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How Much Does A Seasonal Caravan Pitch Cost?

How Much Does A Seasonal Caravan Pitch Cost?

Caravan holidaying has risen in popularity with many people wanting to save on accommodation costs when joining their families for the festive period.

Caravans can be hired out, or you can even buy your own, and the more modern ones come with a multitude of gadgets and fittings.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that these often do not fit into a standard-sized garage so storage space before and after is vital if you want to use it annually.

What Is A Seasonal Caravan Pitch?

Seasonal caravan pitches allow you to enjoy your caravan without the hassles (or stress) of having to hitch up and tow, unpack and pack it up again, or struggle to make a last-minute reservation.

Many caravan parks open their sites to seasonal pitches for the winter months, leaving room available for holidaymakers looking to stay on site. Prices vary between sites, so it is worth shopping around, but prices can start from as little as £350-£500 per month.

However, this does not include any utility costs, which are charged separately and depend on electricity requirements.

Caravan Running Costs & Bills

Caravan Running Costs & Bills

Utility bills can often run into a fair amount of money, so it is worth checking what the site charges for this. There may also be additional fees depending on how many people will be using the same facilities, whether there will be an occupant over the age of 18 and if children under the age of 10 will be using the site.

What Are Seasonal Caravan Pitches Used For?

They can be a great way to have a holiday home either to rent out during the year or have as a family retreat. They can also be a brilliant way of having somewhere that you know will be available should you require it throughout the year.

Benefits Of Seasonal Caravan Pitches

The main benefit of seasonal pitches is convenience. Many parks have facilities such as a clubhouse, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, and shop, which are only open during the summer months, so these sites allow you to get access to all of these at a reduced cost.

This also means that there will always be someone on site should you have any problems with your caravan. Other benefits include the reduced costs of caravan insurance and guaranteeing that your pitch is secure during the winter months.

These sites are popular among people who enjoy camping and hiking and those looking for a quieter way to get out there. Many of our seasonal travelers return year after year, so there’s always a familiar face available to assist you with any needs or advice on the finest places to visit.

How To Find A Seasonal Caravan Pitch

There are many sites available online where you can search for seasonal pitches. Remember to plan early on to get access to some great offers, although if you’re prepared to travel around different parks, some places will offer incentives for finding them bookings throughout the winter.

How To Find A Seasonal Caravan Pitch

Why Use A Seasonal Caravan Pitch

There is a need for seasonal pitching because many caravan parks close during the winter months. The pitches left behind can still be used, but it gives holidaymakers and families alike access to cheaper costs while still enjoying all of the facilities they have expected from a well-equipped site. As a result, you can enjoy hassle-free holidays at a reduced cost.

How Much Does A Seasonal Pitch Cost?

The number of people choosing to go on a caravan holiday has risen and the price over the last few years. As previously mentioned, prices vary between sites, so you need to ring around for the best deals. The average cost for a caravan holiday is around £2000. The average cost of a caravan pitch for 6 months in the UK is £2000-£2500.

The pitching fee is the most significant operational expense for park owners. It covers water, maintenance, and winter storage for parks that are not open year-round. The site charge will vary based on the park’s position, services, and season length. But, first, let’s look at them in terms of general band classifications:

Band A: £3500 to £10,000+

The best option in the holiday park world is Band A sites. The more expensive vacation lodges may cost anywhere from £3,500 to £12,000. Owners who stay in a luxury park may have access to several swimming pools, bars, restaurants, a multi-purpose gym, and a wide range of activities. Some retreats include ‘exclusive’ adult-only features such as a spa or golf course. You’ll also discover sites that cater to the entire family if you’re looking for high-end sites of Band A.

Band B: £2,000 to £3,500

The average cost of a park site in Band B ranges from £2,000 to £3,500. The facilities available may range from basic to more luxurious, and this is reflected in the price. For example, parks in the lower end of the ‘silver’ price range might have an on-site pub — ideal if you want to drink and socialize. Sites in the higher end of this range may feature an indoor pool or even a recreational program. Adult-only parks generally include a restaurant or gym as well.

Band C: £1,000 to £2,000

This park is very likely to be on the smaller side of the scale. If you want a more personal caravaning experience, this kind of site may be ideal for you. Many people choose these parks for their peacefulness, partly because they can accommodate fewer guests. Sites in the lower end of this price range may have on-site conveniences such as a convenience store, pub, restaurant, or gas station.

Remember to shop around early to find some great deals, but if you’re willing to travel, some parks will offer incentives for finding them bookings throughout the winter months. Seasonal pitches offer a convenient and cost-effective way of having somewhere to stay throughout the year while still enjoying all of the amenities you would expect from holiday parks.


On a concluding note, seasonal pitches can give you great vacation memories as well as a perfect way to save money. You’ll also have more flexibility throughout the year and be able to stay at your holiday park of choice whenever you feel like it!

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