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How To Put A Draught Skirt On A Caravan

How To Put A Draught Skirt On A Caravan

If you’re looking to insulate your caravan from the cold weather and save on heating costs, a draught skirt is a great way to do it. Draught skirts are essentially fabric panels that fit around the bottom of your caravan and prevent cold air from coming in. Not only will this keep you warm, but it will also help to protect your caravan from moisture and weather damage.

There are a few different ways to put a draught skirt on a caravan. The easiest way is to buy one that’s already made for your model of caravan. If you can’t find one or want to make your own, you can create one using fabric and some basic sewing skills.

Draught skirts are usually made of heavy-duty material like canvas or nylon, so keep in mind that you’ll probably need to use a sewing machine if you want it to be long-lasting.

The first thing that you will need to do is measure the length and width of your caravan’s bottom. If you’re buying fabric, make sure to buy enough to cover the entire area. Once you have your fabric, you’ll need to fold it in half so that the two short ends meet. Sew a straight line down the middle of the folded fabric to create a long tube.

Next, take one end of the tube and fit it around the bottom of your caravan. Ensure that it’s nice and snug and that there are no gaps between the fabric and the caravan. Once it’s in place, use a few staples or pins to hold it in place.

Please do the same thing with the other end of the tube, making sure it’s evenly spaced from the first end. You can also use a few pieces of Velcro to keep it in place. Once the fabric is secured, you’re done!

A draught skirt is a great way to keep your caravan warm and protected from the elements. It’s easy to install and can be made out of any fabric. If you’re looking for an easy way to protect your home away from home, a draught skirt is a way to go.

What Is A Caravan Skirt?

What Is A Caravan Skirt?

A caravan skirt, also known as a draught skirt, is a piece of fabric or vinyl installed around the bottom of a caravan. Its purpose is to keep out the wind and weather and prevent drafts from entering the caravan. It’s an easy way to improve your caravan’s insulation and keep it warm and comfortable.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Skirt A Caravan?

There are six options to pick from; many of them are DIY mobile home skirting ideas if you want to save money.

Vinyl is a low-cost mobile home skirting that does the job but isn’t particularly attractive. Vinyl skirting, often known as trailer skirting, is also quite affordable. As a result, it’s quick and simple to replace, which is ideal because you’ll need to do it several times. Especially throughout your mobile home’s lifetime.

Plywood is a common DIY mobile home skirting material, albeit it is not a long-lasting option and tends to wick moisture. Brick or block are frequent options, but this isn’t a DIY mobile home skirting option unless you’re a talented mason.

This is a fantastic method, as long as the mason executes their job correctly.

As an alternative, you can use straw or hay bales as skirting. In terms of appearance, Fake Panels is a fantastic, low-cost mobile home skirting. Concrete skirting, which is naturally fire-resistant, is one established practice.

How Do I Skirt My Caravan?

The most common way to skirt a caravan is to use panels specifically made for the shape and size of your caravan. You can buy these panels at any hardware store, or you can have them custom-made. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can also make your skirts using heavy-duty fabric.

What Is The Best Material For A Caravan Skirt?

The best material for a caravan skirt is nylon or canvas. However, if you want to save money, you can use anything heavy enough to block the wind. This could include the tarp, plywood, or even extra shards of shingles on your roof.

How High Should My Caravan Skirt Be?

There is no set height for a caravan skirt, but it’s usually recommended that they be at least as high as the bottom of your door. This will ensure that no cold air comes in and causes your heater to work harder than necessary.

Does Mobile Home Skirting Need To Be Vented?

Does Mobile Home Skirting Need To Be Vented?

It certainly does. A manufactured home’s crawl area has to be ventilated just as much as a site-built home, and a lack of ventilation creates comparable issues in both: wood rot in the floor structure, warped floorboards, and mold growth.

How Many Vents Should A Skirting For A Caravan Have?

The base and plumbing of mobile homes are protected by skirting from the impacts of weather, sun, and animals. Properly air the space enclosed by the skirting to avoid moisture buildup that can lead to mildew and mold under the house.

To promote cross-ventilation, place non-closing louvered vents near all four corners of the house. Install at least one vent for every 150 square feet of caravan floor area, for a total of at least eight vents.


If you’re looking for an easy way to protect your caravan against the cold and wind, a draught skirt is a way to go. Draught skirts are easy to install, and they can be made out of any fabric.

All you need is some heavy-duty material, a sewing machine (if you want it to be long-lasting), and a few staples or pins.

Now that you know how to put a draught skirt on your caravan, you can keep your home away from home warm and protected all winter long. It’s an easy way to improve your caravan’s insulation and keep it warm and comfortable.

Plus, it’s a great way to save money on your energy bill. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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