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How To Choose Your First Caravan

How To Choose Your First Caravan

Allow me to introduce to you, a very compact, a very efficient, no-fuss guiding light (so to speak) to the world of buying your first caravan.
Few considerations need to be made. Let us get on with it and show you how to choose your first caravan.

What Is It Like To Live In A Caravan?

Maybe you love the idea of touring all over the world. That is a great idea. It is exciting and very affordable on a moving home, isn’t it? Think again.

While it is certainly better to KNOW for a fact that no matter where you are, you quite literally have a home to return to.

If you are the type of person who hates to sleep in places where others have slept before you, but you love travelling and having the perfect views, owning (or living in) a touring van will be right up your alley.

You can read up more about touring caravans here:

Whether you want to take your mobile home for a spin every now and then or you want to stay stationed at one of the many sites available for exactly this purpose, you are going to love not having to worry about finding that perfect B&B, or a motel or a hotel which would fit your needs just right (ugh. SO exhaustinggggg!)

On the other end of the spectrum, you might be the type of person who craves the peace and calm outside the hustle and bustle of city life, but you also do not want to invest in a country home and the maintenance that comes along with it.

A static caravan sitting in a pitch area of your choosing, in a place of your choosing, with every creature comfort imaginable! AND it is so much cheaper.


On a serious note, you may proceed to and find out more about the static caravan life.

What Is It Like To Live In A Caravan?

What Facilities Does Your Caravan Need?

In a touring caravan, you will be quite limited to the amount of comfort you could get as compared to a static home. Due to the size and weight limitations, many luxuries might have to be limited or cut off entirely, but don’t despair, modern technology makes nearly everything possible.

Some caravans come installed with many appliances and furnishings, however, you may need a little caravan dishwasher, a dryer, perhaps, extra sockets/outlets? Hot water, air conditioning and heating, an awning? Maybe even a pretty decent sound system to make the long trips more fun. The list is endless and only depends on one thing – your bank balance. Although you can save some money by making your own caravan awning too.

Life in a static caravan, can be truly idyllic. Static caravans are basically like smaller homes, with all the glitz and glamour of a big house. But without all the fuss that big houses come with. Perfect, don’t you think?

However, they may lack certain specific needs, for example, a ramp, an at-home play area or a BBQ grill. Make sure you know the extent of the facilities you are allowed to add on to your pitch by the park authorities.

Caravan Budget & Needs

It goes without saying that the more you are willing to spend, the bigger your caravan is going to get.

Maybe you need to get a bigger caravan. Maybe a 4-bedroom caravan or a holiday lodge is going to suit your family needs way more comfortably than a mere 2 or a 1-bedroom caravan. Think of the activities you want to conduct in your caravan, are you going to have friends and family over frequently?

Or is it a holiday getaway location for the family to be used only occasionally? Questions like these will lead you to decide how much you will need to spend in order to facilitate all those needs and expectations from caravan life.

Caravan homes, even after paying off utilities, will not cost you nearly as much as buying a traditional house would.

But keep in mind you would be paying extra for any services you decide to add on at the time of purchase, in both static homes and touring caravans.

For touring caravans, however, the size and weight limitations, along with fuel and battery consumption should also factor into the price range.

Caravan Life Expectancy

Caravan Life Expectancy

Touring caravans are susceptible to more damage than static caravans. As such, you can expect them to last the test of time far less elegantly than their static cousins, who can live a full life up to even 30 years if taken care of well enough.

Caravan Safety

As far as weathering the elements of nature goes, caravans are definitely not your safest bet. In strong hurricanes or lightning strikes, the damage can get quite severe, no matter the age of your caravan. Bear that in mind before traveling in bad weather conditions.

Most caravans are also not nearly as well insulated as the conventional brick-and-mortar houses, so winter can be quite trying in a caravan. In fact, most park sites close temporarily in the harsh weather conditions to avoid any damage to property or person.

Consider the ups and downs of every single aspect of your caravanning adventure.

This list is, of course, not exhaustive. All these factors plus about a 100 more could be taken into consideration when deciding on purchasing your first caravan. You will learn more about caravans as you start to use them, and with time, you will become an expert of the caravan life. (As hard as that is to believe right now).

You can power through this muddled, confusing, overwhelming phase of endless information out there on the world wide web. Not all of which is exactly true.

Try to find people who have lived through what you are currently living through.
There is no source of information that is better than hands on expertise.

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