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Will My Caravan Be Ok On A Sloping Driveway

Will My Caravan Be Ok On A Sloping Driveway? 5 Important Questions Answered

Got a sloping driveway? Wondering Will My Caravan Be Ok On A Sloping Driveway? Here is all you need to know about parking your caravan on an inclined slope.

How important is parking a caravan the right way

Many travellers aspire to own a caravan and use it to travel to places. However, while travelling in a caravan can be a very enjoyable way to explore, there are also other pertinent aspects of owning a caravan that must be catered to.

Parking a caravan when you are not using it for travelling is important as it impacts caravan wear and tear. Moreover, it is also important to park the caravan properly to ensure vehicle safety and those in or around it.

If you have purchased a new caravan and considering parking it on the sloping driveway, you may be concerned if it is a good idea.

Similarly, if you have bought a new house with a sloping driveway, you may want to know if you can continue to park your caravan in the driveway as you did in the previous house.

Let us find out if it is safe and whether you need to take any special measures.

Will My Caravan Be Ok On A Sloping Driveway? What to consider before parking on a sloping driveway

What to consider before parking on a sloping driveway

Ideally, you must park your caravan on a flat surface, and it becomes as easy as parking any other truck or car.

However, you must be prepared beforehand if you must resort to parking the caravan on a sloping surface. For this purpose, you will need wheel chocks, bubble level, and levelling blocks.

However, before we get to the method of levelling the caravan, you must consider a few aspects before parking your caravan on a sloping driveway.

  • Consider the size of your caravan, including its weight and additional load, if any. Ideally, you must park it so other cars can be parked or pass through.
  • The surface where you park the caravan must be stable. Driveways are mostly made of concrete, but some are also made of crushed stone or soil, and the caravan may sink in if the ground is soft.
  • The next consideration is how steep the driveway is. You will need to choose a levelling method according to the inclination angle. For instance, if it is less than ten degrees, you can use plastic levellers. However, if steeper, you may need wheel chocks and levelling blocks.

How to Park a Caravan on a Sloped Driveway

How to Park a Caravan on a Sloped Driveway

When it comes to parking on a sloped driveway, you need to cater to two aspects. You may need to level side to side and from fronts to back. We have offered tips for both scenarios.

However, before you begin to level, try to find the least sloping area where you can park the van. Also, remember to clear out the driveway and remove debris, if any.

For levelling from side to side, use a bubble level to assess how much you need to raise the caravan side that is lower to make it level. Lay your level on the caravan’s rear end, so the bubble leans towards the vehicle’s higher side. Now figure out how many blocks you need to make the caravan level.

Place the blocks in fronts of the wheels and steer the tyres over them so they are positioned squarely over them. Now see if your caravan is level. If not, then it is a matter of trial and error, and you may need to place or remove a few blocks.

Once the caravan is levelled, place chocks under the wheels on the downhill side, so the caravan does not move. The process may seem hard at first, but with a bit of practice, you will find it easier every time.

Set the jack on a wheel dock to level the caravan from fronts to back. Unhitch it from the vehicle when you are sure that the caravan is in a stable resting position. Place the level inside the caravan door and use the jack to raise or lower until you have reached a steady point from fronts to back.

Now place the levelling blocks under the stabilising jacks on the caravan. Since the caravan legs are meant to keep the caravan from swaying and are not weight-bearing, do not use them to level the van.

If the slope is very steep and you feel your caravan is unsafe, it is better to find another place to park your caravan. If you do not have anywhere else to park, you can dig the ground a little deeper and place some extra blocks on the lower side.

How do you level a caravan on a sloped driveway?

To level a caravan on a sloped driveway, you must make sure that you cover all bases from side to side and fronts to back. To level from side to side, chock the caravan wheels and then adjust the jack to level from fronts to back.

What to do if your driveway is too steep to park your caravan?

Earlier, we suggested using a few extra blocks for stability. However, you can also alter your driveway to make it safe for your caravan.

For instance, you can keep the driveway covered with gravel and sand or use resin. As an added safety measure, consider building speed bumps on the driveway or building a ramp at the end of the driveway.

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