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How To Keep Your Caravan Cool In Summer

How To Keep Your Caravan Cool In Summer

In summer, with plenty of activities to indulge in, comes heat that feels like melting. Just like winters, extreme weather in summers can also ruin the joy of holidays.

If you act smartly, there are several ways to beat the heat and keep your caravan cool in summer. From improving airflow to getting an air conditioning system, you have plenty of options.

It all depends on the intensity of the weather, the effort you plan to put in, and your budget.

Summer is undoubtedly the best time to hit the road or head towards a caravan park. Nature is blooming, we feel energetic and meet the best people during the trips. The only inconvenience could be the heat which you can also eliminate with little effort.

Best Proven Ways To Keep Caravan Cool

Some of the methods discussed below don’t even cost a dime but significantly improve the ambiance. Stay with us till the end to find the way that suits you the most.

Caravan Insulation

Insulation goes both ways; it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Most caravans come with pre-installed roof insulation, but with time, it loses its effectiveness. Insulation lasts for years, so that it will be a one-time investment for many.

You can keep the heat from turning your caravan into an oven by insulating the walls of the caravan. Insulation could be the only thing you need if you plan a trip to a place with moderate temperature.

Moreover, if you plan holidays all year round, you will also save money in the winter.

Improve Caravan Air Flow

Ventilation can be an efficient and cost less way to make the overall environment refreshing. Sometimes, a cool breeze is all you need to dry the sweat from vigorous outdoor activities.

Open windows, doors, and everything else that you can open to maximize the airflow. When there is no ventilation within the caravan, hot air is trapped inside. This heat starts turning the caravan into a pressure cooker. By ensuring proper airflow, you allow the hot air to exit and fresh air to enter.

One thing to note here is that don’t leave the windows or doors open when you are away because of safety concerns.

Park Your Caravan In The Shade

Only an option for tourers or motorhomes of course. This is probably the most important thing you need to follow. Even if you have the best insulation or airflow, your caravan will be hot if it’s not in the shade.

For this purpose, you can under any tree or shelter. Direct exposure to heat is not only good for you, but it will also decrease the elements of your caravan. Delicate parts of plastic deform, and other body parts also lose strength.

Moreover, if your caravan is exposed to direct sunlight for long, it will retain heat.

Fit A Caravan Awning

Fit A Caravan Awning

If you want to take all the precautionary measures to keep your caravan cool, you can also install an awning.

An awning provides shade, and you can open windows or doors even if the caravan is not in the shade. This is the most affordable way to reduce the amount of heat in the caravan, especially when you can’t find shade.

Caravan Window Coverings

Even the air conditioning system can’t do anything if the sunlight is directly entering through the windows. In summers, make it a rule of thumb to cover the windows and doors in the daytime.

It will keep most of the heat outside and freshness inside. The best practice is to use light-coloured curtains for covering. It’s basic science that dark colours absorb and retain more heat than light colours.

Cooking Inside A Caravan

Cooking inside the caravan is not recommended at all, especially in the summers. We all know how terrible the environment gets when we cook inside. Smoke, gas fumes, heat, and crazy amounts of condensation due to cooking turn pleasure into misery.

So, next time, no matter how tempted you feel about cooking inside, refrain from doing so. Cooking outside also has its perks; it is just like having another outdoor activity.

If you have outdoor BBQ and grilling setups, it is the best time to take them out. If you don’t have anything to cook outside, ensure that the windows and doors open while you cook.

LED Lighting For Caravans

Fluorescent lights and LEDs not only save energy but also produce less heat. If you still have old halogens bulbs in your caravan, here is another reason to change them ASAP.

Small things like this can have a significant impact on the environment of your caravan. Another benefit of installing LEDs is that it also improves the aesthetics of the interior.

LED Lighting For Caravans

Caravan Fan Installations

Good old fans can also be a godsent appliance when the temperature rises to an intolerable extent. Fans can also be very beneficial for increasing airflow within the caravan. Today, fans are available with different options and in various sizes.

Fitting Air Con In A Caravan

If budget isn’t your concern, then the best option is to install an air conditioning system. Undoubtedly, air conditioning systems provide more comfort than any other option on this list.

There are several types of air conditioning systems available for caravans at different price points.


Most people around the UK and EU plan their caravanning trips in the summers. Summer is the most favourite and the best time of year for most people. Sceneries you get to see in summer are unmatchable, and energy levels are also exceptionally high.

Although it is the best time of year to plan a trip, temperatures can get insufferable on the longest days. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep yourself and the caravan cool in the summers.

Before spending money, you can try opening windows and dropping curtains. If the temperature is still not suitable, you can enhance the insulation and install things like an awning.

If you want more comfort, several fans are available on the market that you can install in the caravans.

Lastly, if you want to feel at home during the trip, you can always install an air conditioning system in the caravan.

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