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Why Do Caravans Have Handles on the Back

Why Do Caravans Have Handles on the Back?

If you are new to caravan life, you may have many questions about various aspects of your caravan. One of these is the small handles on the back of the caravan; if you do not know the purpose, you may wonder what they are used for. While it seems like a minor query, these handles are quite significant, and once you find out their purpose, you will agree.

The handles on the back of a caravan

While aesthetics are an important aspect of any vehicle, and caravans are no exception, functionality is the main priority when it comes to features like handles. The handles need to be practical and purposeful in every sense of the word. The same is the case with the back handles, and here are some ways they are used.

  • The handles on the caravan’s back are mainly intended to manoeuvre the caravan and move it when it is not attached to the tow vehicle. You can use these handles to have more control and hold on to the caravan when moving.
  • Another reason for the presence of these grab handles is to help secure things when you tie them to the caravan’s back. These could be anything from hanging a washing line to tying your pet for a while when you are out camping.

These are just some aspects for which you need caravan grab handles. If need be, you may always come up with other uses.

Why should I have handles on the back of my caravan

Why should I have handles on the back of my caravan

Nowadays, almost all caravans come with grab handles on the back, and unless you opt for a custom design that does not include the handles, you may not find any standard variant without these.

However, if you happen to buy a second-hand caravan that does not have handles on the back, consider getting a sturdy pair. You never know when it may be needed.

One question that arises is that a flimsy pair of handles will not make much of a difference if the caravan is fully loaded, as we do not have the physical strength to move the caravan using these handles.

Moreover, the handles may not be sturdy enough to pull a heavily loaded caravan. If you are already aware of how heavy even a small to medium-sized caravan can be, you can get the full picture.

However, how you use the handles makes all the difference. As mentioned earlier, the back handles’ primary purpose is to help to manoeuvre the caravan when it is not attached to a towing vehicle.

Most people who are not familiar with using the handles properly make the mistake of using the handles to pull the caravan, which is inaccurate. Think about this; how does a pair of small handles pull such a heavy caravan?

You may continue to pull the handles, but after a few attempts, you may not find any noticeable change as the caravan may not have budged even in the slightest.

A little more force may even make the handles come off, and you may find loose handles in hand and contemplate whether it would serve any purpose to put the handles back on.

However, these handles are not meant to be pulled.

When it comes to moving a caravan, the principle is to push rather than pull. When you push the caravan in the forward direction from these grab handles, you will be able to grip the caravan better and move the caravan in slight moves.

What are the handles on the back of the caravan for

Just like when you move a car, turning the wheels in the right or left direction is easier as reduced friction helps the vehicle move due to lowered friction.

It would be wise not to pull the handles to the side forcefully, or they may come off.

In addition, to help you in manoeuvring the caravan, these handles are used by other people. For instance, when you drop the caravan off for service, the mechanics can use the handles to move it and place it in a position when it is in the air.

Grabbing the handles helps push the otherwise flat surface of the caravan’s back. They are also helpful for caravan manufacturing and assembly factory workers who can use the handles to move the vehicles in production lines.

When we consider all these uses, the presence of these back handles is a brilliant idea and reflects the insightful thinking of the designers.

Once you begin to use the caravan regularly, you may come up with more ways to use them and find them to be a very productive feature on your caravan.

What are the handles on the back of the caravan for?

The handles on the back of a caravan are primarily for manoeuvring the caravan by a push action, whether in the field, in a workshop, service area, or assembly line.

They make it easy to grab the otherwise flat surface of the caravan’s rear.

You can also use the handles to tie or hang things like a washing line.

Simply tie one end of a string to the back handle and the other to your vehicle or any other sturdy stationary object, and you have a ready line to hang your clothes.

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