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How to tour Asia with a caravan

How To Tour Asia With A Caravan

Asia is a popular tourist choice when exploring a variety of cultures, traditions, and food. But you’ll need to plan your trip ahead of time, especially if you want to tour Asia in a caravan. Touring in a caravan is not as easy as booking tickets and hotels, and you’re ready to enjoy an incredible time in a diverse continent. For your trip in a caravan requires a lot of planning. So, you must know how to tour Asia in a caravan?

The process begins with knowing what caravan to use. If you own a caravan, that’s superb. But if you don’t, you can rent a caravan from the local companies at your destination in Asia. Keep yourself aware of the local conditions and the legal requirements. Thorough research before leaving for Asia is a must to avoid any problems on the way and during your stay.

To help you enjoy a relaxing vacation, here we have covered all that you should know to tour Asia in a caravan.

How To Plan A Caravan Or Motorhome Tour In Asia

How To Plan A Caravan Or Motorhome Tour In Asia

To plan your trip to Asia, here are some things that you should do:

Research Your Asia Tour

Whatever place you want to visit, your trip planning should always be based on detailed research. For this, you can get help from travel blogs, guidebooks, YouTube Vlogs, etc. This will help you know about the place and the possible problems you might face at a new place.

You can also connect with some locals, if possible. Ask them if there are some legal requirements or other travel constraints. An informed tour is better than an unplanned one because you’ll miss out on many things in the latter.

Plan Your Asian Road Trip Route

It’s essential to decide the route for your caravan in advance. If it’s your first caravan trip, it’s better to choose a short route. Moreover, you must confirm before leaving if the roads are wide and smooth enough for a caravan. Knowing this beforehand allows you to enjoy a hassle-free caravan tour to Asia.

Check Your Caravan

Once you have a rough idea of your journey, you can book your caravan. If you have your own caravan, it’s essential to get it serviced. Check the facilities that you’ll need on the way. Confirm the number of people for the tour so that you can choose the size of the caravan accordingly. In addition to this, check facilities like equipped kitchen, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, etc.

Plan Your Asian Road Trip Timing

Before leaving for Asia, check the weather conditions in the coming days. Ask the experts or locals if there is a risk of a volcano eruption, floods, earthquakes, etc. It’s better to stay informed than be sorry.

Make Reservations In Advance

In Asia, whatever country you visit, there will be some hot spots. Those popular places will have a lot of visitors, so if you don’t want to miss them, make reservations in advance. This is especially important if you’re visiting in peak season when those places have a lot of tourist visits.

Carry Your Necessities

To enjoy your trip thoroughly, you shouldn’t forget to carry your necessities with you. When planning a tour to Asia in the caravan, you can carry the maximum luggage without worrying about excess baggage charges. The most crucial thing is to fill your kitchen with food items, frozen or ready to eat.

Immigration documents and any relevant visa permissions are also essential at all times for every country you may enter.

Moreover, you should carry your toiletries and bedding items. In a caravan on long routes, water shortage is possible. Therefore, you must carry an extra water tank. Apart from these necessities, you should keep some things for entertainment too. Your favorite video games, books, etc., will keep you entertained during your journey.

Be Flexible

Planned trips are always recommended, but your schedule must have some flexibility. You should leave some space for changes as some unexpected things can happen. For example, you may fall in love with a place and would want to extend your stay at that place.

You can meet some fun people during your trip, and you like their plans more than yours. You can get a chance to attend a traditional ceremony at a place that you wouldn’t want to miss. Asia has a lot to offer, and you’ll be happy if you stay a little longer than your planned trip.

How To Rent A Motorhome Or Caravan In Asia

How To Rent A Motorhome Or Caravan In Asia

If you don’t own a caravan, don’t worry because many companies in Asia will allow you to book one. You can choose any caravan based on your needs. You can book your caravan by contacting local as well as online dealers. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while booking a caravan in Asia:

The rates of the caravans can vary depending upon the facilities you choose.

Most of the caravan renting companies deal with the state permissions too. So, you don’t have to worry about the permissions and other legal requirements.

If you want the caravan companies to manage your stay, you can choose the packages they offer.
If you’re thinking of starting in Thailand, here’s our Thailand motorhome rental guide.

Most companies insist on taking their own company drivers if you don’t have a heavy vehicle license.


Touring on a caravan is fun. But it also has a lot of responsibilities, as you have to plan your whole tour yourself. Things can get tricky if you want to tour Asia in a caravan. So, you might want to know how to tour Asia in a caravan?

Your Asia tour in a caravan isn’t as challenging as it seems. It all starts with planning things ahead of time. It includes a lot of research about the place, the route you’ll choose, making reservations, etc.

Before you leave, you must ensure that your caravan is serviced. Don’t forget to keep your necessities in your caravan. Keep your stay flexible, so you can make changes anytime if required.

If you don’t have a caravan, there are a lot of local and online dealers who can make it easy for you. All you have to do is tell them your schedule to get your caravan at your place.

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