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How To Replace A Caravan Boiler

How To Replace A Caravan Boiler – Your Easy To Follow Guide

There was a time when you could enjoy caravanning in springs and summers only. Over time, caravans became more luxurious, and caravanning became a four-season adventure. The presence of boilers played a vital role in making this possible.

Today, you can enjoy a hot shower inside the caravan, even in the freezing winters. It is all due to the boilers. But there is one condition, and that is your boiler should be working properly. Although these boilers are made to last long, in the end, they are machines that can malfunction anytime.

Your old boiler is not effective anymore? Want to know how to replace a caravan boiler? Stay with us till the end to find the simplest way to replace a caravan boiler.

Follow these steps for the best results:

Buying A New Caravan Boiler

You might be unaware, but many new options have been introduced since you have bought your beloved caravan. You don’t need to replace your old boiler with a similar one. You should be open to change as it can be very beneficial for you in many cases.

Before you choose your new boiler, have a look at these different types of boilers you can buy to ensure you’re really getting the best option for your situation and circumstances:

Electric Boilers For Caravans

There was a time when you could buy gas boilers. With the evolution of technology, other options like electric boilers and hybrid boilers have also emerged. These options are more compact and offer more effective than their predecessors.

In the case of gas boilers, you have to wait at least half an hour for the water to get hot enough to take a bath. Electric boilers reduced this waiting time to half. If you install an electric boiler in a caravan, you will get hot water in just 15 minutes.

Moreover, getting a gas connection from the main for just a boiler is also a daunting task. It involves a lot of paperwork and also takes a considerable amount of time. If you are thinking about getting LPG, then prepare yourself for carrying extra weight. In addition, the space in your caravan will also be compromised due to LPG cylinders.

Last but not least, an electric boiler will save you money in the long run. Running a gas boiler will cost you money in several ways. Gas cylinders require periodic maintenance, and if you do the math, gas costs more than electricity. Here we are talking about LPG cylinder gas and not about the connection from the main.

Connection from the main could be more economical depending upon your area.

Buying A New Caravan Boiler

Gas Boilers For Caravans

The second type of boilers that you can buy is the gas boilers. You will witness these traditional boilers in most of the old caravans. They can run on both, LPG or from the main connection. If you have a touring caravan, then you will have to rely on the LPG cylinders only.

Moreover, you will have to stop repeatedly in order to refill LPG gas. Sometimes, you will even have to go out of your way to top up these tanks. Due to the presence of these cylinders, you will also compromise your security.

On top of that, gas boilers take more time to heat the water than electric boilers. They are sufficient if you are two people but not a suitable option for people more than that. The cost factor is also there.

In most cases, electric boilers are more economical than gas boilers.

Hybrid Boilers For Caravans

The most advanced types of boilers are hybrid boilers. As the name states, these boilers are a mix of gas and electricity. Although these boilers are relatively costly than both electric and gas boilers, they are worth it.

Hybrid boilers are more effective and more practical than all the other options available on the market. They use both gas and electricity to heat the water. This significantly reduces the overall time required for heating the water.

Besides that, if you are short on one source, you won’t have to miss a good warm shower. You will have to wait a little longer, but it is better than staying untidy.

How To Replace A Caravan Boiler – Replacing Your Caravan Boiler

Once you have chosen the boiler that suits your requirements and budget, then the next step is installing it. For this, you will have to remove your previous boiler. Follow these steps for the best results:

Removing Your Old Caravan Boiler

Removing your old boiler is not rocket science, but still, we suggest that you should seek some professional assistance. Here are the steps involved:
• Shut off the main supply, whether it is a gas supply or electric.

• Close the connection between the boiler and the water supply for both sides.
• Start by loosening the nuts that hold the boiler.
• You must have the required toolset for this.
• Unscrew every nut, bolt, and screw that attaches the boiler to the body of the caravan.

Although all of these steps seem simple, they require experience and constant focus. If you have not done any mechanical DIY projects in the past, hiring a professional is better.

Installing A New Caravan Boiler

Before starting, read the manual that comes with your boiler first. Here are some general steps that are involved in installing a new boiler:

• Take the measurements of the new boiler.
• Mark spots on the caravan’s body according to the boiler for the screws.
• Place screw holders that the boiler can fit properly.
• Seat the boiler according to the markings.
• Fix the body using screws.
• Connect it with the water supply.
• Connect with the electricity or the gas.

Disclaimer: Installing procedure can differ as it depends upon the model of the boiler, and you should almost always using a qualified installer. Generally, these are the steps involved in the installation of a caravan boiler and are provided simply as a guide only.

Installing A New Caravan Boiler


Nothing is more relaxing than a hot shower in your caravan after a day full of outdoor activities. Your boiler must be working properly if you want this luxury. With time, boilers lose their effectiveness and even stop working in some cases.

Sometimes there is no other option left except replacing your caravan boiler. To do this, you must start by finding the ideal boiler for you. Once you have found your dream boiler, remove the old one.

For this, you can seek professional assistance for the best results. After removing the old boiler, follow the simple steps mentioned above carefully. By following these steps, you can easily replace a caravan boiler within a day.

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