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What To Pack For A Touring Caravan Holiday

What To Pack For A Touring Caravan Holiday

There seem to be a million things to do and pack before embarking on a caravan road trip adventure. Depending on how late you’ve left it, packing everything from the tongs to the toothbrush can take days.

Reduce stress by getting organized ahead of time and creating a packing list that you can cross off as you go. Anything you can do ahead of time will make the work easier and allow you to be on the road sooner. Only take what you need because your caravan is a small living space.

Consider whether there is a smaller, lighter version of something before packing it. Leave what you can in the caravan and keep a list of things to keep in the caravan, so you know what’s there each trip to save time. After you’ve finished packing, double-check that every drawer and cupboard door is secured to prevent the contents from flying out while you’re on the road.

Touring Caravan Holiday

Bedding – fitted sheets and a duvet, or sleeping bags, depending on the arrangement of the caravan you’ve purchased.
Check the fire alarm and, if necessary, replace the battery.
Fire blanket/fire extinguisher
Dishwashing detergent, plug, sponges, and tea towels must be available.
Wipes for the grill, vehicle or canvas cleaners, a large sponge, and an old towel
Soap, wipes, hand sanitizer, hand towel, and tissues are all available.
Brush/pan set or mini vacuum
Mats for the caravan’s interior and exterior
Storage container for shoes
If you want to prepare meals outside the van, a little table is available.
Chairs that can be folded
Bin liners and small bins
Shopping and clothing-carrying bags
Air fryer
Pegs and washing powder, as well as a large bag with soiled clothing and a clothesline
Playing cards, board games, books, and pens
Equipment for sports
Fishing equipment
Umbrellas, rain gear, sun protection, and headgear
Chargers for whatever devices you bring with you
Firelighters, torches
Kettle and toaster
Towels and toiletries
On a powered site, you’ll need extension cords for your vehicle fridge and your caravan.
Tongs, an egg flipper, a potato peeler, and chopping boards are among the kitchen implements.

Touring Caravan First Aid Kit

5cm, 10cm, and 15cm crepe bandages (minimum of 2x each)
Bandage for snakebite with a compression indication
Face shield
Trauma shears
Sterile water

Touring Caravan Medical Kit

Antihistamines (kids & adults)
Anti-fungal cream or powder
Bandaids (different shapes and sizes)
Crepe bandages
Burn cream
Cling wrap
Instant cold and heat packs
Lozenges (Anitcol & Soothers)
Micropore tape
Pain relief medications (kids & adults)
Notebook and Pen
Opsite wound dressing
Rigid strapping tape
SAM splint
Thermal blanket
Triangular bandages
Splinter probes
Sunburn cream

Touring Caravan Tools Checklist

Touring Caravan Tools Checklist

Electrical tape
Spare fan belt and radiator hoses
Tyre pressure gauge
Puncture repair kit
Socket set
Spanner set
Hammer and rubber mallet
Mini spirit level
Stanley knife
Tie cables

Touring Caravan Pre-Departure Checklist

Did you know that around 25 people die each year in caravan accidents? It is important to ensure your caravan is prepped and ready for the road ahead with numbers like these. Here are important things you should do before taking off on your next holiday using a caravan:

1) Check your tire pressure. You can never be too careful when it comes to your caravan’s tires. It is important to ensure the tire pressure is right for road safety, especially if you are traveling long distances.

The recommended tire pressure level can be found inside the caravan’s doorframe or in its manual. If you notice any cracks or bulges in the sidewalls of any of your tires, or you find nails, stones, or debris in them, get the tire repaired immediately.

2) Check all fluids. Your car should have clean oil, clean coolant, and the right levels of brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid to run safely.

3) Check your brakes. It’s important to check your caravan’s brakes before every trip. Ensure the brake pads, brake linings, drums, discs, and cables are in good condition and that the brakes are working properly.

4) Check your lights. Make sure all of your caravan’s lights are functional and working. This includes headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights.

5) Check your hitch system. If you are using a tow bar or dolly to tow your caravan behind your car, it is important to make sure the hitch system is in good condition and properly adjusted.

6) Check your suspension springs and chassis mounts; caravan suspension springs and chassis mounts must be in good condition. If not, have them repaired before you hit the road.

7) Check your wheel bearings that are not properly lubed can lead to a catastrophic failure while on the road. Make sure to check the bearings on all of your caravan’s wheels and have them serviced, if necessary.

9) Check your gas and electric systems. Ensure your gas and electric systems are in good working order before you leave. This includes checking the propane tanks, verifying the electrical outlets are working, testing the lights, and checking the water pump.

Touring Caravan Pre-Departure Checklist


When packing for a caravan holiday, it is important to pack smart. Make a list of things to pack in your caravan’s storage areas. You never know when you might need some extra supplies while on the road.

Some items you may want to consider packing include an emergency first aid kit, non-emergency first aid kit, tools checklist, food and drinks, clothes and bedding, and some entertainment items for the kids.

Anyone who often takes road vacations vows that the next time will be different; they will be more organized. Having lists for what to carry in the caravan and car might help you save time thinking about and doing activities.

Use these checklists as a pre-travel checklist for your caravan and add your stuff the next time you go away. You never know; you might even leave early, more relaxed, before the vacation begins.

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