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Will A Wheelchair Fit In A Caravan?

Will A Wheelchair Fit In A Caravan? Your 5 Options

Adventure has nothing to do with disability. Being in a wheelchair doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great time outdoors. Particularly, if you love caravans, nothing can stop you from living your dream life.

You must be wondering that how can you do that?
And will a wheelchair fit in a caravan?

You’ll be glad to know that YES, a wheelchair can fit in a caravan.
That means you can enjoy your holidays with your family at a beautiful destination without any problem. 

Either you have a static or touring caravan, both can get your wheelchair into them. But you have to ensure some safety to avoid getting hurt.

In this post, you’ll find how you can fit a wheelchair in a caravan safely.

How to Fit a Wheelchair in A Static Caravan

To fit a wheelchair in a static caravan, you’ll need a ramp. So, you’ll have to invest in a wheelchair ramp when you buy a static caravan. If you buy a modular design, you can modify one ramp to fit different situations.

While buying the ramp, you must check that it provides the perfect gradient for a wheelchair. In the case of static caravans, you’ll particularly notice high floorings if they are located by the seaside. It is done as a safety measure from the flood.

With high flooring, the process of fitting a wheelchair in a static caravan can be challenging. Talk to your local provider to get a customized ramp for your caravan so you can enjoy your caravanning holidays.

If you love to travel in different UK regions, a foldable ramp for a static caravan can be a perfect investment.

How To Fit A Wheelchair In A Touring Caravan? 

How To Fit A Wheelchair In A Touring Caravan?

In touring caravans, fitting the wheelchair in the caravan is a lot easier than static caravans. It’s due to the reason that you can easily get a touring caravan with auto kneel systems (lowered floor when needed).

When the floor of your caravan isn’t high, you can use a simple ramp. Place it in a way to create a slope that will act as a path for the wheelchair.

Before moving the wheelchair on the ramp, you must ensure that the ramp can tolerate the weight of the wheelchair and its use. If you’re not sure, don’t use that ramp as it has a risk of hurting the user.

Will A Wheelchair Fit In A Caravan? And What Are The Requirements To Fit A Wheelchair In A Caravan

To fit a wheelchair in a caravan, you must also check if your caravan is suitable for it or not. Some requirements are needed to be fulfilled by your caravan to fit a wheelchair in it comfortably. These include:

Lowered Floor Or Auto Kneel

The lowered floor helps to accommodate the wheelchair and its user without much effort. In contrast, if the floor of your caravan is at a height from the ground, then shifting the wheelchair in the caravan can be struggling and hurt the user.

If you don’t have a caravan and want to buy it for a wheelchair user, it is suggested to get one with an auto kneel system.

It allows the caravan to lower the floor when it’s not being derived (touring caravans only). A lower floor decreases the slope of the wheelchair ramp.

Thus, there are fewer chances of accidents.

Wheelchair Ramp For Caravan

If you want to get the wheelchair in the caravan without a ramp, you need to reconsider. Doing this can increase the risk of accident, and you may hurt the wheelchair use.

Instead, use a wheelchair ramp which provides an easy slope to fit the wheelchair in the caravan.

Wheelchair Lift For Caravan

A wheelchair lift is a motorized platform that provides easy and reliable access to the caravan. This wheelchair lift will facilitate the entry of the wheelchair into the caravan, and after that, you can fold it and keep it in your motorhome.

Auto Folding Ramp For Caravan

Auto folding ramps are a smart replacement to the traditional wheelchair ramps. It’s not a vital requirement as you can get help from the manual ramp, but an auto-folding ramp can significantly ease your work.

With the push of a button, this auto-folding ramp becomes a pathway for your wheelchair. When you’re not using it, just press the button, and it will fold stow away under the caravan.

Invest In Wheelchair Accessible Caravans

Invest In Wheelchair Accessible Caravans

If you’re a wheelchair user yourself, instead of static or touring caravans, wheelchair accessible caravans will suit you more. These caravans are particularly designed in a way to help you forget your disability while caravanning.

Wheelchair accessible caravans facilitate you with a ramp or can fit your wheelchair with a lift. You get a bespoke caravan but without compromising on the exciting aspects that other caravans offer. When you choose accessible caravans, you get:

• Wide range of sizes from 4m to 8m
• Ramp or wheelchair lift access
• Large wheelchair accessible wet rooms
• Single level throughout
• Bespoke layouts

So, an accessible caravan will only make your caravanning easier while allowing you to enjoy everything to the fullest.


A wheelchair should stop an adventurous soul from caravanning. If you’re a caravanning enthusiast, then you’ll be happy to know that your wheelchair can fit in a caravan.

Yes, you read it right. Either you have a static or a touring caravan, a ramp can help you get your wheelchair into the caravan safely.

In static caravans, the flooring is fixed and can’t be lowered to create a slope for the ramp. So, in that case, you have to choose the ramp wisely to get a gradual gradient without the risk of an accident.

In touring caravans, many providers offer auto kneel systems. By this, you can lower the floor of your caravan to fit the wheelchair when it is not in use.

Before you try to fit the wheelchair in the caravan, don’t forget to check the requirements for the process. Otherwise, you can get a wheelchair accessible caravan that particularly for wheelchair users.

It won’t decrease the charm of your caravanning, as it has a lot of similar aspects to offer. It will only make things easier for you as a wheelchair user and a caravanning enthusiast.

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