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How To Sleep Better In A Caravan

How To Sleep Better In A Caravan

If you’re struggling with finding ways for sleeping better in a static or touring caravan, then continue reading to get your peaceful sleep back.

Ways To Sleep Better In A Static Caravan

A static caravan is much like a home for sleeping if you do things the right way. It’s not like touring a caravan, where you have to be worried about the bumps or jolts and so many other things too. Here are some things that you should consider if you don’t want to compromise on your sleep in a static caravan:

Caravan Home Comforts

The first and foremost thing you should look for better sleep in your static caravan is to create a home-like peace. For this, treat your static caravan’s bedroom like the one in your home. Decorate it the way you’ve done at home or in a way that is pleasing and peaceful for you (and yes this includes all your favourite holidays like Christmas too!). It could include choosing your favorite color scheme or having some flowers or other things that bring you peace.

You can also bring your home comforters in your static caravan. As you’re used to them, you can also cherish the home support and comfort with them in your static caravan. At home, if your room has some air freshers or scents, you can bring them too. All these things will help you create a home-like environment for better sleep in your static caravan.

Caravan Mattress Toppers

Caravan Mattress Toppers

As per many surveys, mattress toppers work as a useful sleep-enhancing accessory by improving your comfort while sleeping. They are especially beneficial for better sleep if you had a long day at the camping site and every joint of your body is aching with the pain while sleeping.

You can quickly get a customized mattress topper for your static caravan with your preferred foam filling. Many mattress toppers also have cooling properties.

Moreover, you get pillows, eye masks, and earplugs, which stop the light or noise from disturbing your sleep. So, if your static caravan is in a noisy park or campsite, don’t forget to buy mattress toppers and other accessories before moving.

Keep Your Caravan Bedroom Dark & Cool

A light and warm bedroom won’t let you have a peaceful sleep, so you must get rid of these. To keep your static caravan’s bedroom cooler than the other areas of your caravan, try to keep the curtains down. The darker you’ll make it, the cooler it will get. Particularly on the hot summer days, avoid opening the windows. However, keep the door open, with curtains closed, for airflow.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Your hydration levels also play a significant role in determining how you sleep. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime, and it would be best to keep a glass of water near you while sleeping. Try to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day while living in a static caravan.

Shower Before Bed

In both the summer and winter months, a shower can help you relax and thus sleep better in a static caravan. In colder months, a warm shower or bath before bedtime allows you to sleep soundly.

In summer, warm weather disturbs your sleep. So, a cold shower or soaking your feet in cold water for some time before sleeping can help a lot. It’ll lower your body temperature, and you can thus have a good sleep in a static caravan.

Ways To Sleep Better In A Touring Caravan

Things you’ll have to do to sleep better in a touring caravan are different from those you read for a static caravan. In addition to those mentioned above, here is what you should consider while residing in a touring caravan for a sound sleep.

Ways To Sleep Better In A Touring Caravan

Level Your Caravan

When you’re staying in a touring caravan, you’re not going to stick to a place. You’re continuously roaming, and thus for a night stay for sleeping, you’ll have a different pitch every time. If the pitch is soggy, the caravan will gradually start to bow down. This will affect your sleep before affecting other things in your caravan. Therefore, you must check from time to time that your caravan is correctly levelled up.

Moreover, avoid a pitch that faces the east. The hot rays of the rising sun will fall on your caravan and create an unpleasantly hot environment while sleeping.

In the case of a static caravan too, levelling up is essential, but this was mostly likely done when your caravan was sited on your chosen caravan site or park.

Tinted Caravan Bedroom Windows

Certainly more for touring caravans or motorhome compared to static caravans but tinted windows can help to keep out the light and heat from your bedroom.


We all know that when we sleep better, we wake up delighted. The feeling of contentment and joy lets you enjoy your caravanning with positive energy that you otherwise won’t have. So, if you love caravanning and your sleep too, then don’t be afraid that you’ll have to compromise on one thing.

You can sleep better while caravanning by creating a home-like environment in your static or touring caravan. To keep your caravan cool, keep the curtains closed. Moreover, wear earplugs if your campsite is noisy and eye masks to avoid light.

Have a proper sleep and wake cycle, so you don’t have to struggle for sleep during the day. Spend the day exploring your trip destination and sleep at night for a sound sleep. Also, make sure that your caravan is always levelled up, as this may disturb your sleep.

With these efforts, you can ensure a better sleep in a static or touring caravan.

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