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How To Sell A Caravan Fast

How To Sell A Caravan Fast

When you purchase a caravan, the process is often hectic. From finding the dealer to choosing the suitable model, things can test your patience. You won’t want to go through the same things again while selling your caravan. The best way to avoid all that is to know how to sell a caravan fast?

To sell your caravan fast, you first must know the value of your caravan. Find dealers who can be caravan owners, local or online dealers. Then get the price and mention yours to finalize the deal. The choice of dealer depends upon your personal preferences; choose the one that’s easiest for you.

To begin selling your caravan fast, let’s first understand how to know the worth of your caravan.

How To Find The Value Of Your Caravan

You can’t deny that caravans are expensive, but do you know they lose value with time? The value of your caravan starts decreasing since the day you purchase it. So, you can expect to get the same amount while selling the caravan that you spent purchasing it.

But you obviously didn’t purchase your caravan to earn a profit. Till the time you plan to sell your caravan, you already have spent several vacations in it. All those worth-remembering holidays will cost a decrease in the price of your caravan. So, you have to take them into account, too, before knowing the worth of your caravan.

To find the value of your caravan, the best thing to do is go to a caravan dealer or manufacturer. Most caravan dealers use a caravan buyers glass guide that gives you a basic estimate of your caravan’s price.

The basic price quote is given based on the condition of your caravan and the information you provide. After the basic price, the dealer will connect you with the buyers who will quote their budget. From that, you can choose the closest one to the price you paid for your caravan.

While asking for the worth of your caravan, make sure to confirm that the dealer doesn’t charge additional fees from your caravan’s final price.

How To Find The Value Of Your Caravan

Where To Sell My Caravan Fast

Fortunately, you have a lot of options to sell your caravan. So, if one option doesn’t respond fast, you can choose the other. Here are some ways you can sell your caravan fast:

Sell Your Caravan To A Caravan Park

If you want to sell a static caravan, the first buyer should be the caravan park itself. Talk with the caravan park owner if he wants to purchase the static caravan again. But in this case, there are chances that you’ll sell your caravan at a low price. This is because the caravan parks try to make a profit out of a sale or purchase.

In case of a touring caravan, too, you can ask the caravan park for the price they are willing to pay for your caravan.

Sell Your Caravan To A Local Dealer

Local dealers can offer variable prices for your caravan. So, before you sell your caravan, make sure you meet a few dealers and get a price quote. Compare the prices and see which one is the most suitable to finalize the sale.

Sell Your Caravan To An Online Buyer

Online buyers may seem unreliable, but they are an excellent and quick way to sell your caravan fast. All you have to do is provide the details of your caravan, and the online dealers will connect with you with the best deals.

You can easily compare prices from the comfort of your home and confirm the sale. The payment is secure and timely. Thus, selling your caravan online is a quick and hassle-free way of selling your caravan fast.

A word of warning when selling online, ensure your buyer is well aware of the caravan weight, size, etc. You don’t want them turning up in a Nissan Micra expecting to tow away your Elddis Buccaneer.

Likewise it’s advisable to ensure that your buyer is in the same country, particularly if you’re selling a static caravan. Moving or especially exporting a static caravan can be quite a hassle.

Tips For Selling Your Caravan Fast

These tips for selling your caravan can help you get a good price for your caravan:

1. Sell at a peak time
During peak time, the demand for caravans is high. If you sell your caravan in this duration, there are high chances of selling it near the purchasing price. The peak time for selling the caravans is mostly between January to April.

2. Start with a fair price
Don’t start the selling process with a high price tag. Keep the price low and be ready to negotiate. You can also have an idea of the prices by seeing the price of similar models from their selling ads.

3. Include critical details in your ad
There are many crucial things that you should add to your caravan selling ad. Your ad should include detailed information about your caravan, including the model, manufacturing year, etc. In addition to these, buyers ask many questions while finalizing the deal. So, be prepared to satisfy the buyers with accurate answers. Some of the technical questions that buyers can ask include:

• How often has the caravan been used?
• Is it a family van or for a couple?
• How well has it been looked after?
• Where has it been placed?
• What was used to tow the caravan?
• A detail about the service and history.
• Total kilometers travelled by the caravan.

4. Include good pictures of your caravan
Photographs enhance interest that can help you sell your caravan fast. However, make sure you take good resolution pictures with great lighting and open doors. These will make your caravan look spacious and attract more buyers.

Tips For Selling Your Caravan Fast


Selling and purchasing a caravan can be challenging, especially when you’re in a hurry. If you sell your caravan quickly, there are chances that you’ll have to suffer a loss. Therefore, you need to look at all factors while finding a quick way to sell your caravan.

Before selling your caravan, first know the value of your caravan and have a price estimate from a caravan dealer. Then, for selling the caravan, you can contact the caravan park, local or online dealers. In the last few years, the online process is becoming popular as it is quick and hassle-free.

To sell your caravan at a good price, try to sell it at a peak time and add enough details in your caravan selling ad with a high-resolution picture.

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