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How Much Is Static Caravan Insurance?

How Much Is Static Caravan Insurance?

Your static caravan, like any other expensive asset, requires insurance. Without adequate protection, it may be at risk of damage caused by the elements, vandalism or an accident.

Static caravans are available in all shapes and sizes; some are luxury, some are tatty. Some are well cared for, others not so. And so, the cost of your insurance will depend on the type of caravan you want to protect. One thing is for sure – caravan premiums can be high, so it is advisable to shop around.

Caravans are big and bulky items, making them expensive to insure. As a guide, an average two-berth static caravan valued at around £25,000 could cost between £250 and £300 per year to insure, but the premium could be higher depending on your location and the level of security in place.

Caravans in more remote areas can cost a lot more than caravans located in built-up areas with access to good transport links. And if your caravan is not self-standing, you will have to pay extra for items such as storage and security.

If you consider buying a static caravan, make sure the policy is comprehensive and covers you against all possible eventualities. You want your policy to include everything from loss or damage of furniture inside the caravan to damage caused by natural disasters such as fire, storm and flood.

People who own static caravans and choose not to insure against flooding risk could be on the hook for some serious expense, or total loss if their caravan is flooded.

Payment levels vary. For example, you could purchase buildings insurance if your static caravan is your main residence (in which case it would be treated as a house), but in the vast majority of cases, static caravans are used recreationally. For this reason, they are usually insured under non-standard buildings policies.

If the caravan is also being used as a place of business, you could buy commercial insurance. It would be best to think about the other items inside your caravan. Personal belongings are usually covered under household contents insurance policies, but check this with your insurer to ensure certain items are not excluded from cover.

If you have expensive jewellery or original artwork in your static caravan, you may want to check with your insurer that these are covered.

You can cover yourself against motor legal liability if you use the caravan on an organised campsite or in a club, but not otherwise. Personal accident insurance is also available for occupants of static caravans.

Motor legal liability insurance will payout for damage to other peoples’ cars and property, but it will not pay for damage to your caravan.

What Is Static Caravan Insurance, & How Does It Work?

Your caravan is covered by static caravan insurance if it is lost or damaged. Bad weather, a fire, or vandalism could have contributed to this. Many policies, like home insurance policies, contain coverage for your personal belongings.

A static caravan is built to be stationary and is normally parked in one location. On the other hand, Touring caravans are built to be movable and towed by a vehicle. There is no legal obligation for static caravan insurance. You should, however, double-check that you have adequate protection.

How Much Caravan Insurance Should I Buy?

How Much Caravan Insurance Should I Buy?

It is worth considering getting cover for the full replacement value of your caravan, not just what you paid for it. This way, if your home is a complete write-off because a tree has fallen on it or your van is stolen, you will be compensated fairly. However, this will usually be an expensive option.

The best way to reduce your premiums is to ensure you have good security in place and are fully insured for all possible eventualities.

What Might Happen If I Don’t Insure My Caravan?

If your home is uninsured or under-insured, and something goes wrong with your caravan, you could be left out of pocket. Your insurer may try to reclaim money from you if your caravan is damaged in a fire or flood, for example. If the claim is large enough, it might affect how much you can borrow in the future.

Is There An Age Limit For Caravan Insurance?

This depends on your insurer. Some insurers might not insure caravans over a certain age, while others might do so up to 40 years old. It is worth checking the policy terms and conditions before signing up.

Caravan Storm Insurance

What Is Covered By Static Caravan Insurance?

Severe weather damage is usually covered by caravan insurance. The quantity of coverage you receive is determined by the type of policy you select. You can also choose contents cover, protecting your caravan’s contents from theft or loss.

When acquiring a caravan insurance quote, it’s critical to comprehend your requirements completely. The following is a list of the types of coverage available for static caravan insurance:

New For Old Caravan Insurance

If any of your belongings are stolen or irreparably damaged, you’ll be able to claim a brand-new substitute.

Caravan Storm Insurance

If a storm or flooding destroys your caravan, the storm damage insurance will cover the cost of repairs. This is especially critical if your caravan is in a flood-prone or storm-prone location.

Caravan Market Value Insurance

It is identical to a new old cover. The difference is that your insurer will only pay out on the market worth of the stolen or damaged products rather than replacing them with new ones. Always double-check your insurance to see what’s covered.

Caravan Contents Insurance

It is identical to standard house and contents coverage. Based on the value of your items, this protects your personal belongings from damage or theft.

Caravan Emergency Insurance

You may be able to add emergency services to your coverage with some insurers. This might be beneficial if something went wrong with your drainage or plumbing for example.


There’s no legal need to insure your static caravan, but it is a good idea to do so. You will most likely want to get contents and personal property coverage. This is not the same as home contents insurance, which covers your household belongings when you are at home.

If you already have a home, you can insure that property under one policy. Otherwise, consider splitting the policies between your static caravan and house/home insurance.

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