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How to Move a Static Caravan Sideways

How to Move a Static Caravan Sideways

With the word static in its name, one would assume that a static caravan may not need to be moved ever.

However, sometimes a situation may arise that may require you to move a static caravan. If you are facing a similar dilemma, look no further; we are here to help. This article offers helpful tips on how to move a static caravan sideways.

Why do I need to move a static caravan?

Moving a static caravan can be quite a hassle. Its weight, to begin with, is much more than that of a touring caravan, and you need pitchforks or other such heavy-duty machinery to transfer it to its designated place.

Then there are all the connected utilities to consider, which you need to disconnect and displace if the caravan is to be moved.

However, there may be various reasons for moving a static caravan. For instance, there is a new location or surroundings that you like for a particular season.

Alternatively, the site or park where the caravan is currently pitched may be closing, or you may want to move it to a storage unit.

Moreover, you may also need to move the caravan if you have sold it and assumed the responsibility of moving it for the new owners.

When it comes to moving the caravan sideways, the need may arise if the caravan is parked in a small space and you feel that moving it sideways would significantly improve the space situation.

Alternatively, it may be parked on concrete, and you want to move it to the plot next to it or vice versa.

Whatever the reason for moving may be, it is important that you move the caravan safely so that it is intact for use in the coming seasons and you do not incur any losses in the process.

What to consider when moving my static caravan sideways

What to consider when moving my static caravan sideways

Moving a caravan is no easy feat, as suggested earlier. Unless you are well aware of all the aspects you must consider while moving the static caravan, there is a high possibility you may not be able to execute your plan successfully.

If you are not confident that you will be able to handle the job on your own, it is best to call in the professionals.

Fortunately, there are various commercial options that you can consider to realize your plan. Hiring specialists for the job would mean a higher cost, but if you do not have the right equipment or employ the right technique to shift the caravan, you may end up doing more harm than good.

If you are considering hiring professionals for the job, you may speak with a few companies to compare their quotes and decide accordingly.

Even then, it would be logical to consider whether moving the static caravan sideways is worth the trouble and the associated costs. If the answer is yes, by all means, go ahead.

How to move the static caravan sideways

If you plan to attempt the job on your own, you must have the right equipment and use the right technique. It would also be helpful to watch a few tutorials before you attempt to move the caravan.

One way you can move the caravan is to employ roller conveyors. These can accommodate a weight of up to 800kgs. You can purchase these rollers as sets with a steel frame that is sunk into the ground.

Alternatively, you can have a ramp for the rollers. To use the roller conveyors, you need to reverse or drive the caravan tyres onto some flat steel plates that will span three of the rollers.

You can also use wheel dolly skates. The wheel dolly can lift wheel weight up to 1500 lbs. It is a simple method used to move a static or disabled vehicle and helps in the effortless movement of wheels.

Another option is the manual power wheel which can fit into the customary jockey wheel clamps, and you can use the ratchet handle to move the caravan.

Can I move a caravan by hand?

Can I move a caravan by hand

If the caravan is small or medium-sized, it is possible for one or two people to push the caravan around with their hands. This may come in handy if you want to adjust the caravan’s position.

You can simply unhitch the caravan and push it slightly. However, this is only applicable for small or medium-sized lighter touring caravans.

How do I move a caravan in a tight space?

You can use a manual power wheel to move the caravan in a tight space easily. It is easy to use and install as it fits into the regular jockey clamps, and you can move the caravan via the ratchet handle.

It is a time-consuming task, but it comes in handy when moving the caravan in a tight space.

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