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What Caravan Clubs Should I Join?

What Caravan Clubs Should I Join?

Are you new to caravanning or somewhere in between? In either case, caravan clubs can help you a lot in your caravan adventures.

When you decide to join a caravan club, there are many things that you need to consider beforehand. These include finding the best clubs in your area, their activities, members, and monthly or yearly cost.

If you haven’t joined a caravan club yet, it might be because you don’t have enough reasons or information about them. Whatever your reason for not joining, you’re surely missing a lot of fun in your caravanning.

To help you in this regard, you’ll find the best caravan clubs, including the most common queries that pop up in everyone’s mind in this post.

Why Should I Join Caravan Clubs?

Each caravan club is different and offers different perks. So, we can’t generalize all the benefits in a single list. But here is a list of some of the things that you can expect by joining a caravan club:

• Expert advice on maintenance, buying and other matters
• Social interaction with like-minded people
• Become a part of a strong community
• Get discounts from supporting leaders
• Discounts from supporting insurance companies
• Access to sites limited to “members only”
• Preferential pricing and access at specific sites
• Print material such as site guides, magazines and more
• Access to join local centres
• Invitation to “member only” rallies

But, remember, as stated before that these are only a few benefits. There may be a lot depending upon the caravan club you choose. So, excited to join a caravan club? But do you know which ones you should join? Not sure? Then continue reading.

Why Should I Join Caravan Clubs? 

Which Are The Best Clubs To Join For Caravanning?

If you want to get the most out of caravanning, then make sure that you choose the best caravan club to maximum adventure and convenience. Here is a brief list of the best caravan clubs you can join:

The Caravan Club

The Caravan Club is 105 years old and is considered the oldest and largest caravan club in UK and Europe too. The club offers many benefits, discounts and offers for only members.

While being a member of the Caravan, you get access to more than 200+ sites with a reduced pitch fee. You get to visit about 900 attractions around Europe with a lot of discounts and insurance plans.

Moreover, you get a professional’s advice throughout your caravanning trip. So, if you’re not sure how to manage your caravan trip, then The Caravan Club can be a go-to option.

Camping And Caravanning Club

If you want to be part of an informal and friendly caravan club, then Camping and Caravanning Club is a great choice. It is self-titled as a “friendly club” and is the second-largest club for caravanners.

If you’re wondering about that famous proverb “Old is Gold”, then don’t worry while choosing Camping and Caravanning Club. It’s about 100 years old and offers the same benefits, offers and discounts as The Caravan Club.

In addition to all the perks, it also allows you to search sites and online booking services.

The Auto Camping Club

Looking for an economical caravan club without compromising on anything? Then don’t wait and join The Auto Camping Club. With just a $32 yearly cost, you get all the benefits that other caravan clubs offer.

You interact with a friendly community in social gatherings, rallies, and parties. All the members collaborate to find out budget-friendly pitches for your next caravan trip.

Moreover, you get insurance and discounted equipment if you become a part of The Auto Camping Club.

The Coast And Countryside Camping Club

If you don’t want to join a caravan club with a huge community, then you can join The Coast and Countryside Camping Club. Established in 2005, it has only 100 members. These include campers, touring caravanners, motor-homers, and trailer tenters.

The members are basically those who love to explore the green field around the south coast area of Britain.

The Historic Caravan Club

This club was established in 1993 and aimed to revitalize the charm of vintage caravanning. It’s a platform to bring together the owners of the vintage, classic, and historic caravans by different rallies and get-togethers.

How Much Does It Cost To Join A Caravan Club? 

How Much Does It Cost To Join A Caravan Club?

The cost that you’ll have to pay for each caravan club is different. It depends upon a lot of factors, including the facilities these clubs offer. It also depends upon the type of membership. There are two types of membership plans you can avail of:

• Digital membership
• Physical membership

Generally, physical membership costs more than digital membership. For example, if you join The Camping and Caravanning Club through digital membership, you’ll have to pay £56 per year. But, if you opt for physical membership, you’ll have to spend £67 per year.

Members who pay more for a physical membership say that there many benefits of physical membership over a digital one. Based on your personal preferences, you can either choose digital or physical membership.


Caravanning itself is an escape from the hectic life schedules. With awesome sites, you can easily forget the things you’re struggling with in life. The charm can be doubled if you join a caravan club.

From making things a lot easier for you to making your trip memorable, there are many benefits of joining a caravan club. Once you’ve decided you want to join a caravan club, the next question comes which caravan club you should join?

Well, it depends upon many factors, but the most important are membership costs, sites offered, activities, and the members. All these things should be considered beforehand, and you can get help from different forums to find the best club in your region.

In this post, some of the best caravan clubs are listed that you can join based on your interests. All of these have some common benefits, and some are unique.

When it comes to costs, you can’t implement a fixed budget for all. These clubs are different, so are their annual rates. But anyone that you’ll choose will not cost you much as you also get many discounts and an insurance plan to cover your trip costs.

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