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How To Find Free Motorhome Parking In Tasmania

How To Find Free Motorhome Parking In Tasmania

The island of Tasmania can be a dream vacation spot for nature lovers who love the outdoors. Its beautiful beaches, forests, waterfalls, and caves are a treat for the eyes, and a road trip through the island has become a popular activity among the locals and outsiders.

If you are planning on taking a road trip across Tasmania in your motorhome, you may be wondering about all the places you can visit. More importantly, you may be wondering how to plan your itinerary if you want a safe, enjoyable, and economical trip.

Your motorhome is already helping on the cost front by preventing you from having to spend on hotel stays. However, parking may be tricky, and you may be wondering where you can park your vehicle. Continue reading through this article to know all you need to learn about free motorhome parking options in Tasmania.

Can I Park My Motorhome For Free In Tasmania?

Can I Park My Motorhome For Free In Tasmania?

While free parking is available in Tasmania, it does not imply that you can park your vehicle anywhere you like.

Tasmania has beautiful national parks which are home to protected species and have indigenous land.

The government and the wildlife organisations in the state are driven to protect the wildlife and the land, and hence, as a preventive measure, parking is restricted to designated places only. Moreover, all national parks in Tasmania require a parking pass for a certain fee.

The good news is that there are plenty of places where you can park your motorhome at no cost. Whether you are looking for overnight parking to get some rest at night before heading out in the morning or want to camp in the wild, there are plenty of options throughout the island.

We have offered a few recommendations in the following sections.

At the same time, it is important to take into account a few aspects before deciding where to park. For instance, you must always ensure that parking is allowed, whether it is in the wild or in an urban area.

If there is a no parking sign, that’s your signal to move on. If you are in the wild, look out for signs indicating the presence of wildlife and keep your distance.

It is also important not to leave any mess behind wherever you park. Always clean up the litter and dispose of the waste to prevent damage to wildlife and the environment. You must be mindful of the local state laws and not make noise, especially in an urban area.

Moreover, while some sites allow campfires, others do not, so you must get all the relevant details beforehand.

Finding Free Motorhome Parking In Tasmania

Finding Free Motorhome Parking In Tasmania

As suggested earlier, there are two ways you can park your motorhome for free, overnight parking or camping in the wild. Here we have suggested a few options for both.

Overnight Parking In Tasmania

If you have been on the road the entire day and want to stop for the night so you can rest and be ready for the next day, it is important to find an overnight parking facility where you can easily park your motorhome and not be worried about violating any rules or regulations, causing a disturbance or invading someone’s privacy.

Since motorhomes are fairly bigger than average vehicles or even campervans, it is important that you park them carefully. If you must stop due to an emergency on the roadside, you can do so for a maximum of a few hours at a stretch. Make sure to parallel park not too further from the road and in the direction of the traffic.

You must also ensure at least a metre’s distance between your motorhome and other cars and that you are at least three metres away from the road dividing lines to let other cars pass.

If you are looking for overnight parking facilities along the highway, look for public rest areas. These facilities usually allow you to stay for the night, but make sure to leave early in the morning.

Moreover, Tasmania has many RV Friendly towns designed to meet the guidelines required to cater to motorhome tourists. These are an initiative of the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia to promote tourism and help road travellers plan their trips.

You can stay in these places for a night or even longer at little or no cost. You will also find basic facilities, including fuel refills, medical aid, etc.

Free Motorhome Camping Places In Tasmania

The beautiful Tasmania is abundant in places where you can take your motorhome, park it for free, and have fun exploring the place and indulging in its activities. Here are a few great places you may like to check out.

Moulton Bay Camping Area

The Mount Bay Camping Area is located 8kms northeast of St Helens and is ideal for motorhome tourists. The vast space is close to Georges Bay, so if you like fishing, you will love the place.

To the northern side of the Bay, you will find the Humbug Point, where you can see birds and wildlife, do swimming or paddle, and even bushwalking. The great thing about this site is you can stay here for even a month.

Green Point Beach Marrawah

Green Point Beach is located on the west coast of Tasmania. It is a great place to be if you want to camp with a view of the ocean. The beach is not too far from the road, so getting your motorhome down there should not be a problem. The place offers toilet and shower facilities.

It is a family-friendly option with playground and picnic tables so that you can enjoy a good family vacation. Campfires are not allowed, and it is advised to bring your drinking water.

Leven Canyon Reserve

The Leven Canyon Reserve, beside the Leven River, is another great free campsite in Tasmania. The campground is sloped but has plenty of flat locations as well. Toilet, water, and bbq facilities are available. There are many walking trails that lead from the campground.

You will find plenty of ancient plants along the way and perhaps some wildlife too.

Petal Point

If you are in the eastern corner of Tasmania and looking for a remote location, check out Petal Point, an isolated beach camp along the ocean. If your motorhome is self-contained, you can easily stay here for a few days and enjoy fishing and walks along the beach.

Bay Of Fires

Another option on the east coast is the Bay of Fires. It is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the country. There are eight free campsites, but motorhome access is possible to five of the sites only. Most sites have toilet facilities, and you can stay here for up to four weeks.

Can I Park My Motorhome Anywhere In Tasmania?

Can I Park My Motorhome Anywhere In Tasmania?

You cannot park your motorhome in Tasmania. There are specific laws that disallow parking in certain areas for the protection of aboriginal land and wildlife. However, there are various free places where you can park your motorhome and enjoy camping in the wilderness of Beautiful Tasmania.

Is Wild Camping Allowed In Tasmania?

Yes, wild camping is allowed in Tasmania as long as you follow the rules, do not trespass on any private property or farmland, and practice discretion.

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