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How to find free motorhome parking in Sweden

How to find free motorhome parking in Sweden

Sweden is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Nordic region. Its diverse and beautiful natural landscapes make it one of the top tourist destinations, which is ideal for visiting with a motorhome.

If you are also set to embark on a motorhome trip across Sweden, you may be wondering where to park your vehicle, particularly if you are looking for ways to cut down your travelling expenses.

Thus whether you want to park for the night or more, here is a brief guide to help you find ways to park your motorhome for free and enable you to experience a safe and enjoyable trip across Sweden in your motorhome.

Free motorhome overnight parking in Sweden

Sweden is known for its law called the allemansrätten, the freedom to roam or The Right of Public Access, according to which individuals are allowed to walk, cycle or travel through or camp on any land except private properties as long as they are considerate towards nature, the wildlife inhabiting the area and your general surroundings.

Moreover, nature protection areas and national parks are off-limits as well.

Therefore while you can park in the designated campsites or general parks, you can also park in areas outside these designated sites. However, you may not be allowed to drive through terrains such as fields, beaches, or the woods.

However, you can park at the side, including areas along the lake, and spend the night in your motorhome, provided you do not park in front of a property or disturb traffic. You can stay in these areas for 24 hours and be on the move at the earliest.

You can also park your motorhome in a privately owned garden or field, provided you seek permission from the owner before parking for a night or even more if they allow. While most locals are welcoming, many do not like travellers camping on their property. So, if the property owner does not allow you to park, you must move immediately.

If you are seeking parking space in bigger cities, it is important to keep in mind that the parking rules are quite stringent, and while you can park in public parking spaces, you must ensure that your vehicle fits the parking booth space and you stay in your vehicle.

Motorhome stopovers in Sweden

Motorhome stopovers in Sweden

You may also come across motorhome rest areas or stallplasters across Sweden where you can stay for a short while, up to 24 hours. Most of these stops are located in beautiful locations and are equipped with facilities including toilets, waste dump, and water.

While some of these stops are free, others charge a fee to use services or for a stay. You can find information about these sites at park4night  and plan your route and destinations accordingly. You can also refer to this link for some great recommendations. However, as you may find, many of these charge a price for a stay.

Wild Camping

Sweden has around 300 campsites offering over 75,000 camping pitches, cabins, and cottages. If, however, you want to opt for wild camping options, here are a few suggestions.


Gotland is the biggest and one of the most beautiful islands in Sweden, retaining its cultural and natural charm from the olden times. It is an ideal destination if you visit in the summer. You can park at the Lummelunda Kambs, a quiet, flat parking spot by the sea.


The Glaskogen Nature Reserve is located between Arvika and Rjang, two municipalities in Varmland, a province in the southern part of Sweden. The place is beautiful, with lush forests and lakes. There are plenty of paid parking sites in the park, but you will also find free options.

For instance, there is one site in Glava in Varmland County where you can park overnight for free. You may not be allowed to put up camp, but the parking will give you plenty of time to rest while you can explore the reserve in the daytime.


Fulufjället National Park is in Dalarna County. You may find parking space at Overangsstranna in Sarna, which is only 1.3 km from the Norwegian national border and very near the park. If you are fond of alpine adventures, you will have a good time exploring the canyons and open spaces of the place.

Skuleskogen National Park

The Skuleskogen National Park is in Bjästa in the Västernorrland County in Northern Sweden. It is one of the 29 national parks in the country. There are designated campsites across the park where you can stay for three nights.

Is Sweden a motorhome-friendly country

Is Sweden a motorhome-friendly country?

Sweden is a beautiful country and the ideal destination for adventure and nature lovers. There are plenty of sites across the country that you can visit with your motorhome. Sweden is also one of the most affordable countries in the region for camping and motorhome travel.

Can I park my motorhome anywhere in Sweden?

Other than places where parking of motorhomes is strictly prohibited or private properties where owners do not give permission, you can park your motorhome anywhere in Sweden. The freedom to park or camp anywhere in the wild and nature is offered under the Swedish Allemansratten, Everyman’s Right.

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