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Do You Need A Gas Certificate To Sell A Caravan

Do You Need A Gas Certificate To Sell A Caravan?

If you are planning to sell your caravan, you must be busy organising all the paperwork to ensure the transaction follows through smoothly. One critical aspect you need to consider is a caravan gas certificate. Continue reading this article to learn all you need to know about getting a current gas certificate for your caravan and why it is important.

Why is a gas certificate important?

Whether you buy a new caravan, sell an existing caravan or transfer its ownership, and have a permanent fixed gas connection, you must get a gas safety certificate.

Usually, the main requirement is regarded to be a roadworthiness or safety certificate, but if you have a permanent gas fixture inside the caravan, you will need a gas compliance certificate besides the safety certificate. The gas connection could be for your cooking stove, your fridge, or a hot water system for your shower and kitchen.

Hence, when you sell the caravan or transfer the registration, you must supply a gas compliance certificate with it. You will need to provide a certificate no more than three months old at the time of selling. A current certificate ensures that the caravan was recently inspected and passes compliance checks.

You must also get a new certificate issued when you change or add any gas appliance. Only licensed gas fitters are authorised to work on any aspect of gas installation, which includes replacement, removal, or addition of a gas appliance. These individuals can test the fitting and issue you the gas certificate at the same time.

Getting a compliance certificate is a requirement to ensure your safety and that of the buyers and must not be taken lightly. An unsafe gas connection can gravely endanger your life and may cause an explosion leading to property damage.

How can I get a gas certificate for my caravan?

How can I get a gas certificate for my caravan

All gas systems require a certificate of compliance issued by the installer at the time of installation. A copy of this original certificate must be given to the owner of a new vehicle. In addition, when a used or second-hand vehicle is sold, the seller must provide a gas compliance certificate to the new owner.

A Gas License holder must issue a gas compliance certificate. Usually, most plumbers and gas fitters hold this license and can issue you after an inspection to ensure that the system installed is safe for use. Gas compliance certificates have a certain validity duration, which is usually around three months.

It may seem cumbersome to have the gas fitting inspected and get a compliance certificate, but all this is for your safety and will reduce the chances of any unforeseen difficulty or significant injuries.

In an event where you are not buying or selling your caravan, it helps to have an annual check from a gas technician in your area and get a certificate to make it a part of your records.

Otherwise, whenever you get a gas appliance removed or installed, get it inspected to rule out any potential problems. This includes installing or removing appliances like stoves, cooktops, refrigerators, hot water systems, grills, or any other appliance or equipment with a gas connection.

Do I need a gas certificate to sell my caravan

How to get my caravan ready for inspection?

So, if you are all set to sell your caravan and want to get it ready for inspection for a gas compliance certificate, here are a few checks you must run beforehand.

  • Park your caravan on flat or level ground
  • Ensure that your gas bottle in the caravan is in perfect working condition and is adequately filled with gas. You must also ensure that the bottle has not expired.
  • Ensure that all the gas appliances are in proper working order.
  • You must also have a two-stage regulator with OPP (Over Pressure Protection). This pressure reduction regulator helps reduce the cylinder pressure to an optimal or safe level required to operate equipment or appliances. The two-step pressure regulator reduces the cylinder pressure in two steps.
  • You must have a gas pressure test point installed in the caravan. This point is usually located under the gas regulator. It helps the user ensure that gas comes via the regulator at a lowered pressure.
  • The storage compartment where the gas is stored must not have any electrical appliance or source of ignition. It should be resistant to corrosion and have an unhindered, adequately placed vent to prevent the gas from getting inside the caravan. The compartment must not be accessible from inside the caravan.
  • Your caravan must also have a gas compliance plate or a gas fitter plate issued by a professional gas fitter with a license. This compliance plate will show the gas installation history and who did the gas work in your caravan.

If you follow these guidelines, you can easily get a gas compliance certificate in time to sell your caravan. You can check with your gas fitter if you have any concerns regarding non-compliance with a certain aspect.

Do I need a gas certificate to sell my caravan?

If you have a permanent gas supply in your caravan and you use gas appliances, including a hot water system, a cooktop, or stove, you must have a current gas compliance certificate from a licensed gas fitter.

What documents do I need to sell my caravan?

If you want to sell your caravan, you need to provide official proof of ownership and caravan’s proof of registration, caravan’s service history, certificate of roadworthiness or safety, and a gas compliance certificate.

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