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How to find free motorhome parking in Spain

How to find free motorhome parking in Spain

Regardless of what kind of a traveller you are, Spain is one destination that lures everyone with the beauty of its coasts and countryside and the charming vibes of its lively cities. It is why travelling across the country in a motorhome has become one of the most popular holiday activities among European travellers.

However, one aspect that many travellers are concerned about is finding parking spots for their motorhomes. These tiny homes on wheels provide the ultimate comfort and convenience when travelling but parking them may be more challenging than you might think, particularly if you want to find free spots.

So, if you also want to find where you can park your motorhome for free in Spain, whether for a night or a few days, continue reading this space.

Where to park my motorhome in Spain

Where to park my motorhome in Spain

When it comes to travelling in your motorhome in Spain, there are specific rules and guidelines you must consider when parking your vehicle for the night. If you want to avoid any inconvenience or a possible penalty, it is important that you understand the difference between parking and camping.

According to the General Directorate of Traffic, you are not violating any regulation if you have correctly parked your vehicle without going beyond the road markings, whether it is a car, a camper van, or a motorhome. Here are some points you need to consider:

  • Your motorhome should not extend beyond the space it occupies, i.e., chairs, pull-out tables, or awnings are not allowed.
  • There should be no fluid emission, leakage, or waste residue.
  • The only point of contact of the motorhome with the road should be wheels or chocks for safety.

Therefore, as long as there is no parking prohibition sign or the place is not a natural reserved site, you should be fine. You must also avoid making too much noise to avoid disturbance.

It is also important to note that parking along coasts, beaches, and specially protected areas like the natural parks of Spain is not allowed. In any case, you must check the municipal and regional regulations to ensure compliance with parking regulations.

Overnight parking spots in Spain

Once you have verified that there is a ban or restriction on parking and you can stay overnight in a requisite spot, you must opt for motorhome-enabled and crowded places.

There is safety in numbers, and it is better to avoid isolated places. You must also avoid express or motorways service areas as those areas are rife with thieves, and it is better to stay away from them.

You can refer to sites like AreasAC or apps like Caramaps, Campercontact, and Park4Night to find the required information about motorhome stopovers. You can also seek advice from the Tourism Office, Local Police, or City Council to get details on any limitations regarding areas where you want to park for free. Spain has many free approved overnight parking places or aires where you can park for the night.

In any case, if you are still in doubt, you can always go to motorhome areas or campsites, which offer a range of services, including water, showers, toilets, electric connections, and waste disposal. However, they mostly charge for stays. Regardless of where you park, leave the place in the same condition you found it in and avoid causing unnecessary disturbance.

Staying in Motorhome Aires in Spain

National parks and coastal areas are off-limits when it comes to wild camping. However, there are designated motorhome parking spots in Spain, referred to as aire de camping (aire means area). These are functional service areas where you can get water refills, dispose of your waste and find a place to rest. However, you can only use these aires if you have a self-contained vehicle.

Spain has around 500 such spots located on the outskirts of bigger towns and cities. The good news is many of these aires are free of cost. However, if you stay in a city aire, you will be charged for your stay and the services. You can refer to apps like Park4Night and Campercontact for the requisite information.

Also, it is important to note that while many aires are gated, others are not. If you have parked at a certain place and are going out for the day, close the windows and blinds to prevent theft and keep your valuables safe.

While the rules for staying at a Spanish aire vary from region to region, you cannot stay at one place for more than three nights in most cases. These areas operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and no booking is entertained.

Can I park my motorhome anywhere in Spain

Can I park my motorhome anywhere in Spain?

You can park your motorhome where parking large vehicles is not banned, and the parking space is suitable.

Is wild camping allowed in Spain?

Wild camping is not allowed in Spain. You cannot put up camp in any non-camping place or the wild. However, if you have a self-contained vehicle like a motorhome and do not take out awnings, chairs, or windows, you can park your vehicle if parking is not prohibited. That is categorised as parking and not camping.

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