most of these sites charge a fee.

However, you may also find free aires, mostly in remote areas where you can stay overnight. While there may be no fee for a 24-hour stopover, you may have to pay for services if available.

Can I find free motorhome parking Germany

Wild camping in Germany

Wild camping is not allowed in Germany. However, if you want to stay at an off-grid site in your motorhome, you can do so with a few conditions. While you can park your motorhome, you cannot camp, i.e., you must not put out chairs, tables, or awnings or hang a clothing line.

In short, anything that gives the impression that you are camping must be avoided. If you are found to be violating the law, you may be imposed a fine.

Free overnight parking in Germany

You can stop at a designated site or authorised stopovers if you want to park for the night. We have mentioned a few in the following section. However, some of these sites are free while others are not, so you may have to check beforehand.

In addition, there are also specific parking spaces across the country where you can park for little to no fee. You can find more details at sites like park4night and CamperContact.

You can also park at public parking spaces if you do not create a camping setup, like taking out furniture to sit on or having barbecues. You must also not overstay and be on the move at the earliest. Usually, the acceptable time for stopping in a parking area is ten to twelve hours. That gives you plenty of time to rest and prepare for the next day.

If you have to park on a parking lane for some reason, you must make sure not to hinder anyone’s way. You can also park on a sidewalk, provided your vehicle weighs equal to or less than 2.8 tonnes. If you want to park at a motorhome stop point, be sure that parking for motorhomes is not prohibited.

Free motorhome stopovers in Germany

Free motorhome stopovers in Germany

As suggested earlier, Germany offers plenty of sites where you can park your motorhome for free overnight or even longer. We have offered a few great recommendations here.

Am Westpark- It is a motorhome stopover along River Lenne in Werdohl, Märkischer Kreis, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. No toilets or showers are on-site, so you can park here if your motorhome is self-contained. However, a waste disposal facility is available.

You can also get electricity and fresh water for a certain fee. The village is a kilometre away while you may find a restaurant and supermarket within 500m of the area. The park features various biking and hiking trails nearby, and if you are fond of fishing, you can enjoy some of that too in the river.

Deudesfeld- Deudesfeld is a part of Verbandsgemeinde in the southwest region of Vulkaneifel, Germany. It is a good place to be if you are fond of hiking. You can walk along the Meerfelder Pfad, which will lead you to the Meerfelder Maar, the site of an old volcanic explosion.

If you visit in the summer, you can also take a dip in the lake. The site offers basic offers fresh water and electricity as paid services. There are no toilets, but toilet disposal is available.

Saarow Therme- Saarow Therme is a site in Bad Saarow in the Oder Spree district of Brandenburg. It is a small site with only six parking spaces. While there are no basic or other facilities at the property, the village is right next to it, and the restaurant and supermarket are within a short walking distance.

Bad Camberg- This site is near the town centre of Bad Cambergin in the Limburg-Weilburg district of Hesse. Staying at the camp, you have the wonderful opportunity to explore the town or cycle around. You can stay here for a night.

Alken- The site is in Alken, an old wine town in Western Germany. There are plenty of beautiful sites to explore in the area, including the Moselle Valley, vineyards, and historic architectural sites like the Thurant castle, one of the oldest castles in the area. The site has no facilities like toilets or water, but the town is 200m away.

Is Germany motorhome friendly?

Germany is generally a motorhome-friendly country. The roads are suitable for driving, and the sites are beautiful. Moreover, there are plenty of sites where you can easily park your motorhome.

Can I camp in the wild in Germany?

Wild camping is not allowed in Germany. While you can park your motorhome in sites where parking is not prohibited or places that are not natural reserves, you cannot camp, i.e., putting up a tent, camping chairs or putting out a clothing line, etc. If you are found to be violating the law, you may be imposed a fine of up to 500 euros.

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