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How To Find Free Motorhome Parking In Ireland

If you are looking for free motorhome parking in Ireland, you can camp in the wild or find an approved overnight parking spot for camping vans or motorhomes.

A road trip across beautiful and scenic Ireland is bound to be an unforgettable experience, and if you do it in your motorhome, you will have the adventure of a lifetime.

Travelling without any strings attached and discovering different places while enjoying the comfort of your own accommodations can be an amazing experience.

Whether you are used to travelling in a motorhome or gearing up for your first trip, you may be concerned about finding a parking place where you can rest and sleep after a long day of driving and exploration.

You may also need a place to park your motorhome if you plan to camp in a certain place for a few days and explore the area. Free parking places are very useful in such instances, especially if you are travelling on a budget and looking for ways to contain your expenses.

This section provides a detailed guide on finding free motorhome parking in Ireland.

Can You Legally Park A Motorhome For Free In Ireland?

Can You Legally Park A Motorhome For Free In Ireland?

In the UK, primarily England, Ireland, and Wales, it is considered illegal to park your motorhome or van in a wild or remote area that is not enclosed or associated with a property or a park.

Every piece of land belongs to someone in Ireland, and if you want to camp your motorhome, you must seek the owner’s permission before parking it. You may even face legal implications if you do not seek permission before parking.

So, if you are in Ireland, do remember that every bit of land is owned by an individual, and the only way to park your motorhome legally is if you seek the landowner’s approval. If you are asked to leave, do not delay and move on as asked.

On the other hand, parking is mostly tolerated across the country, and if you seek the owner’s permission, it is usually not a problem. Meanwhile, you must adhere to a few rules before parking. The principal rule similar to Scottish Outdoor Access is that you should not leave any traces.

If you are in a crowded spot, move to a less busy place to avoid overcrowding. You must also take care to be discreet and camp away from houses or farms. Arrive late at the chosen site, leave as early as possible, and do not litter the area or leave your mess behind.

You must also be prepared to leave when asked.

How To Find Wild Camping Parking In Ireland

Wild camping is a good option if you explore a remote place or find campsites or other overnight parking places too crowded. That being said, here are a few amazing spots if you want to camp in the wild in Ireland.

In Southern Ireland, you may find great motorhome camping spots at Dursey Island, Roundstone, and Kilmore Quay.

Another great recommendation is St. Mullins along the Rover Barrow in the southern part of the country. It is the ideal layover if you want an experience in the wild. You can enjoy swimming or kayaking in the water, fishing, or walking along the river bank. There are a few nearby cafes and restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat.

If you are in Northern Ireland, you will come across the Silver Strand beach, a little further away from Glencolmcille, a small district in Ulster. Another beach you can check out in Ulster is Mullaghderg Beach.

While the water is not suitable for swimming, the place is quite picturesque, and the town centre is not very far either.

Additionally, Horn Head in Dunfanaghy is also a great spot if you want to rest with a view. You may struggle a bit with the drive as the road is narrow.

Overnight Motorhome Parking In Ireland

Overnight Motorhome Parking In Ireland

Here are a few recommendations if you are interested in overnight parking spots in Ireland:

Churchtown near Buttevant in County Cork has a huge overnight parking place called the Parking Hook Lighthouse. The area has toilet facilities and a small café, while the view is beautiful.

Another beautiful place you may be interested in visiting is Ballylongford, a historic place in County Kerry. You can park at the Carrigafoyle Castle, a quiet parking area where you can get some shut-eye before heading out the next day.

If you are looking for a caravan park, a great recommendation is Mannix Point Camping & Caravaning Park in County Kerry. County cork has a few options, including the Sextons Caravan and Camping Park in Timoleague and the Eagle Point Camping in Ballylicky.

These were just a few recommendations; you can also use various online sources to find places where you can park your motorhome for free. One example is Brit stops which connects motorhome owners with various stops, pubs, cafes, or restaurants that allow overnight parking for motorhomes in Ireland.

Other online sources for free motorhome camping spots include park4night, searchforsites, camper stop, camper contact, etc. These sites and apps list places from camping sites, supermarkets, car parks, fields, laybys, or caravan parks.

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