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Which Caravan Is Best To Buy?

Which Caravan Is Best To Buy?

Camping and caravanning are all about a love of the great outdoors, as well as the freedom that touring provides as you pitch up in beautiful settings and explore the greatest caravan sites across the country. If you buy a tourer that isn’t right for you, your enjoyment can quickly turn sour, and it can be a costly error if you have to sell in and change caravans too soon.

With so many new touring caravans on the market in the UK, determining which is the ideal caravan for both you and your family can be difficult, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. This is also true if you’re a seasoned caravanner looking to upgrade or reduce. So, where do you begin?

Consider how often you’ll use your caravan, where you’ll take it, and how many people will use it – both frequently and infrequently; whether you’re a family tourer with toddlers or teenagers about to leave home, empty nesters or a young couple looking for a child-free zone (or appreciating the infrequent company of grandchildren), or a solo adventurer.

Then make a list of must-haves and would-likes — they’re not the same thing. If you’ve previously owned a caravan, what didn’t you enjoy about it that you’d like to fix this time? What aspects of your tourer would make it the greatest caravan for you?

Keeping this in mind, each caravan has been thoroughly investigated, with the pricing, build quality, layout, specifications, and features all taken into account. The following caravans made our shortlist of the finest caravans to buy in 2022:

Adria Adora Tiber

Adria Adora Tiber is the newest Adria model with a compact layout. Adria Adora Tiber is quite spacious and can accommodate up to 6 people in its 3 double beds. This model also has a fully fitted kitchen with appliances to make your cooking easier, wardrobe, storage spaces, and seating converted into an extra bed for an overnight stay.

It also has a bathroom with a shower cubicle, hot/cold water mixer tap, washbasin and WC. Adria Adora Tiber has a front and rear pop-up roof. This caravan is a great addition to the list of top caravans because of the beautiful interior and ample room throughout.

Bailey Pegasus Grande SE Ancona

When looking for the best caravan for a family vacation, choose a model that you know will have enough space for everyone to relax. This five-berth comes with a slew of innovative features. The ‘Light Oak’ furniture finish and the Italian design overhead curving lockers contribute to the beautiful interior.

The 8-foot wide tourer also includes a generous parallel-front lounge; at night, you may convert the lounge into two single beds or a double bed, depending on your preferences. A stylish interior will make road trips even more enjoyable, allowing you to tour in comfort.

Coachman VIP 540 Xtra

As you might expect from a business that voted best caravan maker, the Coachman VIP 540 Xtra is a highly opulent model. The model is packed with exceptional amenities, providing a couple with the appropriate amount of comfort and room while touring. A very comfy double bed may be located in the back of the 8ft wide trailer. The caravan is equally suitable for parties of four and couples, owing to its versatility.
Swift Conqueror 480

The lounge has two comfy settees that can accommodate up to six people, and the Heki roof vent and wide sunroof, as well as triple front windows, ensure that illumination is not an issue. The interior is not only light and airy, but it also has a contemporary style, while the exterior is simply stylish.

Depending on your needs, you may convert the settees into a giant double bed or use them both as single beds. Six overhead roof lockers give lots of handy storage, and you can also store goods under the seats. The access flaps in the bottom of the seats are a really useful feature since they prevent the cushions from being disturbed whenever you need to reach something.

Xplore 585

The Xplore 585 provides a versatile platform for family-friendly travel. Beginners will appreciate the model, which is also reasonably priced. The front lounge’s parallel seating can be changed into a proportioned double bed. Large windows flood the front lounge with light, while the back lounge may be the perfect spot for kids to unwind in the evening.

During the cooler months, whale heating will keep you warm, and the high-quality upholstery featured throughout the trailer adds to the overall comfort level. The CRiS security system should also bring some relief.

Buccaneer Bermuda

A seasonal pitch is a great idea because it allows you to park your RV at your favourite campground for as long as you wish. It’s also a less expensive alternative to owning a static caravan, and it ensures that your van will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive. To make this work, you’ll need a caravan that gives you a true home-away-from-home feeling, which the Buccaneer Bermuda surely does. E&P Level C Touchscreen hydraulic automatic self-levelling system is also installed on Bermuda.

Swift Basecamp 6

The Swift Basecamp 6 is geared largely at more adventurous and outdoor-loving fans, with small details like the rear door, making loading and unloading bikes a breeze proving to be a welcome feature.

It will pleasantly surprise you with how light it is. It’s also lightweight and manoeuvrable, and the AKS 3004 stabiliser is a welcome addition to the Basecamp lineup. This Swift 6 berth would make an excellent touring companion if you enjoy being outside and exploring.

Which Caravan Is The Most Dependable?

Which Caravan Is The Most Dependable?

Coachman earns the top spot with an outstanding 89.6% rating. That easily exceeds the Gold Award criteria. Coachman is the brand to beat if you want a rewarding and reliable tourer of any age, taking second place for new caravans and first place for pre-owned caravans.

What Is The Most Appropriate Size Caravan To Purchase?

There are small family caravans, but to co-exist amicably on a lengthy trip, you should be looking at anything approximately 20-22ft long. If you’re you and your lover, you can shave a few inches off your height and settle for something between 18ft 6in and 21ft 6in.


Caravans are a great choice for people who want to take their family on the road and start living a care-free life. Today, the many options available on the market make it simple to purchase a suitable caravan for your unique travel needs.

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