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What Is A Micro Camper?

What Is A Micro Camper? All Your Important Questions Answered

Who says you need to pay huge bills to make yourself happy?

Particularly, if you love caravanning and can’t afford a caravan, then a micro camper, a tiny vehicle, is a great replacement for expensive caravans.

But before you purchase a micro camper, you must fully understand what a micro camper is.

In this thread, you’ll an answer for this and all other things that you’ll be curious to know about micro campers.

What Is A Micro Camper?

A micro camper refers to a small camper trailer that is small in size and weighs less than most caravans and motorhomes.

Most of the micro campers weigh less than 1000 pounds so that even smaller vehicles can tow them.

Unlike the different types of RV, like Class A, Class B, Class C, etc., micro campers don’t have this kind of differentiation.

Instead, you get different types of micro camper vehicles.

Some micro campers are also converted small cars or vans – these don’t even need hooking up or towing.

Just jump in, drive and set up camp wherever your heart desires!

Who Can Use Micro Campers? 

Who Can Use Micro Campers?

Micro campers are perfect for people who can sacrifice big spaces and luxuries for affordability, navigability, and adventure.

If you’re one of these, you’ll surely enjoy having a trip in a micro camper.

Some of the types of people that can use micro campers are:

Solo Travelling In A Micro Camper

If you’re a person who loves to plan random trips alone, then a micro camper is a perfect recreational vehicle for you.

If you prefer scaling mountains over delicious Sunday brunch, then you don’t need to buy an expensive caravan or motorhome for this.

A micro camper will be a great accommodation without costing you much.

Micro Campers For Couples

Space is often an issue that caravanners mention in the case of a micro camper. But if you’re travelling with your partner, who needs more space.

Micro campers are excellent for couples who plan exciting and romantic trips to connect better.

Micro Camper Tent Upgrade

If you’re a traveller who usually camps in a tent, a micro camper is a significant upgrade.

A micro camper is a great way to uplift your vacation game in terms of safety and convenience.

Micro Camper For Digital Nomad

You can use a micro camper if you’re a digital nomad who is always on the road, working and exploring amazing places.

The lightweight vehicle is easy to tow and will be convenient if you’re staying in a crowded city.

Low Budget Micro Campers

Micro campers are a great money-saving deal not only because they are cheap.

They also need less fuel than big RVs or motorhomes, and you don’t have to pay the campsite accommodation fee as well.

So, if you’re a money saver, a micro camper is a must for you.

What Are Some Of The Best Micro Campers?

Once you’ve made your mind up that you want to purchase a micro camper, you should buy the best one.

They are more economical than the expensive RVs or motorhomes, so you shouldn’t settle for less than the best.

While looking for the best micro camper, you can have:

1. Pre-built Micro Camper
2. DIY Micro Camper

What Are Some Of The Best Micro Campers? 

Best Pre-built Micro Campers

1. Forest River Rockwood Geo-Pro 12RK
2. Taxa Cricket Camper
3. Happier Camper HC1
4. Taxa Tigermoth Camper
5. Hiker Trailer Highway
6. Sylvan Sport GO
7. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 12RK
8. Polydrop Trailer

Best DIY Micro Campers

1. Dustin and Kim’s $800 Micro Camper
2. A DIY Far-Out Ride
3. Converted car or small van such as a Citroen Berlingo or Renault Kangoo

Are Micro Campers Good For Short Trips?

Yes, micro campers are excellent for short trips. When you’re just staying at a place for a short time, then you don’t have much time to waste.

On your short trips, you’re less likely to spend time watching TV or sitting in your RV.

Micro campers being lightweight, can be towed easily to the campsite. They will cover all your needs without any extra costs and luggage.

Can You Tow A Micro Camper With A Car?

Yes, you can tow a micro camper with a car. In fact, it’s one of the most attractive things about owning a micro camper.

You won’t need a large truck to tow a micro camper to your trip destination.

But you should remember that all micro campers and cars are not the same.

Most micro campers are less than 1000 pounds, but some exceptions can weigh up to 1500+.

So, it’s recommended to check your car’s towing capacity beforehand to avoid any terrible consequences.

Are Micro Campers Affordable?

Yes, of course, micro campers are affordable. It’s a major advantage you have in the case of a micro camper over the large RVs and motorhomes.

You can spend even tens of thousands of dollars or can find one less than $1000. In either case, you’ll be saving a lot than buying an RV or motorhome.

Why Are Micro Campers So Popular?

Micro campers are so popular because they are great recreational vehicles. They are flexible, affordable, and easy to tow.

These things are not possible in the case of RVs or caravans. They need more money and then time and effort to maintain and two to different places.

Can You Rent A Micro Camper?

Yes, you can rent a micro camper. Unlike motorhomes, you’re not bounded to choose Class A and Class C motorhomes.

You can select any size, footprint, or shape for rent. They are cheaper than caravans or motorhomes and easier to finance.


A little change that can uplift both your mood and savings isn’t a bad idea.

Micro campers are tiny recreational vehicles that can serve as a great replacement for expensive RVs or motorhomes.

No matter, you’re a solo traveller, a couple on a romantic trip date, remote nomad, or a money saver, a micro camper is an ideal fit for you all.

You can choose pre-built or DIY micro campers based on your preferences.

If you’re planning short trips, especially, a micro camper will be a perfect choice.

They are lightweight and are easy to tow, even with a car. You can save money by this too, as you don’t have to pay for a heavy truck for towing your micro camper.

You can either purchase them if they fit in your budget, or you have the option to rent them.

In both cases, you’re going to have the most convenient, budget-friendly, and memorable trip.

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